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Chapter 29: Team Demise.


Our Heroes are facing the Trinity Dragon Team, Ibuki Kouji is watching them, but decides to leave and nedless to say The Team Try3 won!. Now we have the best 16 teams of the tournament!.

Chrono and Tokoha are confident and in good spirits, although Shion is quite serious. The Trinity Dragon Team is sad, but they recovered quickly fromt heir defeat.


In Another Part, The Team Demise is waiting for their helping dudes to bring them some snacks. They get tired but they bringed all, right?!. Well the dude with the earphones and sunglasses (Giru) is angry because he demanded specifically no Sugar-Free drinks!. How dare they bring them coffee!?.

Then in angry he kicks one right in the stomach and his deck fell. The guy with the glasses helps him to recover his Deck and says that Weakness is a Sin and if they are strongh, that won´t happen anymore. The Girl is just distant concentrated on eating her snack.


Now that we are on the Best 16, They will change to use the Holographic thing!. Also on this tournament they highlated the Team Demise, which is the favorite to Win, their members are: Sugiru Kariya (Giru), Shouma Shinomone, Rin Hashima. The three of them has been undefeates and have ended their matchs fairly quick.

Tokoha says that winning fast means nothing, Chrono just reminds her that she was all proud because she was the fastest of the three.

Then they show a picture of the three of them in the lounging room, and with them there was...That person, Chrono doesn´t know his name but we do!. Kouji Ibuki, Tokoha doesn´t know him either but she says that he must be the Team´s Coach, taht she has heared that the fighters with Promise under the Unicted Sanctuary Branch are given special training by the Branch itself!.


Shion says that they must be the Cream of the Cream, Tokoha says that Shion must have studied them, knowing it. Shion sasy that no, he didn´t he didn´t had the time. Chrono is focusing on that guy , the Team´s Coach.

In Another Part, Kamui is watching all, and a cold shivers come from his back, he knows it too, Kouji Ibuki (Spoilers of the Movie ahead) The Man who Raised Hell with the deletors and it hurted his friends (Misaki and Aichi) and Himself on the Messiah Scramble tournament! (End of the Spoilers).

And now the rounds are decided!. The Team Try3 will go against Team Demise!.


The First Match will be between Sugiru and Chrono!. The announcer its saying-without-saying that Sugiru is going to Crush Chrono, is he right?!.

Sugiru just says that if they made it to this torunament was because the Dragon Empire´s Branch likes to give points for goofy events.

Chrono basically says Whatever, lets fight.


The Match Starts!. Sugiru is Using Link Joker!. The Trinity Dragon Team laments that they didn´t get the chance to use the Holographic Technology.

Ibuki is watching the fight Shouma says that maybe Ibuki is interested on the Gear Chronicle Clan, since they are an Unnusual Clan.

On a First Turn Sugiru puts Chrono Against the Ropes!. He has made that Chrono gets 5 Damage!. But Chrono won´t let himself lose!. Not When that Guy is watching him!.


Shion detects it and says that it will be alright and Tokoha agrees with him. Then SHion is thinking that Chrono indeed has become strongher and ... If only he had more time he could practiced to became strongher too.

Sugiru says that Chrono is annoying with his Attitud of doing its best. Also he says that he Hates weaklings doing some lame Excuses to explain why they suck.


Shouma recites the Best Phrases to Make Excuses:”I Didn´t Have the time to Practice”; “I Didn´t Draw a Trigger”; “This is only my Experimental Deck” and “I Haven´t Gotten Serious Yet”, phrases that the weak likes to say to feel better about themselves. Rin only says that the Gear Chronicle Units aren´t cute and keeps with herself.

Shion on his part is saying that in the tournament, more than one time he was against the ropes, and it was thanks to luck that he won, he can´t deny that he wasn´t prepared to this tournament.

Sugiru Yells that Weakness is a Sin!. And if someone is going to make excuses then they should quit with their half-baked skills!.


All of those thing are hitting too close to Home to Shion. That yes he is making escuses, but still he is going to win!. And he swears to Altmile (His main card) by the day they first meet taht he is going to win!.

Now Its Remembering time!. A Time when Litle Shion was not a part of Vanguard. He was on his car, and he hears some kids playing Vangaurd, he didn´t put much attention, his Buttons says that he has French Classes, Violin, and etiquette classes. But all of his Teachers are praising him, Shion says that is because he is a Kiba and if he focus enough, he can do anything.


After That Shion is practicing Fencing, and even after the training hours were gone, he kept practicing it. It was then when he comes close to Vanguard Again.

Shion Watches some Kids of his Fencing class Playing they apologizes to him, they tough that no one was here anymore. They ask if Shion Plays Vangaurd but one of them responds him saying that of course not!. Kiba is too busy to play some Card Game!. Shion Agrees.


Shion has changed his Clothes and is ready to go, but he notices a Card, it looks like one of the kids lefted it. He thinks on returning it to his owner tomorrow and put it on his back pocket.

He Goes to his car and sits and Oh No!. He felts it. the Card is Twisted, its now Fugly, so he goes to a Store in order to buy a new one Its the whe he sees it.


Shion is Attracted by that Card, the Store Clerk comes close to him and says the name of the card, Blue Sky Knight, Altmile. He Asks if Shion uses Royal Paladins, and he says No.

He then tells the story of Altimile: Born on a Border Town, Altmile was a Poor person, but thanks to his Swordmanship and his Zeal he could Joined the Ranks of the Royal Paladins. Now Altmile has made a Vow to protect his Home, his Country and everything.


After hearing That Shion has a vision were Altmile speaks to him before going to battle. Now he has a new resolve.

The Next day he gives the Kids both cards, the twisted one and the new one. The Kid says thanks and they are going, but Shion stops them and says that he made a Deck So... Wanna play?.


So They Play!... And Shion Lost. He is a begginer, anyway, that isn´t over!. The Next day Shion comes and demand another fight!. He has practiced!. He swears on his Card that he is going to win this time!. So they play again.

And Shion Wins!. So now a new chapter on his life starts, it was something that nor his family, his posotion or the society demanded from him, it was something that he choosed for himself to himself... Vanguard, that its from him.


Tokoha wakes him up with her yells about the fight!. It looks like the thing is intense, but we were too ocupied seeing Shion´s Past :P.

Sugiru Brings his Grade 4 Card!. And activates his Skill!. He Locks an entire column of Chrono for 2 turns! (Lock means that a card is face down, it can´t attack, defend, activate skills, go back tot he deck or anything more than occuping space).


Sugiru Attacks!. But Chrono defends himself!. The guy though he has won, so what a surprise!. None of his attacks comes trough!.

Tokoha says that Chrono did good on steadily attacks Sugiru´s Rear Guards!. Since by that he would have less units to attack . Also Tokoha didn´t notice that Shion´s Mind was elsewhere.


Chrono is thinking that that Sugiru Guy is good, but compared to That other Dude (Ibuki) he is nothing!. Sugiru says that Chrono shouldn´t feel too confident, since he doesn´t have enough units to attack thanks to the Lock.

Chrono Brings his G4 Card!. He Activate his Skill and sends one of Sugiru Units to the Bottom of the Deck!. And call other unit which basically does the same!. Sugiru is feeling the heat!. Chrono attacks and bring his opponent to 5 damage!. Sugiru thinks is the end of the turn but he is wrong!. Chrono uses anothe skill of his G4 Card and bring Chronojet Dragon to the fray which finish the job!.

Chrono Wins!.


Those Guys which Sugiru Bullied before just comes from him and says Weakness is a Sin and take him away.

Chrono Looks but Ibuki is not there anymore. Now is Tokoha´s Turn!.

Shouma says that Sugiru weakness is that when he see someone as inferior he get careless. But still Chrono is a smallfry


Rin is watching the inform about Tokoha, she says that she hates her type, but still she is Anjou Mamoru´s Sister...and smiles in a way that would creeps anybody out.


The Credits Roll but is not the ending!. Kamui goes where Ibuki is and Confronts him. It Looks like the scars of the past are still present today.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

A Good Chapter!. The wasn´t soo good until the last turns, but still, also its good that we see some of the Past of Shion and that yeah, he doesn´t have Psyqualia or anything, its just that he just wasn´t prepared for that kind of competition, well lets hope he gets better and doesn´t become an enemy.


Also it looks like they are going to tie-in more of the Movie “Neon Messiah” (Its really good!) witht he events that are occuring in Vanguard G, I´m saying that because Kamui is going to confront Ibuki, which in the movie kicked his ass and hurted him physically.

The things are looking interesting!.

Anyway My two cents. So See ya Next time!