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Turn 44: Time of Judgment

The chapter starts exactly were the past left off. The Stride Gate has been opened and Chrono, Shion, Tokoha,Taiyou and Am are chosen as the Arbiters who will take part in the Judgment!

Meanwhile the area that is being covered by the Stride Gate´s light it´s getting bigger and bigger, and everyone who is trapped by it enters in the “Perfect Future” of Ryuzu.


Our Heroes calls Chris, who is in a far location, so he isn´t captured by the light of the Stride Gate, he explains , to put it short, that every person inside the Stride Gate is transported to an imaginary ideal world of it´s own; those imaginary worlds, and the one who sustains it, is moved by the Stride Gate, who is feeded by the energy of Cray, and by such is killing that Planet, at the same time Ryuzu, who is an administrator, he is basically a god and is able to eliminate or delete any imaginary world who either doesn´t align with his philosophy or has sparks of rebellion…Huh, sounds like what some people with certain political thinking want to do, no?

In any case, the Stride Gate area has reached were Chris is and now he is unable to help them more.


Meanwhile we get to know that Ibuki didn´t fell Asleep, even though he is not an Arbiter, since as Ryuzu said in the past, he is just someone who stock up his noose where he didn´t belong. In any case Ibuki is going where Ryuzu is. There it is to say that such fact was done thanks to Shouma, who excluded Ibuki to be part of such things when he messed with Wakamizu´s machine.

Also Shouma decides to have a poetic revenge against Ibuki for that time in the first season when he kicked his ass in both physical fight and arguing :P


Ibuki has reached where Ryuzu is. Ryuzu connects the dots and says that this must be Shouma´s doing, still he is not mad that a foreign to this conflict it´s in here since it can entertain him for when the real fight begins; Ibuki is not too sure about that since he plans to defeat Ryuzu right here and right now! Ryuzu laughs and says that is funny that someone like him says that since he knows quite well what he tried to do and achieve some years ago (Neon Messiah Movie reference)


A Fight between these 2 powerful warriors is about to begin!

Back with Chrono and the others; they are able to see the first turns of such match between Ibuki and Ryuzu, it seems that the fights are real in this space where both worlds cross over.


Now all of them are going together in order to defeat Company and save everyone! Luna and Ibuki! No men behind!


Everyone enters to the Stride Gate and are divided; Chrono appears in a structure made of destroyed Gears; Shion in some temple stairs; Tokoha in front of Enishi where either nature and gothic stuff are seen floating around; Am in a wrecked ship near Luna; finally Taiyou appears in front of Hiroki.

Chruch Bells are heard, a judgment fight is going to start!

Hiroki Vs. Taiyou; Tokoha Vs Enishi; Am Vs. Luna!

Shion soon enough finds Shouma (he also finds his family sword BTW), a fight between these 2 enemies is going to begin too!


Back to the fight between Hiroki and Taiyou. Taiyou has brought his G4 Card and starts using some good moves that fills his field and Taiyou Attacks! His first attack is against a rearguard; which Hiroki let it pass because he doesn´t care for such things, now Taiyou attacks with his Vanguard! In the drive checks he gets a Critical trigger!


Still Hiroki survives the turn!

Taiyou Asks if Hioki in truth believes in that “perfect Future” which Hiroki replies with an affirmative, since he is part of Company too.


Now It´s Hiroki´s turn and he brings hi G4 Card X-Gallop!

Hiroki starts telling his perfect world! One where the villains are non existent; but not only them, also the ones who doesn´t help or serve Justice are eliminated too!


Hiroki starts giving his units more and more power like a madman!

Hiroki attacks; but Taiyou blocks with a perfect guard!

Taiyou starts telling Hiroki his story, on how he was like him, when he embraced despair and was afraid of being alone, of being weak, he got to believe that if he was strong enough he won´t be alone! He will have a place to belong! He will be cool and won´t afraid of anything!... But in truth he was wrong and was only running away from himself, instead of accepting himself how he is, with his good and bad things, he shutted the door to himself…


Taiyou asks againg if that imaginary world it´s what he truly wants?

Hiroki is all confused now and keeps with his attack! In his drives he gets a Draw trigger and a Crittical!...A hurting feeling is in his heart though


Still Taiyou blocks all of the attacks!.


Taiyou says that he saw his perfect world too, he was incredibly happy, he played and had fun with everyone; Chrono and his other friends, United Sanctuary was never destroyed and everyone was happy… At the same time, all the pain he had all of those painful memories he has never existed… Still, in a single moment he saw himself, the Taiyou who craved for more power…

In that moment Taiyou understood one thing: That if those harsh times haven´t ever existed he wouldn´t be like he is right now, he wouldn´t have opened the doors to a new future for himself, he wouldn´t be Taiyou!


Taiyou brings his G4 Card! He starts filling his field and powering up his units! Hiroki is now afraid of Taiyou´s resolution, on how Taiyou was basically the same as him!


Taoyou says that Vanguard is all about bonds! Taiyou attacks!

Suddenly…Hiroki is in front of Taiyou.


Taiyou says that he wants to be his friend too, not with an imaginary one; but the real one… Hiroki starts crying and grabs Taiyou´s hand…

Taiyou has won…

Suddenly some people starts gaining consciousness and waking up from their dream…


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

A Very good chapter! I had bigger expectations though, since this chapter in the passing was truly fast! Felt like 3 chapters crammed into one. Still it was enjoyable nonetheless!


Now while the fight between Hiroki and Taiyou wasn´t as cool as the past time they fought each other, still it was good enough and I liked how they developed both characters in the last part of the fight! A truly emotional roller coaster for both youngsters, don´t you think? Especially because it was well handed such emotional moments.

Now, the next thing it will be Ryuzu Vs. Ibuki! Which BTW nice reminder of what Ryozu tried to do back at the Neon Messiah Movie! Which to put it short…Ibuki wanted to delete everything: Cray and the Earth altogether, not before showing to everyone in the world that Vanguard is a cursed game that should not be played by anyone (I might be wrong since I can´t remember very well :P)


Anyway, I am hyped for the upcoming fights of Tokoha, Shion, Am and obviously Chrono!

Anyway that´s my two cents, so see ya next time!

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