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Final Turn: NEXT STAGE


The Chapter starts with the loss of Ryuzu, who starts remembering the words that Chrono told him, about being the one with less Imagination, then he remembers one time when he was playing with Rive, and he asked him how Ryuzu looks his world? His perfect world?... He couldn´t give an answer.

Back at the present, Ryuzu accepts defeat and even says that Chrono was right, that even he didn´t believe that he could do this thing, that he was being hypocrite by saying that he hated Violence and wanted to stop it, and even so… He didn´t blink an eye in using it in order to make his will.

Ryuzu explains that the Stride Gate is going to be destroyed soon, and he is going to die with it, since his fate is tied to it. Chrono tries to stop it and reaches his arm in order to save Ryuzu, who also deserves a chance to open a new future for himself! Ryuzu smiles and says that if he had knew Chrono a little better, or maybe before his obsession for the “Perfect Future” took shape… Maybe… Who knows?


Meanwhile Chris is detecting how the stride levels are decreasing and well, it seems Chrono did it!

Ryuzu has accepted his fate and is ready to go the way of the dodo; suddenly the Zodiac Time Beast embrace him and Ryuzu starts getting younger than he was already, becoming a baby which softly falls in Chrono´s arms.


Chrono Dran explains him that they have decided to make a little miracle for Ryuzu and give him another chance to open a new future for himself, to experiment happiness, suffering, hope, sorrow, and open the door to new possibilities.

Chrono Dran explains to Chrono that everyone is going back and well, they also have some of the blame for all this time, especially ChronoFang Tiger, in any case all of them will go back to the exact moment they where brought to this world, in the case of Dran, he will come back 10 years in the past, he needs to grow up and everything! So in 10 years (for him) he will come back and see him.

With that the 12 Zodiac Time Beasts says their goodbye and goes back to Cray. The connection between these 2 world will be no more, or rather go back to normal…


Chrono suddenly appears back at the city, Ryuzu is sleeping in his arms and Chrono looks at his deck he watches how the Chrono Dran Card becomes ChronoJet Dragon, Chrono is amazed and remembers the words of Chrono Dran, now 10 years have passed for the unit, so now he is not a kid anymore. Chrono then thinks that maybe…Their encounter wasn´t an accident; but rather fate… And he hopes that in their homeworld, everything has go back to the right track, forever…

2 Months have passed and the Vanguard Association makes the announcement that Kouji Ibuki is going to be the new General Manager, his intentions are clear: to bring back the fun and the way in how the Association used to work! Every Branch Member is in there celebrating this new administration.


After the event was over, Ibuki finds Enishi in his office, Enishi is there to give him a resignation letter, he is going to left his job as a Branch Manager; Ibuki asks why and basically Enishi says that he is going to a “self-discovery” journey, something to atone for his sins… That´s a feeling which Ibuki can resonate too. In any case, Ibuki takes the letter and invites Enishi for something!

Meanwhile Tokoha is in the Dragon Empire Branch alongside that Clan leader chick. The reparations have been completed and now everyone can go back to work normally!


Mamoru comes, and he has Ryuzu, both siblings start talking and Mamoru says that one of the philanthropic things that Ryuzu did was making a Childs care-take center for children who doesn´t have home or parents, so now the association is going to raise Ryuzu now… Although if you ask me, Mamoru is the one doing it… Mamoru says that Ryuzu is the new Idol of this branch and Tokoha says that now Ryuzu will know that Vanguard is supposed to be fun, just a game where one can make bonds.

In any case, a car comes for both of them, the vehicle is filled with the Branch Chiefs…


Meanwhile Shion has returned his family sword, although the card is with him now… Shion has managed to unite Kiba again under his wing, and his parents and everything are back with him again. Shion is talking with Iwakura, his butler, and he tells him how Shion now is not a “Young Master”; but rather a true Kiba inheritor… In any case its time to go now…

In the limo, Shion asks Iwakura if he has ever done something without thinking rationally about it? I think he means when he saved Shouma…

In another part Shouma, who also survived, it´s looking at the news about how Kiba is back to its former hands now, Shouma smiles, not creepy this time, and says that Shion has beat him now… that he has to go now, wondering where to go and what he should do next…


Meanwhile Am and Luna are at the hospital, they are seeing Am´s parents, she tells Luna that the doctors are saying that both of them are getting better; also that the Kiba family is helping with the best Doctors instruments and medical care, Luna is amazed by such generous thing that comes from Shion.

Am says that maybe one lifetime won´t be enough in order to make amends for the things she did… Still, she doesn´t want to give up or give in things! She won´t sacrifice anything, she will keep going at her pace, doing what she can in the best way possible! Luna grabs her hand and says that she will bear the burden with her, since she also has some of the guilt, she should have done something instead of just being there… That both of them must search a path to keep moving forward, also that she is her Friend (sorry Lunam…) so next time both will go together! After that both girls go out and Am´s Mom start moving her finger…


Meanwhile Chris is talking with his PSI Friends who are in Singapore, he says that soon they can keep their experiments, also he will bring some helping hands… In the form of Wakamizu and that other random scientist.


Tokoha has come to Card Capital 2 with the Branch Chiefs. In there Kumi, Taiyou, Shin, Kamui, Jaime and the Trinity Dragon trio are waiting for them! It seems that a tournament is about to start! Outside Enishi is dealing with enter, he kind off wants it; but he feels he can´t see them straight to the eyes right now, so he prepares to leave; he is stopped by Luna and Am who also have come, in that moment Jaime appears and grabs Enishi to come inside!

Everyone is helping preparing things, Mamoru asks Kamui where it´s the important person right now? The organizer? Kamui says that he hasn´t come right now… Even though this was his idea.


Meanwhile Chrono is preparing his deck and he looks at the time. He is late, so he goes out and Mikuru wish him luck. Mikuru who is talking on the phone with none other than Rive Shindou, which it seems he is slowly recovering his forces and can move again. Mikuru is happy for him, and ask him when is he going back? Rive says that he doesn´t know how to present himself to Chrono, since in the end he couldn´t do anything for him, he couldn´t protect him or hi Sister…And for that he is very sorry for both Chrono and Mikuru. Mikuru tells him to come back and tell him that on his face… In any case Mikuru says that Chrono looks more adult than Rive right now. Rive asks if Chrono has talked about him? And Mikuru says that Chrono only said “I don´t really know. If I can see Him, I´ll think about it then”…

Chrono finally reaches Card Capital and everyone tells him he is late! Chrono says that this is not the hour yet, still it seems the Branch Chiefs where truly hyped for this, so they come very early, also they helped with everything… In any case, Chrono is the sponsor of this Tournament “The Curly Cup”…Although Chrono doesn´t agree with that name.


In any case the tournament is about to start! So everyone must have a blast playing!

<<<Stand Up!...>>>


Everyone starts palying and having a great time, Shin is looking , and taking care of Ryuzu who is looking at the Chrono tiger card…


On the fights. Shion, Tokoha and Chrono says the name of the newer versions of Altimile,Ahsha and ChronoJet Dragon, although their skills weren´t mentioned.

…And with that, the credits roll, although it´s not the end! (also the credit sequence was a new one!)

Chrono is in a room with other people, Mamoru and Ibuki are in there, and it is because even if they are late, they promised that the Generation Masters (the ones who completed the G Quest back in GIRS Crisis) will have a chance to become a Clan leader, which means working for the association, of course one needs other things besides being good at playing cards, and for that an exam is going to come. The Exam starts and Chrono remembers that both Shion and Tokoha weren´t interested in becoming Clan Leaders, the first one because he is going to be focused reuniting all of Kiba; the second is because she is going to study abroad, so she truly can´t… In any case, both of them wish him good luck!


Chrono starts answering and seeing that this questions are truly hard, then… He decides to leave it to Lady Luck…

Both Ibuki and Mamoru see that and think…

<<<He´ll fail, huh?>>>

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Man what a good chapter this was! A very fitting ending for this great series! I loved everything in this chapter and in this arc in general!


While it is a mystery how both Shion and Shouma survived, it is still nice seeing them, specially Shion who will take care of his family business; BTW I loved that epilogue scene too, also Tokoha will be away for at the very least a year, studying abroad.

Now, in truth I came to love this series, I think way more than the original series, who is also up there as one of my favorites, I mean, the story never let down, with the exception of one or two chapters; but I came to love everything about it. The fights where amazing and the character development is waaay better than a lot of other series that I have watched, in truth the arcs that compassed the “Ryuzu Saga” which are Cardfight!! Vanguard G, GIRS Crisis, and Stride Gate, makes one heck of a tale, that if you have the patience for a long ride, the desire for a good anime which doesn´t focus on the bloody, sexualized, gruesome, depressing, and fake maturity thing; but at the same time it can show a very high levels of maturity and a good world building, I fully recommend this series, to give it a chance in order to enjoy and get to know the characters, their struggles and everything that forms the world of Vanguard.

Talking now that the Stride Gate has ended and the next arc (ironically called “Next”) will come, I am wondering what more in store this series has for us since basically Chrono´s tale it´s over… Or maybe it is only the beginning. In any case, I am excited to see “Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Next” , not as someone who makes a weekly covering; but as a fan of this anime series, and someone who is truly satisfied by how this Arc ended. I am saying this since I will not cover this new Season, not in the weekly way anyway; but rather in a more closest way as how I have handled “Macross Delta” , which is coming to an end soon too.


Finally talking about the Future, a central theme in all of Vanguard G Series, I will cover another Childs anime for this next season, and I have big expectations too about it!, the announcement will come at some point next week though! So expect something from that too! I think that after all this dribble, what I am trying to say is that it has been an amazing journey with you guys! Covering Vanguard G, since the original G Season, the sporadic articles with GIRS Crisis, and coming back to weekly for Stride Gate! So a Big Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you again in the future…

Anyway, my two cents, see ya next time!