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Chapter 11: Clear and Sunny! Titan Junior High School!


The chapter start with the classroom, were Marco starts saying that the School festival will be soon. So what will the classroom do? Also they have to do a snack stand and other thing.

Reiner said that they can make a Maid café…But it looks like another classroom is doing it.

Jean says a play… But they don´t have enough people… So some people will have to act in both.


Maybe a Restaurant? Most of the students seems to agree with the idea. But they don´t know what to cook… Until Eren says with all his might:


At the day of the festival everyone it´s really bumped up. Specially Eren, who wants to show to the world the error of their ways and show them the light and love of the Cheese Burguers!


Meanwhile the girls are preparing certain someone in order to look Cute. Because they need satisfied customers..That sounded wrong in so many ways… Anyway.

Also because their nextdoor opponent it won the past year, when they opened their Rice. It was so tempting that a lot of people went. So they must be ready!


Rico, who is in charge of the rice, says to Eren that they must be ready. And Eren accepts the challenge!

And now the girls have completely prepared the person…


Armin what have done to you?!!

Remember guys…It´s a trap!... Its´Trapmin!

The boys start coming around the burguer stand in waves!


Meanwhile the play it´s going so hot…It is about Snow white…But the acting lacks professionalism and the actors forget their lines…

Meanwhile on the Maid Café (which they made also) Reiner and Berthold are eating. Christa is doing her job of looking cute and talking and doing cute things. Reiner is in heaven…Until Ymiw appears and ruin his omelet the first time.


The second time comes and he doesn´t let Ymir has her way! Ymir still insisted until Christa stops her. Now it´s your time Reiner! Reiner grabs a little with the spoon, he open his mouth and… He eat it.

Reiner is spilling fire!! That thing had Tabasco sauce!

Meanwhile on the student council club it looks like they are… Taking care of cats or something. On any case, let´s continue.


Meanwhile Sasha has come back. It is time to change roles. Eren refuses because the Cheese Burguers needs him here! And since Eren won´t go, Mikasa won´t go either. Sasha then has decided to help them!...Also she was freaked out when she sought “Trapmin”… Which also decided to stay.

Meanwhile the play it´s going from bad to worse… They need actors and a lot of things…On the positive, the Burguer stand it´s really popular though. Still Jean, Marco and Conny are the only actors as of right now.


Meanwhile Hange is trolling her Titans in the “name of science” and almost get eaten by them…Almost. Let´s continue.

Back at the Cheese Burguer stand. They are truly popular and the people are asking for a lot of burguers! Could Mikasa handle them?...Yes she can, she just needs to learn from our friend Sponge bob on the art of two Spatula!

At the same time Rico and her Rice are truly tasty and a lot of people are coming!


The competition is neck to neck!

Also… Jean and Marco are the only actors on the play now. But Marco leaves in order to find help!

Hange continues doing tickles to her Titans… Let´s continue.

Marco finally reaches the place and is amazed by the line! He wanted to talk to Conny, but he didn´t listened and just gave him something to do…


The Scout members are finally going to receive their Burguers and some of them were lured by Trapmin, but now are disappointed. On any case, they liked their burguers.

Trapmin detects something…The rice stand will soon open their rice pot. So he has come with a plan… They will make double cheese burguers! In that form the Scent of the rice will be overcome by the Scent of the Cheese!

Back with the play…Jean is all alone now and he is using a lot of scenery and things in order to compensate the lack of actors…


On any case, a huge scream is heard.

The time has come…The rice pot will be opened!

Now it´s the time! The double cheese burguers will come at the same price! The people are coming in waves!


Suddenly… an earthquake is heard…

They have come…

They have come to remind us…

The Humilliating way of the Human…

They have come…



The people start running for their lives! Everyone…Except Eren.

The Titans avoid Eren and start going for the food stands! They take everyone! Eren still is not done yet and decides to attack them!


...And he ended like that. The Titans have won… Mikasa goes to Eren and see if he is alright.

That day everyone remembered who was at the top of the food chain…And who are the ones in charge… Who are the ones who put Terror in our Hearths and the reason why we use those cages.


End of the chapter.

My Impressions

Enjoyable chapter. Not as good as the past ones, but this one will reach us to the last chapter! (I think) of this anime! And well, that it´s sort of important.


Heh… Armin can be a conceivable trap it seems! So much that even that one guy who is always glued to his Girlfriend got charmed by him. The parts of the Snow white were very funny, specially the last one. Still, I am thinking that on the next chapter (and it´s last…I think) we will se a some sort of fight against the Titans Since finally they appeared again beside the cameo appearances on the previous chapters. .. Also because the next chapter is called “Attack!”.

Thinking a little on the future. Since attack on Titan Junior High will get to an end soon. I am thinking on what Anime(s) should replace it that will come on January. I have some on mind, but I will keep pondering until this anime is over. On any case next week it´s going to be good!

Also here it is a capture that I didn´t used but I think it looks good.


Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!