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Chapter 30: Rin Hashima.


The Chapter starts with Kamui confronting Ibuki, saying it to him that if he means to harm his friends or Vanguard then, he will not allow it. Ibuki says that he has nothing to worry about. Still Kamui challenges him to a Fight, in order to know if Ibuki has something bad and shady. Ibuki Agrees and Kamui is surprised that Ibuki has the Neon Messiah Units.

The Tournament will enter in a short break of 40 minutes before the match between Tokoha and Rin. The Trinity Dragon team comes and says that the tips they gave them were useful, right?. Chrono responds them that what Are they talking about?.


Anyway. Kumi comes and brings a bag, she is asking for Tokoha.

Meanwhile Tokoha is talking with her Brother, Mamoru, she is all fired up and is aiming to win the tournament!. While they talk, someone is eavesdroping them, Hashima Rin.


Back with Chrono and the Trinity Dragon team, They are showing them the profile of Hashima Rin, who is one of the most searched on the web page CutieFighter, a place were there are pictures of Fighters who are hawt!. Tokoha hears them fantazising and stoped them, she looks mad!. The Trinity Dragon team says that they are Rooting for her!. Their thing with Hashima Rin is only Physical, and not more!!.

Kumi interrupts them and shows Tokoha the bag, is a bag with those delicious breads!. Tokoha was going to get one but Kumi first is going to pray and impregnate them with good luck!.


When she finish her powerful prayer , so powerful that the bag just ended up being throwed it lands in front of Hashima Rin. When she sees Tokoha and her friends she just decides to do the best thing...

Step on the Bag... That Witch!.

Tokoha persecues her in order to know why she did that rude thing!.


Tokoha founds her on the Toilet, Hashima was just fixing her, when Tokoha was confronting her, saying that doing that it will only bring her Bad Karma and that Bread had a Prayer for her friend and... Hashima Rin just suddenly throws her water.

That!... That!!... That She-Dog!!!

Tokoha Yells what was that For?!. Rin just says a Cockroach. Tokoha is all confused. A Cockroach were?!. Rin just leaves.


Tokoha is all angry and goes back to her friends. Mamoru catchs her and says to her that something happened back at the branch, so he wont be able to see her fight. Tokoha says that is alright, just read the report of how she won against that Witch!. Tokoha Leaves.

Just after that Hashima comes and says Hi to Mamoru. Mamoru just say hi and tells her to have fun fighting her litle Sister... Rin Hashima looks offended and says somehting among the lines that he doesn´t remember, Mamoru doesn´t know what she is talking about. Rin just leaves angrily.


Tokoha is all angry and both Chrono and Shion tells her to Chill a litle because she is all fired up she is going to lose her mind. Tokoha says that she is going to be fine, that she is going to win!.

And Now the fight is going to begin!. Rin Hashima just says that “Lets Have Fun”.


And the match begins!.

Hashima Rin uses Angel Feather, a Clan that likes to play with the damage zone, interchanging cards from the deck, damage zone and hand. A Tactical fighter can do a lot of damage with them.


Meanwhile back at the fight between Ibuki and Kamui, Ibuki brings his G4 Card!. And is increasing its power by locking Units and after that unlocking them!.

Needless to say, he is kicking Kamui Ass!.

Kamui tells him that he feels no bad intentions within Ibuki. So what the funk is he trying to do?!.


Ibuki answers him that what he is doing is for the sake of the asociation and Vanguard in General.. that he needs to do his mission.

Now Back at the fight between Tokoha and Rin, Rin has 2 Damage and Tokoha 3. But Tokoha brings her G4 Card and is ready to kick some ass!.


Tokoha uses some great moves and now she has the upper hand!. Rin looks somewhat bored and distant...

Now is Rin´s Turn and she says that this fight is very similar as the fight she had with Anjou Mamoru.


Rin Remembers the time, some years ago. When she was litle. She was fighting...and Bullying. Mamoru steps in and says that she souldn´t act like that. Child Rin challenge him to a fight. Mamoru won but recognizes the strengh of Rin, he says that it is more enjoyable a fight is everyone is having fun and tries to strech hands with her in order to show respect to his oponent. Rin just set apart and says Lip Service, she looks angry.

Rin looks pissed by the fact that Mamoru doesn´t remember her.


Rin Brings her G4 Card, Things are going to get ugly!. Rin is using awesome moves and psychological warfare by saying things to Tokoha!.

Things like: “Lets Have a Good Time Mamoru´s Sister”. “That´s Mamoru´s Litle sister for you”. Or “You must play a lot with your big Bro, eh? Mamoru´s Sister”. You know, those things, not acknowlodeging Tokoha as her own individual character are things that truly gets on her nerves!.

There was no damage this turn but now its Tokoha´s Turn and she wants to kick her!!.


Tokoha makes some good moves but only one damage she can deal with. Now its Rin´s Turn!.

Rin is having an excellent tunr and is having lots of triggers!. Like Heal Trigger so the damage Tokoha made the past turn its meaningles!.


Rin Attacks Tokoha Rearguard and now is Tokoha´s Turn!.

Chrono and Shion both says that Rin is just toying with Tokoha, that Rin could have won in that turn, but decided not to.


Tokoha can´t bring her G4 Card since she doesn´t have the grades necesary!. Rin is bullying her and mocking her!.

From all of the attacks only one comes through!.

“You Are Weak even though you are Mamoru´s Litle Sister”. And all other things Rin keeps telling her.


“Wanna Cry?. Don´t Cry”.

Now is Rin´s Turn.

Rin defeated Tokoha. The Match will be decided between Shion and Shouma.

Rin Hopes that Mamoru have watched that. Bad Luck!. He was on the Car!. But he sough the result on his phone.


Tokoha apologizes with Chrono and Shion, Chrono says that is no biggie. And Shion that he just has to manage to win his Match. Tokoha gets somewhat ofended because it would be like if her fight didn´t matter. I Understand You Tokoha, is one of those times were both ways sucks and one just needs to ventilate and relax a litle, to superate that bitter pill by oneself.

Shion says that that was not what he meant.

Tokoha leaves sad and disapointed with herself.

Shion also leaves saying that he needs to be alone in order to prepare for his fight.


Tokoha is out saying that it happened again, someone gets her mad, she gets all fired up and lose. She cries and scream in desperation.

The Creditos Roll but is not the end!.


Kamui has lost. He knows that Ibuki is not an enemy, but still if his “Mission” is going to harm him or his friends. He will not allow it. Ibuki says that he can do what he wants and leaves.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Amazing Chapter!. Men Dat Rin sure is nasty!, i dislike her so much!. She just bringed the Inferiority Complex of Tokoha in order to win!. I hope that in the future Tokoha kicks her butt so much!.


Now lets see if Shion can bring the victory to TRY3 or if he lose. Anyway, its going to be interesting!

Also, i wonder what it will be the “Mission” of Ibuki was talking about.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!