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Since this is the First Chapter i will Normally do a Quick Summary of this Series. But let us say that this is a Spinoff of Attack on Titan where the characters are in a more light hearthed World and are in Junior High!

With that. Let´s Proceed to the Chapter!

Chapter 1: Starting School. Titan Junior High School!


Ducks are passing… A Group of Kids are watching in amusement, Terror and disgust a Giant Red Hand that it is showing from the other side of the fence…They were watching like when one See a dead birth on the street and the worms are eating it and it is gross, but for some reason you keep watching kinda way.

A Giant 100%Muscle/ 0% Skin Head appears before them!

That was the day when they learned about the Terror, and the humiliating way of the Human, how they are defenseless against Them…


<<That´s Why We as Humans Hide what is more precious things in those cages we call…>>

It is the Morning.

A Girl voice is heard. Mikasa is in Eren´s Room…No, not in that way. She is waking him up with her voice. Eren, who is half Sleep, tells her that he had a Long Dream.


Mikasa isn´t truly interested in it and she tells him that they are going to be late for their first Day at the Junior High… Also Eren is Drooling…Well at the very least he wasn´t sucking his finger ! :P

Our Heroes are ready to leave. Eren´s Mom tells him Good Bye, and Eren´s Dad is too occupied with the News paper to say Bye…Also on Tv there it is Attack on Titan!...That new Cartoon from those Chinese people that draw Porno all the time! Dang this generation! :P


Eren Drinks his Milk and they are ready to leave!

Our Heroes are running as fast as they can!

Eren tells Mikasa that she must not tell the people that he was Drooling!

Mikasa says that she won´t tell them…That he put his pants backwards.

Eren cover his ears in Shame! Don´t Worry Eren…It has happened to the best of Us!


Eren starts running and clashes with a Blonde chick who had a toast on her mouth…A Fateful encounter it seems! Now the flowers of Love will Bloom between them on this Never ending Sprin…

A Big Chick comes in and protects Her Waifu!...The Blonde chick. Man that girl is serious, she wants to marry her now!


Anyway, Eren gives her some part of his ever springing Arcs (10 Yen…That´s like a Penny or a Peso Coin)

Anyway, the large Girl (Ymir) says that he must not try to do any advances to her Waifu!! (Christa) >:(


Our Heroes keep running and Another Fateful encounter comes!...Eren clashes with another girl who has…An entire watermelon as Breakfast and is eating as an Apple?! She truly must have some strong teeth to do that!

Anyway Eren just gives her something...A Photo of him doing the Peace Simbol with his Hand… Ok…That must be worth something.

Eren is Sick of these Fateful Encounters!...And he clashes with someone else.

Oh it´s a Dude. Forget him.

While they keep running. Mikasa is thinking that she would like to have a Fateful Encounter with Eren Too!...So she makes a Plot in order to advance her Plot with Eren without making him touch her Plot, or anybody else Plot!... Plot.


Mikasa starts running like… Like… Mikasa running really fast and she tries to clash into Eren! With that speed it would be like a train!

Eren ended up flying away! Mikasa goes after him.

Also Christa, Ymir and the other guys are following them…Ymir that mouth of yours!


Before they knew…They have arrived.

Man that School it´s like the Big Mac of the Junior Highs!

The Bells starts ringing and the group goes inside.

Our Heroes took the turn to the left without noticing the Giants Words that Said “Titans Left”. “Humans Right”.


Without knowing it. They make a wrong turn. They ended up watching that creepy ass place. It looks like it´s the School. Oh Well, Schools are Creepy anyway, with it´s Bathroom Ghost and crazy Janitors…So yeah Normal :P

Litle they knew they were in a Giant place…Also a Giant dude was dirty and didn´t threw it´s Giant Can to the Giant Trash.


Inside the School everything looks normal. One of the Dudes says that somethings looks off.

Eren encounters the Classroom! Year 1 Class 4!


Although… The Door is giant.

They Don´t know what to do until Mikasa found a Normal Door.

They enter and the room is all obscure.

A Giant eraser falls and hits Eren! Ouch…You must have Bad luck!

Eren, angry starts vandalizing with his name the Eraser!...Remember Punks outside. Never vandalize with your name, better use a nickname, an Alias or even better. Put the blame on anybody else!


Mikasa it was telling him something when another thing falls rom the air. It was a Giant Square…Although if we put it on proportion is in fact quite small… Oh Well That Titan must like to do a lot of lines then.

Oh Yeah… Eren was showing us that he has as much blood as any Mortal Kombat fighter out there. He Didn´t realize he was getting lifted By a...


A Pervert!? I Mean a Titan?!...A Titan Pervert!? (Jeez why is he naked?...Except from the head he is covered in there).

Eren falls on his Butt, but he didn´t care about it. The Titan grabs his Eraser.

Eren starts remembering about what happened… How Some Titan took something precious to him.


<<That´s Why We as Humans Hide what is more precious things in those cages we call…>>

The Titan notices how his Eraser was vandalized. Eren was about to make a Speech but the Titan starts throwing things at them and our Heroes starts running!

One of the Dudes starts failing and he will grab for something. He was aiming at Christa´s Skirt…Fan Service time here we come!!


No We Don’t!! >.< I Like Meat Buns..But not of that type!

Our Heroes barely make it outside when the Janitor (Mr.Hannes) starts yelling at them. Yeah…They were in the wrong side of the School.


After that Disaster. Our Heroes finally reach to the...

Attack Junior High School!

Which is like a Normal School.

In The Classroom they are greeted by Keith, their teacher. And as any Teacher...He will crush your soul and self esteem. He basically tells them that they are only Food for the Titans, and they are even less than Livestock.


After some quick introduction of other Characters. It is time to Eren!

Eren Jaegër And he is in here in order to wipe out the Titans in the whole world!!


…And with that he is the Crazy Guy of the Class. Jean mocks him… Good for Eren of ask his name, since I didn´t knew it! :P

Jean was the perfect student in the School! With lot´s of Friends, Good Grades, and good at the sports!

Eren Was… The Creepy one. But he had Fun! And that´s what matters! :P

Mikasa tells them to stop arguing…For Jean..That was love at first Sight, Dat Glorious Black Hair!


Anyway. Mikasa tells them to get along, since they are Classmates.

Mikasa doesn´t put too much attention to Jean and attend Eren, Jean got Jealous.

Good thing the Teacher finally settled them down.

He Notices something…


A Student is eating at the Class! He asked her what is she doing, she only sees him and keeps eating.

She is Sasha Braus… And she is hungry. She is eating because her Watermelon Breakfast got screwed.

The Teacher asked her what is she holding. She is holding a Rice Ball filled with Salmon, He asks why is she eating it now. She responds that she couldn´t finish her Breakfast, so she decided to eat it now.


The Teacher asks her Again. Why is She eating it?! Decisive moment!

Sasha Responds saying that maybe he emans that she didn´t elected a Rice Ball filled with Beef. She decides to give her the half.

That only got her punished.

Anyway. The opening Ceremony is Coming, and the Students must join on the Schoolyard…Also… bring your Lunch.


<<That´s Why We as Humans Hide what is more precious things in those cages we call…>>

The Ceremony has started and they will receive some inspiriting Words from the principal.

The Earth starts trembling…

A Giant Red Hand shows Up from the other side of the Wall. Even though it´s 50 meters.


A Mighty Titan has appeared!

It is the same one who took the precious thing to Eren when he was little.

<<That´s Why We as Humans Hide what is more precious things in those cages we call…>>


Eren is about to say what he took from it! What precious thing he got robbed off!

A Hole on the wall is created and a lot of Nude Perverts…I mean Titans, came in!


A Titan has took Thomas with his Mouth. Is he Gonna eat him?! The Titans Spits Thomas out…Except from One thing…


<<That´s Why We as Humans Hide what is more precious things in those cages we call…Lunch Box>>


His Lunch Box. The Titans starts acting like Bullys who steal Lunch Box from Humans! Those Burglars!

Those Titans eat those Lunchs that Mommy made with so much love!!

The Red Giant Titan´s Hand comes close to Eren. Eren won´t let it end like the past Time!!


Eren starts running with all his might to the Building! He took some things from the Janitor! His weapon of Mass destruction in order to defeat those monsters! He Jumps! He will make it! David beats Goliath for a Reason!

…And Eren Fell…David Beat Goliath because he was on the ground and not in the air against gravity it seems.


Damn You Gravity and Your 1.89 of attraction Force! (I Think?...I suck at Physics).

The Titan Quickly took Eren´s Lunch Box.


No! No the Cheese Burguer!! Eren I feel Your Pain (Cause i´m Hungry right now)... That thing looked delicious. A big piece of meat with some delicious Cheese melted on top; some Perfectly shaped Fries: a little and red delicious tomato: some nice Carrots for your Vitamin A; Some Lettuce so you won´t have a High Cholesterol and some Broccoli, so you won´t have suffer from Colon Cancer (Or Mammal one). A Truly Perfect Japanese Burguer (Which is like the normal one, just without the Buns).

After eating…The Giant Titan left, and the others Too.

And with that…Eren gained a new Nickname: Cheese Burger Bastard.


While Eren Cried his Loss. Some people watched on the Distance.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Funny Chapter! The Humour it is truly nice on this series, the first time I see this chapter, I couldn´t stop laughing! It is truly funny see this Characters that are from a serious Seinen in a comedy!


Although I feel this chapter tried to cover too much ground in too little time, there is nothing wrong with that. But it felt somewhat rushed in some things. Also while I liked this Anime, I don´t know if it would make me an Attack on Titan Fan, since I am not one, and I doubt I will ever be.

Anyway, this Anime is looking promising on deliver a lot of Funny moments!

Anyway My two Cents. See Ya Next Time!