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Chapter 6: Love Letter! Titan Junior High School!

The Chapter starts with Jean and his friend Marco going out of School. While they are leaving Jean sees how everyone are leaving with a girl. Conny with Sasha, Hanna and Franz who are always glued together, Eren with Mikasa and so on. Needless to say Jean feels very jealous because he doesn´t have a girlfriend nor a female friend. What he has is a Marco…

But suddenly, when he goes to his locker he sees a love letter…Could it be?... Could it be that? Someone is interested on riding Jean´s Train?!... That sounds weird. Anyway. Needless to say, Jean got excited!


The next Day. Eren has a serious bed Hair! Remember kids to always be up for a 15 minutes in order to your hair get dry and you won´t suffer that!


Holy Mother of Hairspray! Jean appears with an amazingly glowing hair and a glorious forelock! Also he has put some Cologne!... Although Mikasa says that it smells like bathroom cleaner. Anyway he is preparing himself for his lady!

Jean decides to brag and shows them the Love Letter. Eren, Sasha and Armin are impressed! Although since it is not signed it could be a Joke. Nonsense! Says Jean and leaves.


Jean is now sit on his desk and is reading the letter. It is says that the Girl is always watching him…So that means that… No! The Girl could it be one of his Classmates!


Sasha?! Could be that the never filled stomach Girl wants a piece of Jean?! Jean starts imagining how could it be having Sasha as his Girlfriend…

Which means that his Wallet will get assassinated with food!

His attention then pass on Christa, which is a QT according to him. Maybe she loves him?! Or maybe… Ymir?! She is a Tomboy and as of right now a Lesbian but… Tomboyish Girls are kinda hot and maybe Jean is like Kramer. He can pass a gay person to the other side of the field!


Then Petra and Rico appears and want to talk about some of Jean´s After School activities! Maybe… a Sempai has noticed him?!


Needless to say his Imagination is going wild. And in truth he is creeping the girls out…Except Sasha because she is occupied eating…Oh and Mikasa because she is already marrie- I mean she has Eren.

Then he starts wondering if Mikasa could be… But Annie enters and wanted to ask something to Jean, she has a blush on her face. She wants to talk with him and…Maybe she loves Jean?! It is obvious since She is Mikasa´s Rival and Jean is a (Wannabe) Eren´s Rival! Goes hand to hand!


Anyway. For some reason Mikasa and Annie starts fighting with words in a very cordial way. Although in the end Jean ended up quite damaged physically. But he sees something that fell from Annie´s Pocket. It is a Love letter with the same envelope He found yesterday! Could it be…?!

Anyway, the class starts and Jean is wondering about that, without putting attention on how Eren got punished for answering bad a Math problem regarding knocking Titans.


School is over and everyone is going home. Marco tells Jean that he should face the truth. He is not popular with Girls and… Jean tells him to shut up! Then the Gang see Annie putting a love letter on his Locker.


Jean goes to check it. It says that it wants to see him on the Park. Jean goes there right away!

Then When Jean leaves. Annie shows up with the Gang and she wanted some advice regarding those Letters. The truth is about to show up.


Jean is awaiting on the park. Annie shows up and the conversation start somewhat Cute…But Jean ruined the mood trying to act all mighty with the fact and like he is doing her a favour by going out with her… And that is the reason why Jean doesn´t have a Girlfriend.

Jean got damaged for his actions and Annie tells him the truth.

Those Letters while were wrote for her, she did it in favour for a friend of hers. And now her Friend is coming.


Annie gives a super human scream and her Friend comes! Which is…


A Titan…Who is naked and haves the face of a 40 year old woman. Anyway Eren and the gang ask her how she is friends with a Titan? Annie says that is because they go to the same Cram School; the how she understands Titan Language? She is learning it on Cram School.

Anyway Annie says that her friend is Shy and Cute and they should go together.

Jean can´t believe it! Why Jean you ask? Annie says that it was when Jean gave her his Lunch one day. Jean starts remembering that day. When he was going home with Marco and suddenly this female Titan started chasing him, and he used his lunch in order to run.


Eren and the gang starts mocking him. But Jean starts loosing it and now he has lost his sense of reality. And is getting hurt because of it…It looks like the Titan Love is Tough Love!

Thanks to Marco Jean comes back to this world and rejects the Titan, which hit him very hard because she has a broken heart and goes crying! Annie says that she is saying that she still won´t give up on him!


Sasha starts feeling bad for him and decides to do something to help him.

Which is doing a little paly with some food saying that they want to go out with Jean. And by ridiculous that looks. Jean buys that fantasy! Poor Jean…He is so desperate.


Anyway. The gang leaves and Annie leaves because it´s time for Cram School. Marco is left waiting for Jean to return to reality.

En of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

This Chapter was all about Jean, and it was awesome for it! We could see a little more of Jean, and his random Nobody friend- I mean Marco.


Basically Jean is , as I said in past entries, Tobbias from the Amazing world of Gumball. He wants to be popular but he is not; he wants to be a chicks Magnet, but he is not. And for better or worse he is stuck in that way. Also it was very funny seeing how his Imagination acted with all.

Other interesting thing is that the Titans in here aren´t in truth evil, since as far as I know on the original work they are more or less monsters, but more as Giant naked people with feelings and goals. And they can even become friends with the Humans, see how Annie got a Titan friend thanks to Cram School. But also it shows a little on the way the Titans Think, which basically is with their Stomachs. Most of them do things in order to obtain food, or write about it – See the Punks Titans who painted the Wall- or their feelings were born because someone gave them Food. It is truly interesting to see in that way.


Sasha again demonstrated why she is one of the best and most awesome characters in the whole Show! With Jean Imagination, how she reacted when the Titan came and what she did in order to make Jean felt better. She truly is someone who make me laughs a lot!

Also Marco is a True friend of Jean.

In short I have to say that this chapter was amazing and funny and gave hindsight from the Characters, the Titans and the whole World in General!


Anyway, my Two Cents. See ya Next Time!

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