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Episode 8: Spine Chiller! Titan Junior High School!

The Chapter starts with the Scouts gang. Hange is telling them that the time has come for them to pay for their transgression on the past chapter! And it is with…

A Courage test night at the School!


Eren, Mikasa and Armin are finally at the School at night. Armin it´s truly afraid of the dark and it won´t let go of Mikasa´s arm, she looks like it´s Ok. Eren it´s trying to act like a brave man, but in truth his legs are shaking endlessly!

Suddenly Eren felt a hand from someone. It was a weird man!


Anyway, that weird man is Erwin Smith, the Advisor of the Scouts, and it looks like he supports the Scouts and he is the one who gave them the School key in order to do the activity.

Levi starts explaining the rules. The Gang will be divided in two teams and they will have to go to the music classroom, art classroom and Science classroom. When they reach there, they have to write their names and when they do that, they will have to go to the Gym, were the rest of the Scouts will be waiting for them. Easy , no?


Anyway. Jean and Eren are trying to act all tough, but in truth are afraid! Heh, I feel your pain guys, I feel your pain.

The Teams will be of: Eren, Jean, Mikasa,Armin and Conny and the other team will be: Christa, Berthold, Sasha,Ymir and Reiner.


The Teams go out.


Eren´s Team goes to the Art Room and… There it is a truly creepy picture of a Titan with eyes bleeding or something. Anyway, it looks like the other team just came and went, so our heroes will write their names too.

Jean and Eren are fighting in order to write their names on there…Until they hear a chuckle. Everyone turns around. And Armin starts saying that this might be a School Seven Wonders N° 1. The Laughing Mona Lisa!


Oh My God! That paint just changed it face!

Eren and the gang, sans Mikasa, leaves in terror!


Meanwhile Berthold and Reiner are waiting for the girls to go out of the bathroom.

Reiner detects a presence and both he and Berthold goes to see what is happening.


When Reiner goes to see…


He detects something and decides to see a second time.

Infinite stairs have appeared!


Meanwhile it looks like Christa just ended doing her business on the Bathroom. Ymir then tells them about one of the seven wonders. The Bathroom ghost! If they want to see the ghost of the bathroom, they need to knock three times the three toilet door!

Christa is hesitant, but Ymir does it anyway.

She knocks the door…

…Nothing happens.

Ymir says that it happened nothing…


An spectral voice came from the bathroom!

Sasha, Ymir and Christa starts running like all heck!

Ymir thought that she grabbed Christa, but in truth she grabbed Sasha! Uh-Oh! Needless to say Christa it is truly scared now!


Meanwhile Eren´s team has reached the Music room. Armin it is truly scared right now and can´t talk very good. Good thing that Mikasa can interpret him! Specially because Armin knows about the legends of the Seven wonders and what will happen to the person who see everyone of them… Missfortune.


Jean and Conny were arguing about that.

Suddenly the piano is been hear. Armin tries to say what it is but just can´t! Mikasa says that this is one of the seven mysteries… The Piano who interprets Beethoven all by itself. Also the tone that Mikasa do it is funny and cute!


Jean and Eren starts throw him things at the Beethoven Ghost. The ghost got hit!...Wait…

Anyway, the ghost show blood and our Heroes goes running away!


Also I love this expressions!

Eren ended up running by himself, since Mikasa was grabbed by Armin, Jean and Conny!


Meanwhile Reiner and Berthold keep walking on the stairs.


Eren ended up on the last floor, he looks at a mirror and it got scare for a second…Until he see something.

A Ghost Girl! Oh Boy!

Eren tries to convince himself that it was all his imagination! Then he just turns around and…



Eren run for your life!!!

Mikasa hears Eren´s scream and goes were he is. Mikasa ask him if he is ok. Eren tries to act (and fails) all tough. And that he definitely didn´t see a woman in the mirror!


Armin tries to say something but just can{t. So Mikasa translate it for him…

That woman could be one of the Seven wonders of the School. A cursed infinity Mirror at the landing of the stairs.


If you see it…You might ended on the Mirror´s World… Eren got too freaked out and starts running again!

Meanwhile Reiner and Berthold keep walking on the stairs.


Meanwhile Christa is crying outside of the School. She wants to see Ymir and Sasha. A mysterious lady goes after Christa, until she turns around and see her crying. So this mysterious lady now is concerned for her.


Meanwhile Eren´s team ended up on the science room. Jean says that it is weird. They should have crossed paths in some moment.

Armin starts talking and Mikasa traducted him, saying that maybe they fell victims of some of the Seven wonders of the School!?


Jean and Eren feels that something is grabbing them, they turn around and…

Oh Noes!!

Our Heroes starts running from those things!

Finally Eren´s team joins with Ymir and Sasha, Ymir is crying running searching for Christa.


Meanwhile Berthold and Reiner feel something on the stairs… A trembling.


On other side, Christa it is with that mysterious girl, and both of them are talking. The Mysterious girl tells her that she shouldn´t be walking alone so late at night, or she might become a delinquent like her.

Still Christa tells her to her new friend that she wants to be as strong like her! The mysterious Girl´s heart went Doki doki for a second <3


Ymir finally found Christa and is crying! Christa tells her to calm down. She wants to present her new friend…But she is gone now.

My plotting sense is tingling.

Erena nd the others catch them and ask about Reiner and Berthold.

Meanwhile those guys feel the trembling and see a cannon and starts running!

The other members go to the Gym.

And they see another wonder… The dribbling headless ghost!

Needless to say the terror is in all of them...Except Mikasa and Ymir (she because she is finally with her waifu).


The Other wonders appear and starts chasing them! Except the dribbling ghost, he is okay with his head.

Finally Reiner and Berthold appear and are chased by that cannon thing! Everyone starts running..except the dribbling ghost, he is ok.


Finally the dribbling ghost have enough and defeats that thing.

That ghost reveals to be Jean!... I didn´t see it coming! The other Ghost are their Sempai Scouts!


Everything was their doing!...But where it is the mysterious girl?

Jean and the others says that they don´t know any girl with white clothes and long black hair.


Then Erwin appears and says about the Seven Mystery. A Girl got lost on this same test some time ago became a ghost without knowing it…And now she scares the people who do the test!

Also Mikasa kills a Mosquito…

Meanwhile that ghost girl is looking at them with a smile.


End of the chapter.

My Impressions.


Amazing chapter from beginning to end! The facial expressions, the tension of the characters had, how they acted, even I adored how Mikasa accent was when she said the School Seven wonders! It was truly an amazing chapter!

Another thing is that we get to know the character of Erwin Smith, the Advisor of the Scouts. I can´t talk much about anything else regarding this chapter, because I will say basically the same as I said on the first paragraph. It was an excellent chapter, with an amazing passing and a with a lot of Laughs!


Anyway, my two cents. So See ya next time!

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