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Episode 07: Like Mom Used to Make


The Chapter starts with Lute chasing Laeus who is running like a mad man and doesnĀ“t wants to stay quiet or hearing his Rider!... In the shadows, 2 figures appears, 2 kids who seems to be enjoying such scene.

Later Dan is also running trying to catch the Rathalos, and he finally do itā€¦ It seems that Laeus had something attached to him, something that made him annoyed; who could have done it? Lute, Cheval and Llia suspects on Navirou who was entering the scene with Donutsā€¦ Navirou tries to show his innocence and fails at that. It is not until Genie brings 2 little Kidsā€¦

The Kometa Mischief Twinsā€¦ Den-Den and Lin-Lin, they are playing pranks and making mischief in the recent days! It probably is because their parents are in a shopping trip and they leaved their kids behind, like in any month. So they must feel lonely. In any case, Lute tells them that they must not do that! And if they do it he will avenge with an even bigger prank! Navirou agrees!... Lute and Cheval are looking at them as if they were little kids.


Later Lute is with his group talking about the Pranksā€¦ Lute remembers that when he was little he used to do so much pranks and even when he get scolded he didnĀ“t felt bad or that he did something wrong; but now that he has been the one who received the prank thenā€¦ He understands now that it can be an annoyanceā€¦ Also in any given moment Den-Den and Lin-Lin made pictures in NavirouĀ“s belly.Ā 

In the evening, Dan and Genie are scolding them for what they did! They must not pick on Monsters since it can be dangerous; but their words comes on deaf ears. Dan and Genie tries for every way, from their desire to be Ridersā€¦ They donĀ“t want that, to other measures and everything fails. In the end both kids leave like nothing has happened.


In the Dinner, everyone is eating at ChevalĀ“s House. ChevalĀ“s Mom tells them that the shopping trips of the Kometa family is truly important since that way the village can have different vegetables, meats, spices, medicine and everything. Understandable thing since a hidden village like this one would have a lot of privations due that they canĀ“t have a commercial route.

Navirou then wonders why such stellar parents have as children such rascals? ChevalĀ“s Mom says that maybe it is because they feel lonelyā€¦ Both Den-Den and Lin-Lin arenĀ“t at an age where they can be left alone in the house, even more for half a month!

Meanwhile both KometaĀ“s Children are hearing how everyone is enjoying dinner. Lin-Lin asks her Brother when are going back their parents? Den-Den answers her that hey will come back when they are done shopping! Duh!


In any case, LuteĀ“s Group have a surprise for themā€¦ Food and beverages!Ā 

Now everyone is at LuteĀ“s House who tells the twins that while he is the sole human in hos house, he is not alone since Laeus and Navirou lives with him. Lin-Lin ask him about LuteĀ“s parents, which he says that he has them in his heart, so he is okay!


In any case Lin-Lin says that she misses both her Mom and Dad and she wishes they wouldnĀ“t go to shopping so much! Den-Den says that she must not say that! In any case Lilia has prepared them some special KidĀ“s drink! Oh Man! Lute, Navirou and Cheval fears for the KidĀ“s well being!

The Kometa Mischief Kids drink itā€¦ It tastes just like MomĀ“sā€¦ Delicious!! Lute, Cheval and Navirou canĀ“t believe it. Lilia asks what that surprisesā€¦ The guys prefer not to answerā€¦ In any case Lilia says that all those drinks and everything is thanks to their parents who goes to buy so much stuff for the village to enjoy! Lin-Lin and Den-Den says that sometimes they bring souvenirs too, like LinLinĀ“s hair ornament or Den-DenĀ“s pin.

Lin-Lin then says that she remembers that when itĀ“s cold Mom makes them a beverage and also when itĀ“s dinner time she makes a especial signal, one that tells them that is time to eat! And always they run to the house!


Then Lute and his group have decided that until their parents come back, the Kometa Kids can stay at LuteĀ“s House. Cheval will bring them food and Lilia will make them beverages! Lute warns them that Navirou snores too loud tough! In any case itĀ“s time to sleep.

Said and doneā€¦ NavirouĀ“s Snores are too loud and the Kometa Kids wake up, they see that it is full moon today! That means that their parents are coming back! That was the signal their parents said! Then they decide to go out and wait for them! They are going to be so surprised and happy!


So both Kids go to the forest and pretending to be brave because in truth they are scaredā€¦ Little did they know that something was watching them closely, in LuteĀ“s house everyone wakes up because Navirou felt off his hammock. Quickly Lute detects that the Kids arenĀ“t in there anymore!

Lute goes to inform Cheval who at the same time informs Lilia. ChevalĀ“s Mom went to tell the Village Chief and Dan! Now LuteĀ“s group is going to search for the Kometa Kids!

Back with the Kids they are chanting that they arenĀ“t scared or anythingā€¦ Until they see some glowing eyesā€¦ A Gypceros has appeared and is chasing them!


Gypceros the stealing monster, this Wyvern is known to grab things with his tongue; it is capable of spit poison and use the crest in his head to emit powerful flashlights that blinds the opponent! At the same time this monster it is known to play dead, so one must be extra careful with him!

The Kometa kids start running from the monster! Meanwhile Lute and the others hear their cry for help so now Lute goes to the action riding Laeus! He uses the opposite direction of what Navirou tells him!


The Kids are in a corner, it seems it is their doom! Until Lute and his Rathalos comes and with some swift attacks coming from the King of the Skies the monster is repelled and leaves!

After that Cheval and Lilia comes in and the Kometa Kids embrace them and tells them that they want to go home! Which they will do! Lute and Navirou points the way andā€¦ It is the same direction, which has never happened before soā€¦ either both are right or both are wrongā€¦ That is weird! So now, what are they going to do?

Lilia has an Idea and it is to make Laeus to throw fire balls to the sky as a rescue signal that they are in there.


The signal is reached and Dan has come to the rescue! He scolds them a little; but anyway it is time to go home!... If it werenĀ“t by the fact that Dan got lost tooā€¦

Suddenly all of them look at some fire in the sky. The people at the village are making a signal for them! These signals makes the Kometa kids remember their momĀ“s one. Dan tells them that the Dinner time of their Mom is known in all the village, since this place is like a big family!Ā 


At the doors of the town, everyone is waiting for them. Everyone welcomes them and at the distance the Kometa Kids looks at the bridge. Their Parents are coming back and the Kometa Kids gives their welcome!

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Gypceros cardā€¦)

My Impressions

A very cute and endearing chapter I liked how they deal with the twins and how in a matter of minutes they passed to being a bunch of rascals to be endearing and nice!... Bring back some feelings like in Sweetness and Lightning.


In another point, it was good to know how some of the stuff works out at village since some ingredients are hard to find and since this is a hidden village then it can be hard to ask for some commercial route to stop in there!

At the same time, the fight while short was sweet; although I was expecting to see a little more, like the flash stuff from the Gypceros or his poison or when he plays dead! In any case the action scene, for little it was, it was good enoughā€¦But then again too short.

In any case, given that this is a ChildrenĀ“s anime and that it is a yearlong season, it is understandable that some chapters are going to be about the everyday life occurrences in the Hakum Village instead of Quest or getting to know more about the black grass, so one must have patience in that regard.


Finally, the humor was top notch this chapter! I laughed many times with what was presented! And that was truly nice!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!