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Chapter 41: Tokoha Vs. Rin.


The chapter starts exactly were the past left off. The Special match between Team Try3 and Team Demise is going to Begin! the announcer says that the third member of Team Demise has been already selected and it´s coming on it´s way to come here.

Also the Kumi´s Voice, supporting Tokoha, can be heard in all of the stadium. And when the announcer said “Team Demise” all the people went nuts with Hype!

And then the Third Member comes in and is...



Taiyou!...I Didn´t see it coming!...Not really. Anyway, Taiyou is the third member, and it looks like he dyed a part of his hair...It doesn´t suit him, but oh well. Also everyone is impressed because he was a No0b, not so long ago.

Anyway, the match is going to begin!

For this special match the challenger, Team Try3 will choose to which member of Team Demise is going to fight. Tokoha is the rist one to choose...


And obviously she picks Hashima Rin!

Taiyou goes back without saying anything and Shouma just says to Rin that the people Love her, thing that she responds with an “Ew”.

Also the announcer has bias for Rin, since he says her name with the title “Queen”.


Tokoha remembers her past events with Rin, when she Bullied her and humillated her on the Regionals and when she confront her on the United Sanctuary Branch.

Still Shion and Chrono remembers her that she must not get too angry at that. The Past is the past.


Tokoha starts with the bulling when she sasy that it looks like that Tokoha likes to Lose, and that maybe her Dear Big Bro teached her how to fight and things like that. Tokoha just then tells her that she knows about the fight that Rin had with Mamoru in the past, that it still bothers him because Mamoru thinks taht maybe he hurt her feelings or something.

That make Rin Angry it looks like.

Now The Match is going to begin!


Meanwhile at the Dragon Empire Branch!

Mamoru is working, like always, until he hears from his boss, the Branch Chief whose name i forgot again.

<<Ohh, I´m Worried about Tokoha! I Can´t focus on my work!>>

Thing to which Mamoru responds that is not the case. and that Tokoha is fine now.


Those words comes to deaf ears and the branch chief keeps trying to tease him, to no avail.

Now Back at the fight, they are 2-1 on the Damage front, but the fight is only starting!


Also when Kumi hears some random folks saying that Rin has the win on her pocket, Kumi starts screaming again cheering for Tokoha.

Rin brings her G4 unit! Holy Seraph Uriel! The card that she used when she defeated Tokoha on the Regionals!

And teh public goes crazy! even some guy was showing his muscles for some reason!


Rin Uses her Skill and is using the thing that the Angel Feather are known to do! using the Damage Zone as a secondary Hand!

Rin then gives power to her units thanks to that and attacks!

Tokoha doesn´t guard And Rin does her move again!, interchange units from her hand to the damage zone and viceversa, and bring another unit and attacks!


It´s 5-3 now! Tokoha is udner the ropes!

Rin then starts with her Passive-agresive Bully! But Tokoha doesn´t listen to her and says that on the contrary, she is not anger or Sad, but She is having Fun!

That attitude doesn´t like to the “Queen” Rin.

Tokoha bring his G4 Card Arborea and uses her Skill! which she bring to the field more units straight from the deck!


Tokoha starts bringing the Pia Units, some units that give more power to themselves and when they boost, the boost will be a big one!

Tokoha attacks and receive a Heal Trigger, which means she heals one point damage!

Kumi is so excited that she punched one of the trinity dragon members by accident :P


Now they are 4-4 the things are even now!

Rin then tells her that it doesn´t matter what she does... That someone weak will not understand just how overwhelming the strong is.


Rin Brings her New G4 Card! Holy Seraph Raphael! and uses her Skill! that heals one damage point! That is OP!!

Rin Attacks but Tokoha manages to block the attacks!


Tokoha brings her G4 Card! and uses her skill! She brings more units and give them power! Man her units have alot of power right now!

Tokoha attacks and Rin is feeling uneasy now! she is feeling that Tokoha can hurt her now!

The things are 4-4 now again!

Tokoha only made one damage but still obligued to Rin to use her Perfect Guards, a card that can protect anything regardles of power. So that´s a plus!


Tokoha is smiling, which Rin asks why is she doing that?. Tokoha responds because she is having fun...That doesn´t like to the “Queen”. Tokoha keeps saying that with no giving up and giving her all and believing in her own future thats how she has fun and thats how she fights!

Rin starts being more agresive than Passive and says that Tokoha is only an inferior Copy of her big brother! the fact that their idals are the same make her Sick! Rin wants to crush her in order to that Tokoha never say that again! And she wants to see the face of that Big Bro of hers when he see how her Litle Sis has lost!


Tokoha, instead of responding aggresive, she just say that she gets the hang of things now...It looks like that the one who got very hurt was Rin, that she got deeply hurt on the fight she had with him some years ago. So much that he is her obssesion now (Yandere material incoming?)

Ok... Rin is angry now...She started with the personal attacks now She brings her G4 Unit Raphael again and start using some amazing moves! She even managed to heal 2 points now! That´s unfair!


Rin Attacks!

Tokoha has now 5 damage! and Rin 2!

Then... Tokoha ask her to Rin if she truly likes Vanguard? If she likes to play this Card Game? Rin demands that she should shut up, Loser!. Tokoha says that there is nothing wrong with losing, that their loses makes her strong, and that she ahs remembered now, how fun is Vanguard.


Now is the time for Tokoha!

She draws her card and remember everyone who has helped her on her way, Chrono, Shion, Kumi, Mamoru, Everyone has taught her how much fun Vanguard is. And the only one who hunged up as the “Anjou Mamoru´s Litle Sister” was her all the time, her brother and everyone else didn´t take her indiciduality, but hers. That image of herself couldn´t make her move forward...But now that´s on the past. And she can starts viewing a new future now!


Tokoha brings her new G4 Card! The Ahsha´s future self!, Dream-Weaving Ranuculus Ahsha!

Tokoha uses her skill and gives more power to her units! And now using the Pia´s Skill everyone gets a +9000 Power! Rin is truly angry and desperate! Tokoha now is too much!

Tokoha attacks and Rin doesn´t block! With the Triggers she gets two critical so it´s 3 damage more to Rin!


Everyone on the public now is dubtious about if Rin can win now.

No Damage triggers for Rin, only pure normal cards! Still Rin uses her Skill to give more power to her Vanguard! Rin is desperate and remembering the things that Tokoha said to her, that it´s nonsensical thinking only on the victories and winning! that Vanguard is not about that, nor life is about that!

Rin Keeps aumenting the power of her Vangaurd and remembers the time when she fought Mamoru, that she was bulling a girls with Vanguard, until Mamoru came in and stoped her Rin reaches her Vangaurd to 24000 Power! and the words of Mamoru comes to her mind, that Losing and winning it isn´t all int he world...The most important thing is fun, enjoying playing Vanguard.


Now her Vangaurd is 26000 Power! That´s a lot, but Rin is breaking herself! But Tokoha now is in another level, it doesn´t matter how much she power up, Tokoha has the win now.

Tokoha attacks and Rin screams!!


Rin Loses and Tokoha Won! The Public is truly silent they can´t believe that, heh it reminds me at a Lucha Libre Event were El Mesias (The one who says he will lose) beated the Cibernetico (The Favorite) for a Championship Match. The reaction was the same.

Jaime starts Aplauding and cheering for the fight! And the other Try3 supporters start cheering for the victory!


Tokoha has won!

Meanwhile Kanzaki, the United Sanctuary Branch chief, is getting some information that the match between Rin and Tokoha gave alot of power to the “Miracle” Card.


The Dog Trainers come for Rin, one tries to hold her by the arm but Rin resist and says that she left Team Demise that this is stupid and left the place to never come back! She throws away her bracelet and left without turning back.

Shouma talks to Taiyou and tells him that the fight was fun, no?. Taiyou now is more like a robot and says that the Stronger won, the normal thing.

The Credits Roll but is not the end!


Shion now will fight against Shouma. Another exciting battle is coming!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Amazing Chapter!! The Battle was excelent! and i truly liked how they make their moves and how Tokoha has matured and how Rin goes to the break point!


Also what Tokoha said is true. While Winning is nice, the Loses gives you experience in order to afront new challenges and the overcome them! The Wins gives you confidence to keep going and the loses experience in order to keep going forward better prepared. But one enver truly has to stay in the same place in life. And is truly nice that this Anime tries to teach this to his viewers, which are mostly young ones, in Japan at the very least.

Anyway, my two cents. So Seeyou next time!