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Chapter 14: Takeru, The wanderer

Now we have Chrono getting out of the store with some groceries and an ice chopstick! Yumi!.


And then from nowhere some random guy gives him a package.


What contains?. A card!. Well, the day after that Chrono decides to go on a quest qhich is basically a mini tournament in an elegant store.

Meanwhile Aki and Tokoha are watching some poster that is promoting the Nationals.

Aki ask Tokoha if she is going to go.


Which she answers with a no (and i´m kinda on the same stance as her).

Going back to Chrono. He encounters with... The foot and legs of someone.


The strange person suddenly falls and faints... For hunger.

A little while and some rice balls later. We know that he is.


Hi Takeru!. Nice to meet you!. Well. Takeru has been traveling around the country training his mind and body

And part of that was a special training of no eating ... For 3 days.

He decides to give as thanks to Chrono a fight. Which he denies. So now Takeru has decided to do something for Chrono , and star calling him Chrono-Dono (or Lord Chrono if you preffer), Chrono obviously think that Takeru is to weird and decides to do the same thing as any sane person in the world...



After some chace around the city. The stomach of Takeru is asking for more food, so he faints again.


And Chrono decides to help him... Again.

After some thanks. Chrono tells takeru that this is the place of the quest that Chrono Signed.


In there they found Shion.

Which is now the top dog in the place and is kicking some serious ass!.

Takeru says, besides the fact that he fought SHion in the past and taht he is stronger than before.


That is he is a fighter, Why he didn´t fight when he asked him?.

Now that the missunderstanding has finished. Let´s go for a fight!.


Woo!. The information of the Grade´s card (up) and the Power (Down) is back!.

Meanwhile Tokoha is checking her cards.


And remembering...


Yup... For every thing she did good, her brother did it even better.

But enough of that and get´s back to the fight!.


Takeru calls his Generaion Zone to bring his Grade 4 card!.

And Chrono do the same.


The Fight is so intense that before Shion knew... He wasn´t the center of attention anymore.

And after some moves... Chrono wins.


But now Shion makes some personal statement.


And after that Takeru and Chrono say Goodbyw to each other and say that they hope to fight again in the nationals!. (which only the grade 3 fighters can participate). So now Chrono has to reach that level!.

Oh and there is a new ending...That is still not up on youtube, so i can´t show you.

My Opinion

It was a nice chapter!. Quite funny!. But it was slower than the others in the story departament, but that maybe is because they are going to focus on the fights more. And now we know were the big scenario will be!. The nationals!.


We also are seeing how Shion is becoming more and more frustrated because when Chrono is in the same place as him... Shion jus can´t shine!. Also we know a litle more about Tokoha.

And as i´m sure that the three of them will be at the nationals, i have curiosity how and why Toko ha will decide to go there.

Anyway, those are my two cents and see ya later!