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Chapter 9: Sweet Summer! Titan Junior High School!


The chapter starts with Berthold, Reiner and Annie, they are at a Japanese festivals and Berthold is doing some form of soap sculpture, he its truly good at it!

This thing is with he is good at.


On the School, Berthold was sleeping in a truly weird way! Reiner wakes him up and have something to ask him and it is that he is trying to get a way in order to take Christa out to the festival and have some form of a date with her. But he need a some form of Wingman! And then it is when Reiner looks at Annie and decides that Reiner should invite someone too! And who might be? I don´t know…Maybe…A-N-N-I-E.

Needless to say, Berthold gets all embarrassed with that!

Anyway, Reiner decides to finally make his move and invites Christa…And she says Yes! Then Ymir tag along and Christa it is all ok on going with her, heck everyone will go. That way it will be more fun!...Yeah…Fun.


Then Ymir says that Berthold should say something too! Then she looks that he is watching Annie…And decides that Berthold should invite someone too…Maybe A-N-N-I-E.

Anyway, Berthold gets all red like a Tomato.

Reiner decides to talk to Annie and he tells her that Berthold wants to tell her something! Annie goes and Berthold then says it loud that he wants to invite her to the summer festival!


Annie says… No. She is not interested and was leaving. Until Eren and his Gang hears and decides to join the Group! And with that Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha and Conny decides to go with them!...And with that Christa is all happy and in some form Annie I forced to go!

Anyway, Berthold it´s talking with Reiner and Ymir. Reiner tells him that he should express his feelings for Annie on the summer festival. Berthold it´s amazed how he knew that he likes her! Reiner respond saying that it was quite obvious. Ymir even knew! But now the focus of Reiner and Ymir –Since they will get jockblocked with Christa thanks to the presence of the other- will be to help Berthold to confess his feelings!


Anyway, there it is one little problem, and that it´s Eren Gang, since they are a Pain in the ass! Still Reiner got a plan! And Berthold was thinking that he only wanted to be by Annie´s side…that´s all.

The day of the festival has come! And Reiner tells him the plan! Phase one, he will compliment Annie telling her how cute she looks! Also Reiner it is using a Choco- Banana and a caramel apple.


And finally the girls have come! Reiner it is all blushed thanks to Christa! Reiner tried to compliment Christa but Ymir hits him and tells her that instead! Yess… Reiner got jockblocked :P

Anyway, Ymir and Reiner will start working as Wingmen or Wingman and Wingwoman or Wing(Wo)M(a/e)n… or something, let´s forget the details!

And they force to Berthold to compliment Annie´s Yukata. And Berthold… ended up complimenting her shoes… Ok.


And Now Eren´s Gang has come!

Anyway, Sasha ended up saying to both Annie and Christa that they look cute on Yukata!


But now it is the time of the Phase 2!

Berthold will show to Annie his manly side by giving her something he won on the shooting game! Chicks loves men with guns!


Mikasa ended up winning some Big Pork Fillet cutlet and gives it to Eren, who was at the fishing game it seems… Dudes digs Chicks with Guns! In any case, Annie decides to enter the fray and win something!

A confrontation between the 2 strongest women on the classroom will begin! In the end both girls got all the prices!

Anyway, hopes is not lost! Reiner still has a trump card! It is to show Annie that she can depend on Berthold who will always get her back cover up!


The plan it´s simple, Ymir will grab annie´s Shaved ice, and then she will pretend to fall, the ice will fall on Annie´s Yukata, but on the last moment Berthold will block the ice with his body! Showing to Annie that he is the man for her!

In any case, Sasha and Connie went for the ice…And they are taking their time.

Berthold detects that Annie, who just got some fishes, protects and cares a lot for her Yukata, which her dad got it for her.


Ymir and Reiner are saying that maybe they must change their plan a little. Berthold steps in and says that they should stop with the plan. Because he says that it is not fair to put Annie in danger for his sake!

In any case, Conny and Sasha are finally out… with the shaved ice, which is melted because they took a “Shortcut”.

Ymir suddenly decides to step in and pushes Sasha! The shaved Ice will fail on Annie´s Yukata!


But Berthold steps in and save her! Reiner and Ymir say that she is truly lucky to have someone like Berthold to protect her!

Annie ask if he it´s ok. Berthold says that yes he is and leaves in order to wash his clothes.


Berthold it´s feeling guilty for have even though of doing something so bad to her then Berthold hears something. To enjoy the die cutting!

Meanwhile the group it is concerned about Berthold! Who still hasn´t appeared. Ymir says that maybe they went a little too far. On any case, they will go and search for him!

Annie ended up finding him, and the guy on charge of the die-cutting gave it to him two masks, one for him and other for his Girlfriend. Berthold blushed!


On any case they went to a summit in order to wait for the other guys to arrive.

Annie says that she remembers that Berthold always liked the die-cutting. That’s why she had a hunch that he might be in there. Berthold apologize to her for have pushed her to come…But he hopes that at the very least she is having fun.


Annie says that she doesn´t like crowded places, but it was good that he invited her, although not alone, but she is comfortable with him, she doesn´t have to push herself in order to start a conversation. She can be herself…In other words, Berthold it´s very convenient to have around. Ouch!

Well no, she says, he is more like Air to her. Double ouch! On any case, Annie starts laughing.

Finally the gang found them and Sasha was about to go with them, but Reiner stops her!


Romantic time comes! I am already shipping them <3

Fireworks start appearing and the gang is watching fascinated on what might happen! Berthold starts talking to her oh man! He is going for the kill! You go Berthold! I am supporting you!


We can´t hear what is happening, but we hear something. Annie says Okay! Berthold gets all blushed up! Berthold you Dog! You made it!

Reiner and Ymir comes to congratulate the new pair!... Although Berthold says that everyone now comes and enjoy some die-cutting...Ok, that´s weird.


So it looks like she says Okay to go and do some die-cutting together, huh?...Well… Ok… then nothing changes then…

Eren is a frustrated because with him it keeps cracking! Berthold says that the trick is with patience, one must be patient, if not, the thing might crack. Fireworks starts appearing in the sky and everyone watches it.


End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

Enjoyable chapter! It was extremely funny how Reiner used the Choco Banana and the sweet Apple in order to present his plan, and also the faces of such food!


On the same theme, one can see a little more of the relationship between Reiner and Ymir, and it looks like that both of them are, besides being love rivals, are friends, and they want to help their other friend Berthold! Also, they did their best as Wingman, but…I think they truly make a god job with that :P

On that same theme, we could see how Berthold do it´s things, and they are with Patience, he will confess to Annie when he feels the time it´s right, and no one else is pushing him to do it.

Continuing with the romantically aspect, the scene were Berthold “confessed” his intentions with Annie was such a sweet moment! <3


Continuing with Annie, we could see the person to whom she feels something, and it´s not other but Eren! And also Mikasa is fighting for his hearth, although on this chapter both of them truly didn´t make a good job with that! Specially Mikasa, since she just gave him something weird to Eren!

In Short, a good chapter were the stars of the story were the second main gang of the classroom!

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next time!