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Chapter 4: Cleaning! Titan Junior High School!


The Chapter starts with the Gang who is going to it´s Club, the Wall Cleaning Club. Eren and the others are very annoyed about that, Conny says that he would like a club called “Going-Home”…And for some reason Eren believes such club exist as a clandestine, like the Scouts. Although Armin is quite positive and he sees the things that way. He also has a new cover, made of mesh.

Anyway. They are greet by Rico, the leader of the Club, she states that the Wall Cleaning Club originally had 100 members, but now she is the only one remaining. Still Eren and the others didn´t liked it, specially because the club are basically cleaning duties. Rico explains to them that they are free to go, but, then they will go to another Club…And the only Humans club are already full.


She order them to go and clean all the Windows of the School!...So yeah, cleaning duties it is.

Eren, Sasha and Coony are with a very low moral, and in truth aren´t cleaning anything. Jean and Armin told them to start cleaning, if not they would be scolded. Eren feel like a loser because all the other cool guys are on truly awesome clubs…And he is here…Cleaning…Forever (Forever means 3 years :P).

After that some chicks comes passing and are laughing and wondering why those Losers are cleaning? That got Jean´s Nerves. He wants to be popular! Not a Loser!


Jean jumps of the window…Which is on the third floor. Ouch! And was about to leave when suddenly…

Rico comes in and uses some weird device that let her fly like Spider man from her Hips and punches Jean on the Head! So Cool!


Eren and the rest of the gang are all hyped for that glorious thing! Rico tells them that is the Omni Directional Device-Something-I-Forget-his-full-name. That is the Club´s secret weapon and Proud.

Every member of the gang is truly hyped and want to use it!

That Magical device allows them to reach very high and in that way reach places were the Dirt is hard to took off! So Practical!


Anyway, she tells them to go back to cleaning. But Eren and Jean has another thing on his mind! Destroy Titans and be popular respectively!

Both of them goes to her and ask her for the device. Sasha And Conny joins too and start arguing! Rico decides to silence them! And tells them that if they want to use the Omnisomething device they need to clean the windows!


So Now Eren and the gang gows to clean them! A little after that, Rico goes to see how are doing those first year students. She then is received by a Glorious Heavinly Light. The Windows are way 100% purity now.

So Now Rico has decided to give them a chance with the OmniSpiderman device!


And now Eren´s Head is near the floor. It looks like he doesn´t have any habilities with the thing. Even though Armin and Mikasa made it after all. Eren tries his best and!...Nope, he just can´t do it. Meanwhile Jean, Sasha and Conny are using it like if it was a second nature thing to do! They truly dominated that thing!

Armin says that Eren should take it easy, and he can try it tomorrow. Rico then tells them that using the OmniDrivingbutflying device is a minimum requirement in order to stay in the club. So if Eren doesn´t learn how to use it… He will have to leave. Eren is crushed! But this is no Country for Old Man…I mean weak people.

Mikasa then tells him that Eren should just give up on that thing of Attacking on Titans (Get it?. I made a word play!... You are free to laugh…No? Oh Well) and lives in a more normal way. Eren tells her that is impossible, he can´t forget what he saw that day! That humiliating way, where they learned how weak the human truly is…


Mikasa then continues and says that even if Eren has the determination, But if he lacks the ability…It is useless.

Armin says that it is not a thing of Athletics or Brains…So maybe…It is broken? Rico says that is Imposibru! Because that thing wasn´t made from one single day. But more than a Hundred years in order to make it to perfection, Blood, Sweat and Tears are on that thing!


Rico is so Sure because if that thing has a problem then she will eat Spaguetti from her No… Looking it close. That thing is broken. Mikasa asks in a scary way if there is something wrong with Eren´s Device? Rico is afraid.

Suddenly the Jannitor Hannes has come! He is the Teacher in charge of the Club! If you ask if he is Drunk the answer is yes.

Hannes has decided to show Eren how to use the Device! So he puts it on and uses it! He looks awesome flying like Spider Man! Then that thing broke and he crashes with Jean…Who was arguing with Sasha about something.


Hannes says that Eren failed for his lack of experience and he failed because…He is Drunk!

Rico acts like if that thing just got Broke and decides to end the activities for the day and repair the thing!

At the next day. Eren can use the Omniscient Device like a Master now! He is thinking that Mikasa can stop baby him now!


Jean and the rest of the group is happy…But Mikasa tells one thing.

Oh Mikasa! You Wove Eren So Much! <3

Suddenly Sasha feels something on the earth, she puts he ear on the ground! Something big is coming!


Rico ask them to hide!

Some Titans has come and start graffiting the walls! Rico explains that the club was formed originally because of that, they couldn´t resist to see the walls full of horrible graffiti and decided to clean it on their own…Such Heroes! And Dang those Punks Titans!


So Eren has decided to face them Again! He has the omniDiscretion Device and is going to attack them! Until… Gravity comes again and he ended up full of paint. The Titans runs after painting. Eren swears that he will get revenge!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Entertaining chapter. Eren´s Weakness surely is Gravity!

Jean, for some reason this chapter, stole most of my laughs this chapter! He surely is needy for attention, and that is what makes him amazing on my opinion.


I will guess a little on the Attack on titan Series and will say that the Omnidirectional something-Flying –Like-Spider-Man Device story and the one presented in here are actually similar. If I am right I have to give props to Attack on Titan Junior High for doing it in such a Good manner!

Also those Pervy Titans surely are some Punks! And that explains quite well the need for such devices already mentioned. Also it is funny how Mikasa do some Mind Gymnastics in order to convince herself that Eren has something else on his mind besides killing Titans and eating Cheese Burguers!

Talking on the story Progression. I Think that eventually we will See Eren´s Gang having a fight against a Titan. It could be like an actual Fight (Who hasn´t fighter at the very least once on their Student Life?!) , or something like a competence between the two divisions of the School, the Human against the Titan, or something among those lines. So yeah…I think that in some moment Eren, Mikasa and Armin will fight Titans on some point.


Talking about Eren, besides the fact that his worst enemy is the Gravity as of right now, I Would like to think that his character might evolve on something more than a Hot Blooded guy who hates titans and likes Cheese burguers. That maybe he will evolve, either for good or wrong. But as of right now, and taking the fact that this is a Satire, I truly doubt that we will get some of that.

Anyway. My Two Cents. See Ya Next Time!