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Chapter 10: Recommendation! Titan Junior High School!

The Chapter starts with Ilse Langnar, she is a member of the Newspaper club and is running for her life, or at the very least it looks like it. She has some juicy news about something happening with the Student Council President. She won´t yield or surrender to anything! Until a Titan appears in front of her and she starts running.


Anyway, that Titan, Sawney, it´s propierty of Hange, and well. Both she and Levi, who was with her, detect the notebook, and they send Sawney to return it to her… The poor thing!


Other Day. Eren and the rest of the gang notice that the elections for the Student Council President will be soon! And some people are interested in it. On Eren´s Classroom, they are having lunch Sasha asks Jean if he is going for that, which he says that yes! He is going to be the Student Council President! Marco, Jean´s Best friend, says that working for other people must be a great honor, Jean says that no! that the point it´s to be popular. And if he is the Student Council President, the girls will be all over him!


Suddenly Eren hearsays and says that He will be President and will get rid of the Titans once and for all!...Mikasa was only hearing him.


So now Jean and Eren will be political Rivals!...And it looks like Reiner too, but who cares about him!?

When Jean and Eren were about to fight, Mikasa enters and takes Eren out to somewhere else. Marco looks with admiration that Jean truly wants to be the President…Although Jean only says that he is jealous.


Meanwhile on the Student Council Room. They are talking about the corruption that there was on the Council. People betting on Sumo Beetle Wrestling! How corrupt they were!...Also Annie is asleep…and she does it with her eyes opened. Heh That thing sort of happened to me one day, I was sleeping on the floor (don´t ask) and my position had an eye semi opened. I woke up somewhat tired (since I didn´t truly rested) and I remember that I was sort of seeing things while I was sleeping. Anyway, let´s continue!

Jean suddenly enters and everyone knows from the get go that he is a weirdo! They gave him a form, but for some reason Jean thinks that the girl in there who isn´t Annie is flirting with him. Which ended up with Jean being beaten… Poor Jean, try not to think with your sword.


Later, Jean and his buddies (Mikasa and Armin) encounters Marco. Jean ask him were is Jean and Marco tells him that he is on the Infirmary, so he is going to receive Jean´s Posters. Eren is amazed by that and Armin tells him that he can make it on home. So the three of them goes there!


Eren, Mikasa and Armin are on Armin´s House and he has finally made a good poster for Eren, thanks to the magic of Photoshop. But Armin says that he can even change his face…So Eren gets a little crazy and… We ended up with that Picasso like thing.

Mikasa tries to stop Eren, but he is so fired up and so happy that she truly couldn´t do anything more than lie and say that yes… That poster it´s really cool.


After that everyone goes back to the School in order to put the Posters on the billboards. What they face there it´s…


Jean… And that all the billboards are full with Oruo Posters…Who obviously used Photoshop too.

On Any case, he says that every billboard it´s full so they can´t do Nothing!...NOTHING!


…Except putting them above the Orou ones.

The Next day the Popularity Polls are out. And the results are as follows:

Rico: 8%

Reiner: 6%

Orou: 6%

Jean: 0%

Eren: 0%

Ouch… Our buddies have it rough. Oh Also Marco does Good deeds because he is such a nice person.


Jean wonders if there it´s something they can do… Which Hang says that yes. It happens that the student who revealed the Student Council President scandal has a notebook, where all the juicy secrets of the School and how to win the election are in. SO with that, Jean, Marco, Eren, Mikasa, Reiner and Berthold goes for her!


Meanwhile Ilse was doing an investigation on Rico and her offerings as President. Suddenly the gang goes after her and she starts running!

Ilse is running from them. Jean decides to make an strategy and takes a detour while Eren goes for her straight forward!


Ilse is again on a similar situation as before. Jean appears suddenly but so does Conny!...Because reasons. But in the end Sasha is the one who takes the notebook! She opens the book and is flabbergasted for something. Reiner takes the opportunity and takes the notebook alongside Berthold!

The chase continues…But Sasha is left behind. Conny ask her if her tummy hurts or something. But Sasha says that her dream of having a Yakisoba bread it´s closer to be true since the Wednesday it´s the day when the school receives more!


Marco, Armin and Mikasa appears from the bushes and see the chasing. Miaksa decides to enter the action!

Mikasa catches Reiner and throws the book to were Eren is! Eren Jumps but…


Rico uses the Gear and takes the book.

Ouch. Poor Eren. Rico reads the book..There are no secrets or tips in order to become School Council President…Only tips to clean the School…Ok one can see why Levi would be interested with that.


So… It was all for nothing.

Later Marco gives back to Ilse her notebook. She is angry, but Marco says that all of the are in truth good people…Just very straight forward… But he believes that anyone of them would be a perfect Student Council President.


The Next day. It was the day for the people to do their speeches. Rico will begin!


If she is president she will oblige all of the students to clean, to clean on all of the breaks, on lunch hour and on non School days! She receives a lot of Boo! And not in the scary way… Sans for Levi, he is ok with what she says.

Reiner it´s next.


All the girls will wear swimsuits and more opportunities for the males in order to have physical contact with the babes!! The males are happy and the females are not!... Also Christa is disgusted by what he said… Poor Reiner he lost points with Christa now… Well not so poor since what he said was only a wet dream.

Orou´s Turn is next…He is going to speak. He opens his mouth and…Oh he just bite his tongue…Ok he is out.


It´s Eren´s Turn now. Armin advices him to not to say anything weird.

Eren speech it´s simple. He will destroy all the Titans on the School! No, The World!


Everyone laughs his ass off.

Armin decides to step up and goes to talk…He is basically “traducing what Eren wanted to say”. And it is that he will work for everyone to have dreams again! That they will not surrender to the shameful way of life that human race is condemned for! They will no longer loose their precious Lunch or anything to those monster! It is time for the Humans to be again on the top of the food chain!


The people it´s motivated for what Armin said! It is a truly 180° turn around!

Eren it´s impressed and for a moment thought that he should not say anything…But minds, good reasoning, who needs something like that?! Am I Right?!


Eren says that everyone is a coward and should just shut up and vote for him!!

And with that he lost all of his momentum

Now it´s Jean Turn.

His Speech is simple and says that he only wants to be President to be popular with the Girls. The End.


And the people start booing him!


Marco then, after watching how everyone is crushed, decides to step in.

Marco says that Jean is not strong… He is weak, like many of us. That is why he knows all of everyone’s worries, and even if he is a little weird, his decisions have been right..So that´s why he believes that Jean will be a perfect President.


With that little speech. Everyone starts applauding him! Specially Ilse, who says that Marco never tough on him and he do everything for his friends! So for that he is perfect for the job!


The Next Day. The Winner is…


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions:

Since tomorrow i have to travel this has been uploaded earlier :P and since i am talking about schedules this next week comes the Saintia Sho and maybe the week after that the World War blue one.


Amazing Chapter! I was laughing my ass off with this one! It was truly funny everything that happened on this chapter, from the chasing, the motivations and the speaks the characters gave! Also I loved the transition image!

We also got some truly nice speeches coming from Armin and Marco! Those guys truly can change the tide of the water!


In the End Marco was elected, and the reason they gave was a good one! So in truth it was a good decision, I think.

Also the reactions of Mikasa were truly good! One can see that She truly Loves and cares for Eren! <3


On Anycase, This was a good chapter that will remain on my memory for a long time!

Anyway my two cents. So See ya Next Time!

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