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Chapter 22: Messiah.


The Chapter Start with a recap of the facts that occured in the previous Chapter. With the problem that it had in the Tournament.

Now Chrono is at Card Capital 2. And he has decided to leave Vanguard, Kamui tries to stops him and say to Chrono that both Shion and Tokoha demostrated that he was right. And that yes, its a shame that he got stripped of his points, but still, Kamui will gladly go and talk to the higher ups to rectify that, so it´s not over yet.


Still, Chrono has decided that he already have enough of it and decides to leave its Fica and his Deck and leave.

Now Chrono is looking at the boats in the bridge, contemplating his life decisions and stuff. Tokoha and Shion comes to try to cheer him up, they say that they know that Chrono is not someone who would act like that without provocation. But their Pleas are to not avail and Chrono decides to leave, submerged in his own sadness.


Now Chrono is walking through the city, and it looks like that anybody but him is having fun playing Vanguard, Chono why don´t you join the fun?!. We have Cookies!.

Everything makes him remember Vanguard, the people he knew, the adventuries he got, the battles he fought and the memories he have. Desperately, he starts running, trying to forget everything about him, to escape that reality, and before he knew, he was in the front of Card Capital 2.


He Then sees someone, that guy who makes him feel the sadness of defeat for the first time, Chrono doesn´t know his name, but we do, and he is Kouji Ibuki, the leader of the United Sanctuary Branch -and the Villain of the movie who occurse 1.5 to 3 years in the past :P-

Ibuki enters Card Capital 2.


Shin gives to Ibuki the Deck, and he knows that Chrono is hiding so Ibuki invites him to enter.

Chrono enters and see that Ibuki has his deck in his hands, Chrono asks him what he is gonna do with it. And Ibuki tells him a Story.


Sometime ago, in a dessert far away from here (well, Japan anyway) Ibuki encountered something in a desolated town which it loos like is in midle east.

Some Kids were playing Vangaurd, but the oponent of one of those Kids was an Adult, a strange one, with an even stranger Clan, Gear Chronicle.

The Night of that day, both Ibuki and the man were in a fireplace, The strange man gives him the card of Chronojet Dragon.


But the thing that impressed him more was that an Strange creature appeared, and that creature have lots of cercany to that man.

After that fight Ibuki feels that Gear Chronicle is a Clan that can change abybodies future.

Anyway, Ibuki says that he is going to take the Deck and do something with it, i mean it´s not like if Chrono is gonna used it now anyway, but Chrono refuses and say that he doesn´t want that Ibuki has his deck, so they decided to settle this in Smash with a fight!.


Bith Ibuki and Chrono leaves the store and go to another place to fight, the winner keeps the Gear Chronicle Deck.

Obviously Chrono is gonna use the Gear Chronicle, and Ibuki is going to use his true Deck, a Link Joker Deck and with the sub clan of Messiah.


Oh Also Ibuki has Stand Up THE Vanguard, so now there are three of the now , huh?, (Hint: Ren and Kai from the original series say it too).

The Fight is intense, both on the battlefield and inside Chrono´s Head, he starts feeling that excitement again, he is remembering his time with his new made friends and allies.


Those memories aren´t hurting him anymore but... Still he does not want them.

And Now, Ibuki use his Grade 4 Card!. Genesis Dragon Judgement Messiah!. And also is Lock Time!.


The Lock hability is one of the flagships of the Link Joker Clan, it basically means that a card will be put face down on the field and that card can´t attack, block removed from the field or anything until your next turn.

Chrono keeps asking why (ignoring the super awesome moves that Ibuki is doing :P). And then Ibuki responds him...


"No One leads a Charmed Life. Sometimes other people interfeer with us. Sometimes our Choices bind the future. Only those who fight the unjust present will be able to obtain a future that´s different from now. But someone who stands there with a blank stare Doesn´t deserve to use Gear Chronicle."

Those words waked Chrono Up and he recogniced that the memories that he made palying Vangaurd were precious to him, and losing his points was like if those memories never have existed in the first place. But that is not true, those memories exist, inside of him. And will neer leave.


So there is no confussion anymore!. Chrono has decided to keep playing and using Gear Chronicle!. Chrono makes his Stride Generation and a super mega awesome move!. The attack was so awesome that even hurted the metal neck of Ibuki, for realz!!1!!.

But that attack isn´t enough to defeat Ibuki!!. So he does his Stride Generation again!...And Wins.

So Chrono Looses, but he has decided that Chrono should keep the deck, since he doesn´t want that nor Ibuki, nor anyone can have his Gear Chronicle deck.


Chrono promises him that the next time he will kick his butt!... And will tell him his name :P.

But none of them is truly angry or frustrated, it looks like that both of them are quite happy with what happened.

End of the Chapter.

My Impression.

It Was an excellent Chapter this week too!. I like how we are now seeing how the Slice of life part of the history truly made us to truly know and love the characters, and now that we are seeing them advancing in the story, it truly reflect that from us. We now can relate quite well with Chrono and his Gang, understand why they are doing what they are doing. Man is like doing a risky investiment that time after time looked like it was a wrong choice, but now it truly reflects that it was an excellent move!.


Also, the strange person in the dessert Spoilers Ahead according to the manga is Chrono´s Dad End of Spoilers.

Anyway My two Cents. See ya!