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Chapter 2: Chasing! Titan Junior High School.


The Chapter Starts with the Gang on the Classroom. Sasha hays that the person who sits next to Eren, has not appeared yet.

Eren answers her of that must be Armin´s Desk, He hates Cold…So it Is very probably he won´t come on Winter…Although it is Spring Right Now.

Mikasa says that he must come to School very Soon. Eren responds her saying that they must go to see him after school.


Before the others gave their answer. Their Teacher,Keith, arrived and asked them, what were they doing?...Sasha eat all of her food as a lightning. Keith has come and tells them that they are the only ones who haven´t joined a Club.

Eren wonders if there is a Club were the only thing they do is beating up Titans…Then he will join.

Keith has a mission for them. They need to go to Armin´s House, recollect his Club Form admission and give it to him by tomorrow. If they fail, Armin and the rest of the Gang will be on whatever Club Keith decides to.


After School, Eren and Mikasa went to a Not-Seven Eleven Store. They bought meat buns and amazake. The perfect things to lure out Armin!

They didn´t know that they were being followed…

When they reach Armin´s House. Before someone can go and open the Door. A Titan Attacks them! He wants that food!


Eren goes against him. But the Titan grab him! Eren starts throwing Fist at the Titan…In a very ridicukous and unsuccessful Way.

Could this be the end of those Meat Buns?! Why Eren Can´t make more Punches? How did they never noticed the Titan? Stay Tune for the…

Oh A Dude came and beat up the Titan with a Paper Fan, special to bitch-slap people.


Eren, who is on Mikasa´s Arm and with the bag on his head…Wonder who is that person, although he has a peculiar Crest…The Wings of Freedom.

Mikasa notes the uniform and wonder if he is an Upperclassmate from the Junior High. The Guy ask them, what was going on?


Eren has a resolution. He puts his feet on the ground and has decided to be on the same Club as that Guy! He wants to train there and beat up Titans! Mikasa says that she will join too.

Eren says that she alwas says that one must be away from Titans, Mikasa says that yes she says that, and that´s why she will join. So Eren won´t die…Oh Love <3

Also the Dude is drinking Tea…Don´t forget to raise the Pinky Finger!! Elegant!

The Dude asks again…Eren only ask him in what Club is he in…Which the Dude says that is not his problem. Ouch a definitive answer.


A little distance from there. Armin´s Grandpa is beating the Futon. The Dude gets a little angry and goes in order to “Teach Him” the right way to use the Futon Beater!...Talking about control freaks.

Our Heroes goes to his room, and ask him to open the Door. Armin says that nay. There is no way he could survive on this Hellish Winter… On Spring.


Eren tells him that it is Spring already!... Armin says that is not true…That this world has always been Winter… Armin, that is Deep You are winning my…Oh you are talking about the weather and such…Never mind.

Mikasa then uses her Secret weapon. The Meat Buns and amazake!... And with that Armin lets them in.


Armin´s Room it´s truly…Quite Warm, he is under a Futon, there are many heathers and well… You can get a Heat Illness…

And Mikasa is getting one. Just look at her.


Mikasa says that she is alright…Although it would be Good to open the window or something. Armin says that No! he can still feel the Winter even on his Futton. Eren tells him that is maybe because the Futon has a scratch.

Eren says that maybe Armin should buy a new one. Armin says that is impossible! That Futon has been with him since he was little…Ok Armin, You are the Japanese Linus.

Linu—I mean Armin says that no other Futon could protect him from the Cold, that Futon is a part of him and… The Dude steps in by the Window and take the Futon and leaves! A Futon Stealer!... Heh I Remember when that happened to Linus, it was a nice Peanut´s Movie. Don´t forget to go and Watch the New Peanuts Movie! (This announcement was paid By…I mean no one paid me and iam doing this on my own free will)


Mikasa and Eren goes out chasing from the Dude…Btw Eren´s Pijamas are about a Pengüin…They are kinda cute.

Armin doesn´t know what to do. That Futon has always been with him…On a Cold Day or a Cold Day always heated him up…Now he doesn´t know what to do… And he starts Sneezing. A lot.

Eren gave him his Jacket to cover.

They doesn´t know where the dude went. Until Mikasa found the Pin that Dude was wearing…The Wings of Freedom.


So Our Heroes decide to go back to School and ask the people if they know that symbol!

When they reach there. Sasha, Jean and the other Guy are depressed. Eren ask them why are they in that mood.


Sasha starts saying that she tough she could eat a lot if she joined the Cooking Club…So she eat all of it and was expelled from the Club; The Guy that I forget his name joined the Baseball Club…And the Titans were there and they wanted to play, so he had to use a Super Giant bat impossible for Humans; Jean says that he had a similar problem with the Soccer Club because the Titans use big Balls…Without double meaning.

Then Christa, Ymir and the other guys join the conversation and says that they had similar experiences with their own clubs. Then Armin starts sneezing. They ask who is him and Eren tells them that he is Armin, the Guy who was absent from School.

Armin tries to say his full name, but gets into a strong Sneeze Attack. Mikasa tells them that he catchs a Cold if he is not on his Futon.


Then Eren ask them about the Symbol and explain them the situation. Reiner believes him and says that he has heard something. That there is a secret organization on this School… The Rebels against the Titans, they use the Wings of Freedom as their Symbol.

Eren gets all excited and says that it must be his Club! One were you beat up Titans! Armin says that his Futon must be in there. Reiner continues saying that it is said that the World Stronghest Man is a member of that Organization.

Eren is amazed by all of that! Everyone is excited because if they join that Club, then maybe their Lunch will be safe from the Titans! And other things!


So they decide to go to that Club!

And they found the place quite easily…For a Secret organization, they surely promote themselves quite openly.


The Doubts from the group starts going out. But Eren reassured them that this is Good! Until a voice from inside tells him to Shut up.

They Guy inside tells them that how dare come to here knowing it was a secret organization and…Yeah, he is telling them everything.

Eren tries to force his entrance, and the guy is forcing the closing of the door. Finally after a little while our Heroes enter!


The Guy bite his Tongue! His Mates thinks that maybe it was an assassination intent! But Eren tells them that he bite his tongue by himself…So he is ok then.

Anyway the other guys says that it is Ok if they stay. They let the guy who bites its Tongue talk and the other people make their presentation.

Eren also ask about the person who wear that crest and showed it to them.


Then Suddenly as a Ghost someone appears. It is a Teacher or some lady with glasses (Hange) and she is accompanied by other people. She has…Titan Nails on a Bottle…Yuck.

She notices the Gang and ask about them. The other girl Pietra or Petra, tells her that they are Year one students and they want to join them!

Hange then starts acting like her real self…A Titan Otaku who wants to investigate them.


Armin ask about his Futon and Hange tells them that Levi had one with him a while ago.

Eren ask her if she can bring him here. Then Hinge give him a Bottle and tells him to put it on that Trash Can. Eren Does it and…


Then that Dude…Levi comes in as a lightning and hits Eren! He says that Plastic Bottles should not go to Combustibles!...Well at the very least he is Ecological.

Poor Eren got his quite hard and Mikasa is Angry.

Armin then demands for his Futon, Levi gives it to him all restored! Yay! And with that Armin can start going to School!


Eren ask him in order to join the Scouts! Levi says that first he must clean the place.

Everyone wants to join them! Specially for food grudge…Eren wants to jon because he wants to kill every Titan in here!

Levi the comes close and…



He has given them the Aproved paper. Now all of them are members from the Scouts!


The Next Morning Eren, Mikasa, Armin and the rest of the Gang who aren´t Christa, Ymir and Reiner are notified that they will belong to the Wall Cleaning Club.

Eren ask why is that if they put their forms in there!

Hange tells them that their club is not official, so obviously they won´t accept that.


Our Heroes Yell.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Funny Chapter! Not as funny as the past one, but we get to know Armin and Levi. Also this will open the doors for their new and crazy adventures! And I support that!


Anyway, my Two Cents. See Ya Next Time!