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Since this is the second itteration of this Series. This is the First part (Include a summary of the events so far!)

Now to the Chapter!

Chapther 13: A Night in Card Capital.

Now That Chrono is a Vanguard Fighther Grade 2 Kamui prepares a surprise party in conmemoration for that in Card Capital 2!. Of course, Chrono is reluctant at first but he decides to stay (thanks sheer pressure!).


While at first it was mostly a weiner party (made by Shin, Kamui, the Trinity Dragon team and Chrono) all of them eat lots of delicious grassy food: QFC and WacDonalds!. (Though i Preffer Regent Burguers).

But the hunger from one of the Tritnity Dragon members, Kei, continued. So Kamui and the Trinity Dragons decide to go for more food.


Meanwhile Shin is starting to receive a Hearth attack just imagining what his Niece, Misaki (Veteran character from the original Series and owner of the shop), would say about what is happening...

And then she calls asking why she is not home yet (dang Misaki looks just as good as usual). And Shin gets away with a litle lie.


Meanwhile Kamui and the others found Tokoha and and Kumi and invite them...Just by saying the word Stew. So girls come to the party!.

At the same time Shion is waiting in his car wondering what to do while the time to his English Lessons begins. Until Kamui, Trinity Dragons and both chicks come and dragged to the Card Capital 2.

When they come we receive the news that Kumi is now a Grade 1 Fighter!. So yay for her!. Chrono tries to give her the band but the crew avoid that.


After more panic attacks from Shin and the fact that now we know that Ajou is a Stew Nazi who can give you a supper lecture if you do something unnecesary to that dish.

The People decide to play Ping Pong!.


And poor Shin he gets more Pannic Attack.

And now Kamui, has decided to make this party a Sleepover!. So now Poor Ol´Shin has to notify all of their parents.

And now is the time for some Ice cream!. So everyone decides to go out, buy ice cream and go fooling around in a park.


Where we see Kamui and Kumi giving a prank to the poor trinity Dragon Trio!.

But now the souls of everyone is eager to a fight!. So they go back to the Shop and play some games...Which we don´t see much (mostly nothing).


And they Play until is Late and everyone is asleep. With the exception of Chrono, Ajou and Shion.


And Chrono and Anjou decides to give them the Anime Jigglypuff treathment to the Sleepy heads!.

And try to instigate Shion to do the same (which by the way never went to his English Lessons).


I will let your imagination to conect the dots.

Anyway. After that the trio goes to watch the night sky together. Is bonding time!.


And by the Morning everyone was like:

And old poor SHin wakes up and see...


His Lovely Niece!. Which in truth isn´t anger at all. And the only thing she ordered was that they all need to clean this mess...and wash their Faces.

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My Opinion.

As i said in the Anitay Chat yesterday. It was a good episode, heck i would say greath!, even if there weren´t any fights. Mostly because every characther was flesehd out and their interaction felt natural and real. It was relaxing seeing these guys hanging around , even when their personalities are so different!.


Also we see how Chrono, Anjou and Shion getting along and becoming friends. And is time for that, we are in the 13st episode and they are , at the most, acquatiances!. So is nice to see how th three of the become friends!.

And on a final note. Adult Misaki looks so lovely and gourgeous as ever!.

My two cents and see you next time!