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Chapter 7: Showdown! Titan Junior High School!


The Chapter starts with Sasha trying to grab the Yakisoba Bread, she runs and tries to grab it! Until Hange got all of them and leaves telling some things to Levi who chase after her!

Later ErenĀ“s Gang is at the classroom and Sasha is teling them her sad, sad story. Jean then says that the Upperclass students likes to take all the bread to the Juniors in order to show their superiority, although Conny doesnĀ“t understand that quite well.

Eren then tells Jean that he has to go to the Wall Cleaning Club today, since he hasnĀ“t come recently.


The Gang is at the Club and Rico it is truly mad at Jean for having not come. Jean tells an obvious lie saying that he basically have class for everything. Rico is mad!

Rico then decides to take just for sinners and all the gang will have to clean all the School Windows again! Not Cool!


After that Our Heroes go to the Scout activities and the Sempais are acting like such a Dorks with them! They are criticizing them for their Clothes, their personalization Items, their Hair, everything!

Eren has enough of itĀ“s bossy Sempais and Yell. Everything it is calming until Christa and the rest of her Gang comes in and they are using personalization Items and such. Sempais are mad! Real Mad!


As punishment they are sended to cleaning duties. Eren wonders if maybe itĀ“s a signal and his destiny is to be the cleaning guy.

Then suddenly Levi and his Gang, Hange and that other guy, comes in and Levi is angry at them because the place is dirty. His gang says that they could clean all of this in 2 minutes tops!

With that. The Guys have enough of the Sempais Ship! And starts confronting them! Levi gets angry at them and sasy he has enough of them!


Hange then decides that they must compete! The Sempais Vs. The Juniors on the School Sports Day! The one who loses will have to clean all of the Titans Classrooms! Those things are huge!

The Day has come and Eren terrified! Christa and Annie will be given them cheer with some smexy cheerleader uniform. Needless to say, Ymir and Reiner (was that his name?) are happy with that!


Eren starts palming hands with the girls and is getting closer to Mikasa, she wants to have that little moment with Eren <3.

Then when it was about to touch MikasaĀ“s Hand, the signal of the first even starts!

The race for the Bread!


The race is about to begin and itĀ“s time for Sasha to shine! She will face Hange and some randoms nobodies!.

The race starts and Sasha is running like the lightning, but Armin detects something. Hange hasnĀ“t moveā€¦

Anyway, Sasha is about to reach the bun, she jumps, open her mout expecting to eat some delicious bread, butā€¦


Hange comes riding a Titan who eats every bread! ThatĀ“s cheating!...Although it looks like it countsā€¦They truly need to check those rules then.

The Next game is the Balls Tossing game! With Jean Vs. Rico! Every member has to catch the ball on his nest and avoid that an enemy ball get inside his!...Or something like that, iĀ“m not sure :P


Anyway, the match starts! Rico is prepared and is destroying the enemy Balls (without double meaning) like a master! But then she detects that Jean is using that Omni Directional device and is flying!...Well swing it like Spider Man or something.

Rico is angry and all the shots that were aimed at her, she projects them to Jean who basically gets shoot like the mafia will do! Poor Jean, he is on the ground nowā€¦ And the SempaiĀ“s team is angry at himā€¦

In Memory of Jeanā€¦

Not really, but you get the idea of what happened :P

The Moral of the JuniorĀ“s is Low, the other teams have more than 100 points and the JuniorĀ“s only 5ā€¦It looks like they are doomed forā€¦


Mikasa then comes in with a decision. She says that if they can get the leaderĀ“s bandana on the next game, they will get 1000 points and turn the tables! Making the other events useless and not necessary!

Anyway, Marco sasy that Mikasa is right, butā€¦They have Levi, and he is invincible.


Mikasa says that enough of that! If they wana quit they can do it! But she will do it alone, on her own! That they might be not only unskilled, but cowards and wimps! But she doesnĀ“t!

Jean says the obvious and that itĀ“s that she is horrible with words. Still, they wonĀ“t leave her Alone! So everyone of them is fired up again! Eren comes and tells her that he will do his best too! Mikasa is happy, they were about to palm hands, but the event is about to start.

Then Armin goes to Mikasa and it looks like he has a plan.


The Strategy is Simple. Mikasa will take everyoneĀ“s bandana, while Eren goes to the leader and take him on the middle of the chaos!

Mikasa starts taking bandanas like a Pro! She wears a weird and big coat, BTW.

Then Mikasa goes to PetraĀ“s Team and took of her Coat! She is wearing a mini Skirt, a personalization Items and socks with cute designs! Forbidden territory! With her confusion, Eren takes the Bandana! They have defeated the year 2 students! Now it is time to face the year three and their leaderā€¦Levi.


Eren and Mikasa palm hands finally and Mikasa is happy!

Still the rest of the year 2 students and the year 3 are still fighting! Mikasa is dealing with some and ArminĀ“s tema sacrificed himself in order to make ErenĀ“s team go forward! The pain and the screams of battle are behind them, but they must not look back! Must not hesitate and keep going forward! The sacrifice of those Heroes must not be on vain!

Finally Eren reach were the Year 3 leader is.



Who is Cleaningā€¦

And he is their opponentā€¦

More serious phrases ending with suspension dots in hereā€¦

The Confrontation against the World strongest man is about to begin! Eren and his crew is ready and motivated to make a Miracle!


They go for the kill and!

They lost horriblyā€¦

Their bandanas are taken off and they lost. Oh man! :(

Then Hange comes on a globe with her pet Titans and she has a big party ball full of confetti! She opens it andā€¦To put it shortly, the confetti makes all of them drown basically.


At the end of the day, Eren and the other Juniors are cleaning the mess that Hange did. A voice comes and tells him that they need more brooms. Eren says that there should be enough for anybody. He turns to see the person and areā€¦

The Sempais! They are here to help and basically ErenĀ“s Gang has won their respect!


Rico says that when they were Juniors they also faced their Sempais from time to time against what they obliged them to do.

Petra says that the past year they fought against Levi and lost for a huge margin, but still they came and helped them, soā€¦ They will do the same.

Then Eren, Mikasa, Armin and the rest bows to them and apologize for their attitude. Respect is paid with Respect!


Although they wonder were is Levi and the others.

He is trying to give a lesson to Hange.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Amazing Chapter! The Humour was there and the story chapter was good! We see how Eren and the Gang fighted against the Ginormic Authority and acts of their upperclass mates!


Most of the events were fun and the interactions were funny! Including Hange, who I have found to be one of the most boring characters as of right now showed things that I found funny!

It was also really funny how the transition between event and event using Christa and Annie on Cheerleader uniform and next to it some blood of watching them!

The main part of the confrontation was extremely epic and amazing, leaving a good taste in my mouth! From the speech to Mikasa to the rest of the Gang, to the actual confrontation. Everything was excellent on this chapter! Also It was cute when Mikasa finally could slap hands withEren <3.


Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!