Greetings!. I´m ShadowHaken , and this is the place were i will be talking about any new chapter of any Manga/Anime that I´m reading or watching . Oh Also:

Disclaimer: English is Not my Native Languaje so, sorry in Advance for anything that is bad written or completely incomprehensible.

First a Quick Summary (Only this time for this series i Promise!).

Cardfight Vanguard G is the Sequel of the Original Cardfight Vanguard. Settled 3 years after the events of the 4th Season. We see the Characther of Chrono Shindou , a boy (with bad reputation) who was boring with everything, until someone put a deck in his school locker. That Deck it has a new clan of the Trading Card Game Vanguard (Gear Chronicle).

After learned the rules and a match against Kamui (a veteran of the past show) Chrono has found something to be appasionated about!. Now Chrono will embark in a new journey in these new world that he has discovered. The world of Vanguard!.

The Next is basically a Slice of Life series. If you wanna watch it by yourself you can watch it officially in Crunchyroll. Only for the United States (and Canada and europe?). If you aren´t from there (like me) well... There are a lot of places that stream anime. So search by yourself one.


Now to the chapter! . Chapter 12!.

Chrono Vs. Jaime.


And now is the time for the fight between Chrono Shindou and Jaime Alcaraz (the Representant of the Euro League and it looks like the only spanish words he knows are Amigo and Adios).

The fight goes fastforward until the good things come.


Which are basically watching Jaime doing some crazy combos!! (the streght of Aqua Force).

Also we see for the first time that the Stride Generation wasn´t the be all end of all in a fight!. Because both Chrono and Jaime uses it.


Also we see Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery Flare Dragon in all of his glory! . And his hability to draw 4 cards and if each are from different grades you have an extra turn!. Which is nice (and the reason Chrono Won.

Also we see a little more of the past from both Chrono ans Jaime, and how both look a like in that regard. Both were Orphans and lonely. But the difference was that Jaime was saved by Sebastian and Vanguard, while Chrono all of his childhood he passed it alone.


And in the end (and Unlike Aichi in Season 1) Chrono Won, but barely. And now he is a Grade 2 fighter!!.


We also see that Kiba Shion (The Blond one on the first picture of this article) who is frustrated and with his normal "serene intensity" that Chrono got that chance while he didn´t.

Oh and we sought Kouji Ibuki (the villain of the movie and a key characther in this season) , since his appeareance in the 3° chapter. He said that Chrono luck by mere Luck (and i tough he is right, but oh well)


My Opinion.

And finally the ever promised first fight (in the classic series sense) of the season! (the others had an Selector Infected/Spread Wixoss aproach). The fight was good and while they didn´t embrace the ultra specific and detailed fights that there were on the original series, it was a nice mixup from both "Schools of tought" (Vanguard and Wixoss). So yeah, i liked it.

Another thing is taht i truly think that in some point Shion will become more than a Frienemy to Chrono and will be a true enemy, at least for a while.


By the way with Kouji Ibuki, he truly gives me some Kai vibes!. And we also know that he is in a similar position as Anjou Mamoru regarding the Vanguard company. I´m eager to see how this develops.

Well that´s all and see you next time!