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Chapter 27: Yuichirou Kanzaki.


The Chapter Start at Card Capital 2, were lots of Kids are playing Vanguard and checking their Decks, Kamui says that it is nice to see everyone soo fired up, Shin responds him that it is because the Regionals are the next week.

In that moment the Trinity Dragon team is talking with our heroes, the Try3 Team, the Trinity Dragon is saying that they need a pose for the tournament and make their poses, unlicky for them that at that moment Chrono, Shion and Tokoha losed all interest and went to do other thing.


In Other day after that, Our three Heroes are on the School and Tokoha is saying about some changes she made to her deck but now isn´t so sure about that. Shion says that it is a tough choice since which to choose?, power or stability?. CHrono just says that she should try her deck in a fight and see if it fits her, Tokoha responds him that he only wants to fight. Then another student without name come and calls for Shion since the metting for the student comitee is about to begin.

Chrono and Tokoha are going to have a match!. They say that since the regionals are so close they are going to practice a lot!.


Later, CHrono is fighting against Kamui, Kamui is kicking Chrono´s Arse and is teaching him about some tips on the fight order, which are basically Rearguard, Vangaurd, Rearguard, this is because if in your drive check you got a stand trigger you can use it and attack again!.

Anyway, Chrono attacks with all he has but Kamui just defended himself perfectly and none of Chrono´s attack came through!.


Kamui then says that later he will be teaching it other things, like attacking the rear guard, but right now Shin is looking at him with an angry face because he is just being lazy at work!.

In Another part, to be specifical, the Dragon Empire Branch, Mamoru is searching for the director, but he is nowhere to be seen. The Director is fighting against Tokoha in a secret room!. He says that he is happy that Tokoha is fighting him, although both of them are slacking at their jobs :P.


Anyway, Tokoha doesn´t have any interest in that and tells him that he must fight with his all, and not do any goofy thing!.

Tokoha is thinking that she wants to be strongher, so strong to beat her brother. Then the Director sasy that he liked to see how Tokoha and Mamoru fighted, since they looked like they were having a great time!.

And that made Tokoha Angry... Uh-Oh...


In Another part, Shion is the only one not Training, but that because he is training on his other passion, Fencing, after that his Butler is telling him that he will let him on the Hotel so he can change clothes, also he is saying that he knows he would like to do something else instead going to a boring dinner party with other rich People. Shion says that it is not a problem for him, since he is of the Kiba family, he knows he has to do his family responsabilities, and he doesn´t want to make Vangaurd as an escuse for not going.

Later that day, Chrono and Tokoha are waiting for Shion, it looks like the three of them are going to eat something!, Okonomiyaki to be exact.


Shion the comes out and he knows he is late so his butler will have to go super fast!.

When Shion Reachs there he found both Chrono and Tokoha arguing, they are arguing about some important and Philosophical thing, like if you need Mayo on your Okonomiyaki or not, Tokoha says that yes you need it!, but Chrono says that the Mayo will only cover the flavor of the nori and Bonito!.


Shion says that he evy thems, since they are so carefree, both of them looked at him angrily, he says that he didn´t mean it that way!.

Anyway, they go to Tokoha´s House since she invited them to Dinner. Tokoha´s Mom greets them with a smile!, and sasy thanks to Shion because he bought them special meat for this ocassion. Also he took out flowers from God knows where, Tokoha is wondering how he did that, Chrono just says that he is a Magician.


They are going to eat Hotpot, even though Summer is coming. Tokohas says that this way is better!, it will give them energy!. Now the parents go to the true and serious questions, first The Tokoha´s Mom ask her Daughter that since she bringed two boys to eat, which who she has a crush on?. Tokoha, now all red sasy that this is because they are going to a tournament, Right?, Right?!.

Chrono just says Yes and keeps eating, Shion says that when they won they will celebrate at his House, Tokoha and Chrono declines Tokoha because she feels it wold be a pain to reach there and she wouldn´t know what to bring as a Gift.


Tokoha´s Dad says thanks for his Gift that super ultra delicious and super expensive Meat!. Then Tokoha´s Mom says to Tokoha that she should, you know, be a litle closer to Shion, I mean who wouldn´t want that her Daughter marries a nice rich guy?!. Tokoha and Shion are all embarrased!.

Then Tokoha´s Dad comes in and says that no!, Shion can´t take her precious litle Daughter!. It Doesn´t matter how delicious is the meat!. Shion defends himself saying that his Wife is only joking, that he, Tokoha´s Dad, shouldn´t get mad... Uh-Oh, he said the D Word, Tokoha´s Dad explode on his face!.


Tokoha Ask Chrono how is his house and he responds that it is nothing special, a litle appartment where he lives with his Aunt. Bith Tokoha and Shion are somewhat impressed by his answer.

After that Tokoha takes them to a place with a beautiful view of the city!, they says that they are going to give them all in the Tournament!. They also remember all the thing they went trough, when Kamui obligued them to join on the same team, when Chrono was stripped of all of his points, when Chrono decided to leave Vanguard, and then when he decided to leave the Team. Chrono says that enough of remembering him his stupid actions!.


Both Shion and Tokoha laugh and say that they finally made it, Chrono disagrees, says that they will made something when they have won the Regionals and go to the Nationals and then win and going further. The three of them look at the sky toguether.

The Day after that Chrono is having Breakfast, there are two plates but he is the only one eating, he wash the dishes and brush his teeth, until a weird female voice says “Water”. Chrono gave her a Glass of water


And That Beauty with the blanket on her head is Crono´s Aunt!!. Mikuru, yess Chrono your Aunt is a hottie :P.

Anyway, she thanks him for the water and the blanket, Chrono says that he just found her sleeping on the floor, She says that she drinked too much with her employees and now have a Hangover. Chrono just tells her that he is out with his friends.


She is impressed that he has friends now, Chrono says that yes, and he will go to play Vanguard and leaves. Mikuru just says in a concerned and somewhat angry way the word “Vanguard”.

And Now the Big Day is here!. The Tournament is about to start!. Miku is running to enter, she is somewhat late.


The Regionals have in all of the country more than 5,000 teams fighting to see who is the best!.

Oh and is that guy!. The Narrator of the original series!, glad to see you again!. Where is the O´s Dude?. Oh Well. Before the tournament start there it will be an Exhibition Match between the Last Year National Champion, Toyoyama, and the Director of the United Sanctuary Branch, Yuichirou Kanzaki.


They are also using some ultra awesome Hologram technology of the year 9000!.

Anyway, the fight is going to start. Toyoyama is making some awesome moves and he just amde his opponent Kanzaki to have 5 damage while the National Champion is only having 2!!. BTW Youchirou Kanzaki is using Shadow Paladins.

Now is Kanzaki´s Turn and... He is crying. Toyoyama says that even if he is losing, that´s no reson to cry.


Kanzaki responds.

That he is sad because the National Champion is such a weakling!. And after that all Hell set loose.


Kanzaki bring, with the power of his fist and his awesome an violent voice!, his Grade 4 Card!. He Call two more units tot he field and use the skill which let him draw 2 more cards and he call again!.

He Attacks with Kiva but Toyoyama Blocks the attack!.

And then he attacks with Aurogaysar Dragon, his G 4 Card!. He Activate his Skill in wich he sacrifices one ofhis rearguards and bring two cards with Perfect Guard to his hand!.


With his attack he got a triple drive and two of those cards are Critical Trigger!.

Now Both of them have 5 damage!.

Now its the end of his turn, Toyoyama has hopes to win in his turn.


Toyoyama calls his G4 Card!. He atatcks but Kanzaki itercept the attack!. And thanks to the prefect guard he bringed them none of the attacks of Toyoyama went trough!.

Now Is the turn of Kanzaki!... Needless to say, he won. He beated the National Champion with a han on his hip!. He Scolds Toyoyama saying that he doesn´t have the right to be called Champion, the Director of Dragon Empire is offended and leaves.


Now its the moment for the winner, Kanzaki, to say some words to the participants And they are:

“Weakness is a Sin!. The Weak should Go Home!. Only The Strong can grab the Glory!. I look forward to the Victory of the Noble Warriors.”


He Just Drop the Mic, like a boss, and leaves.

Meanwhile Shin is bored at the store because everyone is watching the tournament, he should grab a Tv or something :P.


And the Tournament Starts!. The three members of the team will be playing at the same time against the members of the other team, the team that wins 2 of the three matchs is the winner!. The Best 16 will go to the next round.

Kumi and Kamui are watching form the grades. Kumi hopes that Tokoha and the Boys are ok, Kamui tells her that from what he has seen, the other teams on their block aren´t power house, so they should be okay.

And theya re going to the next round!.

Credits Roll But is not the End :P (I Feel like watching Soul of Gold with that).


Our Heroes are watching who will be their next opponent and is a Team calld “Team Furaibo”, litle they know, specially Chrono that This Person, Takeru Baba (From this CHapter), is int here, the one who invited Chrono to go to the Regionals.

End of the Chapter.

My Opinion

Amazing Chapter!!. Man, Kanzaki surely its powerful!, and an Ass, I hope that someone of Try3 -or Ren- kicks his ass!. Also we finally see Chronos´Aunt, and she is hawt!. Also is interesting tthat it looks like she has something against this Card Game, maybe it has to do with Chrono´s Dad or something.


Other thing is that it was funny to see Tokoha being embarrased when she presented Chrono and Shion to her parents!.

Anyway, my two cents. So See ya Next Time!.