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Chapter 3: DodgeBall! Titan Junior High School!

The Chapter starts at Lunch Time on the Class! Annie has opened her Lunch Box and she has some Super Ultra Delicious Cheese Burguers…With Rice for Lunch! Her eyes are shining on anticipation; But Suddenly someone calls for her.

Christa, who is with Ymir, has asked her what she likes to have for Lunch?

Anni was about to say that she liked the Cheese Burguers until she hears some Extras telling how Fool is Eren for clinging so much into that thing…Since that´s is a Kid´s Meal and all!


Christa was asking again…She realizes that all the others Guy who aren´t part of Eren´s Gang are surrounding her! So Annie has to think fast and She Says…

Mozuko Seaweed.

Christa says that is something very Mature!...Just like our Annie!

At The Same time, Eren, Mikasa and Armin are entering to the Classroom. Eren is all fired up because they will have a Dodge Ball Tournament tomorrow


Annie´s Blood its starting to Boil and goes were Eren is… She tells him that on the Dodge Ball Tournament she Will Crush Him! After that she leaves.


Eren is Confused.


At the Next Morning Jean, the Team´s Captain, it is giving some Speech to his Teammates…Although he wants to win in order to be Popular with the Ladies!

Anyway. Jean´s Team is made by Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Sasha, That Baldie Guy whose name I always forget (Conny? Franz? Who knows) That Pair that it looks like are glued them together and some nobodies! Also Armin looks quite funny with the Futon and the headband!


Anyway. Jean has one single Objective: Win the Tournament! And Start his Popularity Saga! Main Character Material here he Comes!

Wha?... Where?...Where is Eren?

Eren is not to be seen. Armin says that it could be that Eren might Over slept a little. Damn You Eren!


Jean has decided that still they will win, even if Eren is not in there!... And covering for his absence.

Suddenly Keith appears and tells them that if one member of the team is Slacking off. All of them will be Titan´s Food! Ouch…He surely is strict!


Also… He asks where is Eren? Nobody knows what to answer until Mikasa says that Eren is in the Bathroom and they made a racket because Sasha Farted!! Say Wha!?

Keith says that Sasha should learn a little Restrain. Sasha asks Mikasa why she said something like that…Mikasa just gives her something to eat and now Sasha is ok!


Now that they know the consequences if they Slacks off (Being Titan´s ood) they will give their all!

On the distance…Annie was watching.


The Tournament Starts! Jean has two Aces under his Sleeve. Conny (AKA Baldie Guy) and Mikasa!, Conny is Stupid but good at Sports! Connie throws the Ball and…He put himself and a Teammate out…

…Ok…Connie doesn´t know how to play.

Anyway. Armin Detects that Sasha is…Eating Again. She is Eating Ramen. And she truly has some reflexes since nobody cant touch her! Although she can´t do much more because she is eating!


Ehy is She Eating you ask? Because if she waits that the match is over the Ramen will be all cold… And that is a No no!...Sound logical.

No Mater! His another Ace is none other than mikasa! She is basically a Super Heroine with Ninja Skills So…!


Forget it she is Out…She put no resistance.

Jean asks why is that. Armin tells him that if Eren is not Around for a long time, Mikasa´s Habilities decrease by a 30% and she gets all in Emo Mode.


Mikasa starts saying things like “The World is Doomed” and Such…Oh poor girl.

Poor Jean you are in trouble!

Still Jean could make it and his Team Won…Just by a Hair.

Armin says that the things were other if Mikasa were in top form…Also she tooks Armin´s Futon and is all on the floor.


It´s Annie´s Team turn! If they win, they will face Jean´s Team next!

To put it Simply...Annie´s Team destroyed their opponent.

Ok…Jean´s team is Done for. Annie is like a Blonde Mikasa and they have that thing called Team Play.


Now Annie has come and says that if the “Chee-Bug Bastard” (AKA Eren) Hasn´t appeared by the time of the match then she will say the truth to the Professor! Dang she is serious now!

Meanwhile at Eren´s House…He has finally wake up and he is late!


It is Lunch Time! And Christa has come to ask Annie again about her likeness to Mozuko. Could it be that she suspects something?!

Christa says that there are some Mozuko on her lunch and she doesn´t like, so Annie can have it. She says Ok… Before she knew basically all of her Teammates have Mozuko and wants to give it to her! Annie tells them that they should eat it!


Back with The Weirdo´s Team…I mean Jean´s Team. Jean is about to surrender and be prepared to be Titan´s Food. But Armin has a Plan!

They put a Wig on Jean´s Head and will say he is Eren! No Problem! Both are men, have similar body form and both have Crazy Eyes like the Anime´s Bad Guys! And if Mikasa can think that Jean is Eren Then….!


Mikasa says that she Can´t feel Eren´s Presence… Ok...She is Dense.

Annie and her Team ahs come! It´s Time For the Match! What will Our Heroes Do?!



Eren has Arrived! Mikasa goes Running where He is…Like a Damsel running into her Lover´s Arms..Oh Love!



Ok…She has put some Crazy Eyes and tells him that tardiness is Not Good… I am Scared. Well Let´s Continue!

Man Eren´s Face after the pull of it´s Cheeks it is truly Funny!

The Match has Started! Annie fires at Eren and he receives the Ball!...With his Head…Ouch that has to Hurt!


Mikasa Took the Ball in the Air So Eren is Still alive and She Shoots Again!

Basically the match is a Torture for Eren´s Face who is now a Balloon´s Magnet! Mikasa keeps avoiding to Eren go out of play!


Both Teams are horrified and Flabergasted for the match between Mikasa and Annie…Without counting the Poor Eren who continues to Suffer!


Eren finally has the Ball And he Shoots to Annie! Annie returns the Shoot with a Kick that it could be from Captain tsubasa or something like that and Hits Eren! Mikasa takes the Ball!

The Match between these Two Super Human Chicks will start! The People starts Betting for Food on who will win!


Mikasa goes for the Kill and Annie too!

Eren Got Caught on Both Attacks! Ouch! You will need some Ice on that Son.

Eren, somehow, survived the Powerful Attack and Asks Annie why she Hates him So Much…


Annie is ashamed to say it. But she will! She reveals him that it is because Eren said that he loved Cheese Burguers on the first Day…So She can´t say now that she loves them too!

Eren says that why she doesn´t just say it and gives her his Hand. He apologizes and says that since both of them likes Cheese Burguers. They Should Get Along.


Annie Accepts it. All the people starts applauding and Cheering for that sweet moment!...Sans Ymir…But she is like that.

Suddenly a Ball falls on Annie´s Head. Conny has come back to the action and has made that Jean´s team Won!


At The Next Day. Eren is about to lunch alongside Mikasa and Armin on the Schoolyard, Annie comes and asks if she can sit too. Eren says that yeah…Although he is sad because he has lost his Cheese burguer because it is now on the Floor and Mikasa won´t let him do the 3 Seconds Rule :(


Annie gives it to him one of hers. Eren is So Happy Now! Annie says that she wants to apologize for her behavior and…

Suddenly Mikasa threw a Fish inside Eren´s Mouth! Eren tells her that Knock it off!


Annie gives her other Burguer but Mikasa threw Veggies to Eren!


Good Said Armin.

End of the Chapter!

My Impressions.

Amazing Chapter! Specially against the one last Week. Everyone got their time on the Spotlight, and man, Jean´s Team it was full of weirdos! Also I it is quite funny how everyone looked with their own characteristically things…Specially Armin, That Guy´s Visual Comedy is Gold I tell you!


It was also quite Nice to see a little more of Annie, also even if it was briefly, they truly made a Good job on why she hated Eren…Although as Armin said, most likely it will be now a Love Triangle. Also that yeah, Annie looks very Mature, and I am sure she is, but she was embarrassed that she liked something like the Cheese Burguer. There is nothing wrong with that if you ask me! Since I like them too!...Although it is not good to eat it every day.

Poor Jean, if I have to compare his character with someone it will be with Tobias from the Gumball Cartoon! The Guy has the same attitude of wanting to be Popular and they think they should be the Main Character… But sadly for them the things aren´t that way for them. That is quite Funny if you ask me.


Also I have found that my favorite characters so far are Sasha and that Baldie Guy who isn´t the brightest snowflake on the park (Is that a Phrase?). Those two are the ones who gives me a lot of Laughs. But Yeah, this was an exceptionally Funny Chapter, which it makes me think that Attack on Titan Junior High can Shine a lot when they go their own way and not tries too hard to emulate or satirize the original Series.

I am saying this because all the memorables Spinoff are memorables because they are, besides being based on an already existing propierty, theya re their own thing. They are unique, even when they are based on something.


Also Mikasa was a lot funnier today Too!

And yes… This was earlier because Tomorrow Morning i´ll be Busy!

Anyway, My Two Cents. See Ya Next Time!

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