Hi there, how have you been for the last two weeks? I had it little bit packed with my mum visiting me for few days and then returning back to play few (or more) hours of Recettear (Capitalism, Ho!!), that I didn’t write the round-up of last episode of Izetta: The last witch. But hey, it has some advantages in the end - this week you will get double bill - two episodes in one article, isn’t it great? To be honest, when I saw the last (9) and the newest (10) episode I think it makes more sense to do my impressions based on both of them. As usual I will first sum up what happened in each of them, trying to not let anything what happened in ep. 10 effect the roundup of ep. 9, just in case you came here to read about that episode and you haven’t seen the last one yet. If that is true, I will then recommend you to watch the last episode before you will read my impression because there I will be probably jumping between episodes and it would be hard to distinguish what is safe for you in the terms of spoilers and what not.

Anyway - you’re here probably not for my pre-talk so without further ado...

Episode 9: The Sellun Corridor Burns

Episode 9 is happening approximately three months after the events in previous episode. During that time Germanian Empire basically stopped attacks on Eylstadt so Izetta was helping resistance in other countries and words about her powers and her name are spreading as a spark of hope around the world.


In Sieg’s office he is discussing with Bianca what happened under the Old Capital castle. Question how they got into the sealed room is explained by using blood taken from Izetta when she was held in captivity. Good news is that Bianca is pretty sure nobody escaped and no secrets were compromised. To add another positive - United States of Atlanta approved a bill to send troops to help Europe.

Out of the blue we find ourselves in a flower field, where a girl hidden behind a hat is singing and absorbing magic into the stone Ricelt stole in the secret room. Based on her figure, hair colour and so on we can easily see that she is the girl who bit Izetta three months ago on the lord Redford’s ball.


Another quick cut follows and we are in the Eylstadt’s military headquarters. Enemy is moving. It appears they will be attacking from the west again - from the Ruden Lake where they have been already defeated by Izetta once. This time they are bringing some new weapon which is probably designed to fight with Izetta. Everything is setup in motion and they are ready to repel enemy attack when information reaches the headquarters. It was only trick to lure Izetta here and attack the Sellun in the meantime. Izetta rushes to the Sellun Corridor. She was there before to check correctness of leylines map with Bianca, so she knows there is enough magic energy for her to fight. When she arrives Eylstadt’s soldiers are relieved, but the hope is quickly dispersed when first torpedo explodes pierce by another lance. In that moment another witch appears in the sky. Her name is Sophie, once called Eylstadt’s White Witch. She asks Izetta to stop fighting.

Flashback time! We are returning approx. three months back, when Berckmann entered Design Division 9 of Imperial Technology Arsenal (for more details refer to episode 6). They found place where they buried White Witch, obtained her relics and from that created her clone (the person in glowing green stuff in the end of episode 7). But when she finally woke up she was nothing more than a doll without her own will and with no magic. The only thing she reacted to was Izetta’s blood. That was why Berckmann decided to take her with him to the lord Redford’s ball. After Sophie sucked there little bit of Izetta’s blood she finally fully woke up.


Back on the battlefield Sophie warns Izetta about lending her powers to humans. She learned her lesson the hard way in past when she was betrayed by the country she saved. Izetta seems to understand her but still cannot step down, because she promised Finé that she will be fighting. Sophie attacks. For the first time in the whole series we are getting fight, where Izetta’s enemy is on equal level. They exchange blows with the lances and bombs they have for their disposal. Quickly Izetta turns Sophie on retreat. Or at least it seems that way. Suddenly Izetta loses control over her rifle and falls down into the flower field, where we saw previously Sophie absorbing magic energy. From that moment everything goes wrong for Eylstadt and Izetta. She is chained to Sophie’s lance so Germanian reporters can film her in her defeat and send the news to the whole world.

With Izetta now out of the way Germanian army with Sophie’s help quickly defeat the rest of Eylstadt’s army and within next two hours Eylstadt’s Capital city Landsbruck falls.


Episode 10: The Iron Hammer of the Witch

Landsbruck burns. Germanian troops enter the city and are searching for Archduchess who is in the meantime fleeing through secret escape route known only to the Royal Guard. Sophie meanwhile is flying towards Coenenberg, where people in the Military Command center are trying to reach the capital and get some news about what’s going on, when the bunker explodes. Sophie appears in the sky and blowing up everything she can see.


During the whole time Izetta was chained to the spear. Germanian soldiers get Izetta down and are prepared to load her to the track, when they are attacked by few remaining Eylstadt’s planes. That gives Obermayer and the rest of Royal guard hidden in forest time to rescue Izetta from the Germanian hands.

The news of Eylstadt’s defeat is spreading. Allies are terrified by the appearance of new witch - this time on the enemy side. Sophie returns to the Neu-Berlin and is together with Berckmann praised by the Emperor. She is not impress, because the only thing she is interested in is to destroy Eylstadt her way - when everybody living there will get to know true despair before she will grant them death. It will be her revenge for what they did to her in the past. As for Berckmann he is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and Emperor is pleased. Only because of him they now have witch, ideas for new weapons and how to used them with Sophie’s powers. As of now everything witch related will be under the jurisdiction of Workshop and under the direct supervision of Emperor himself. With words: “Thanks for what have you done so far.” he releases Berckmann.


Approximately one month after these events Empire is ready to strike in Britannia. Sophie is using the Magic Stone, which can store magic energy within itself for witch to use it where she wouldn’t be normally able to or to crystallize it. The crystallized magical energy (by scientists named as Exenium) is then split into small pieces and put into air-torpedoes so she can control them. With all of those and Germanian planes they cross the English (Britannia?) Channel and attack Londenion.

They are victorious and Londenion burns. Sophie returns back to the lab where she is treated. The Magic Stone is taking it’s toll on her (and it’s only half of it). But she does not care about that, neither about another clones which the lab is producing for her consciousness to switch to if necessary and not even about new weapon, which will use her power (nuke?) . Her only concern is to last long enough to destroy Eylstadt.


Back in Eylstadt after escaping Landsbruck and Izetta’s successful rescue action, they are now hidden in a base built in the ruins of an ancient, secret fortress. This served as a secret hideout for Archdukes in past. Izetta is unconscious on one of the beds. She is dreaming - finally we are getting the rest of her Granny story - that one, where she mentioned that White Witch was traitor. Not only it was betrayal that she used her powers to mess with humans, but she stole a stone of power that the first witch had. It was the Magic Stone which in exchange of overturn the laws of power it devours the life of a witch. It’s a forbidden stone. With this Izetta wakes up.

Finé and the rest quickly sum the situation for Izetta and she blames herself, because she lost. Finé is opposing her since everything was going so well and instead of being cautious they were arrogant and this is how it ended. When Izetta tries magic in the hideout she realizes that there is none. Then she remembers, that Sophie was able to use her powers in the place, where Izetta was not able. That’s when Sieg speaks up - it’s probably because the Magic Stone.

Then he starts explaining how the Magic Stone works, how it sucks the magic out of the place and strip it bare of any after that and how his family long ago was involved in the whole legend of White Witch. His ancestor worked for Matthias I (princ from the legend) and how then they helped Mölders (family of prince’s wife) to imprison Sophie and selling her and secret of her powers to inquisition.


That being said - Izetta is trying to get out of bed. Doctors are saying that maybe time will heal her, but at the moment there is nothing they can do. But Izetta is not giving up. As long as Finé is fighting she will continue to fight. It torments Finé to see her friend in this state. She thinks it all her fault, she asked her to use magic in her war, not to listen what her grandma told her. Because of her is Izetta wounded. When Elvira suggest, that maybe Archduchess might get asylum somewhere and rule from exile she starts to strongly consider this option. With the words of thanks, apology and crying Finé is running from the room and wants to be alone.

Now we are returning back to Neu-Berlin, where in the conference room Emperor presents to his council list of conditions for peace with allied forces:

  • A complete withdrawal from Africa
  • The unconditional handover of Gibraltar and Malta
  • Full rights to the Suez
  • Cession of the Middle Eastern colonies
  • Monetary reparations from each country for a total of 130 billion marks

Council is not sure if they will accept the conditions. Emperor is sure that they will or rather that they won’t have any other option. Once this will be done - he will break the nonaggression pact he has with Volga Federation (he intended to do this from the moment he signed the pact) and then he will make the whole Europe part of a Germanian territory. Then he will have free way across the Atlantic for the final battle with Atlanta - then the whole world will be Great Germanian Empire.


Back in the secret hideout where depressed Izetta is trying to get off the bed. Sieg and Bianca come to help her when she falls, but similarly to Sophie Izetta does not care what happens to her. She made Finé cry and she does not feel that she did enough for her yet. That’s when Sieg approaches Izetta and asks her if she wants to change things no matter what. When she nods he takes the second half of Magic Stone out of his pockets.

My Impression

It’s safe to say, that so far I haven’t been really against the each fanservice we found in the whole series. Most of them were not that great of a deal, some you might say were serving as a little bit of help in character development or story. After watching quite a bit of ecchi anime I’m not easily turned away from show just because little bit of fanservice. Where this whole piece goes down and when it drag the whole series down is when you are trying to approach some topics, which are not suitable to be mixed with fanservice, or rather fanservice make it looks cheap.


Let’s take an example from one of these episode - namely episode 9. Close to the end of episode, where Sophie chains Izetta to the sword-spear (the weapon itself is strange hybrid, but whatever). Soldiers are desperate, because they lost their symbol of victory, they never thought Izetta will lose, then immediately after that the capital is burning, Coenenberg Military Command centre is blown up. Everything is quite heavy and dense on the atmosphere and rightfully so - it’s nothing to laugh at, but in the same five minutes, when she is chaining her, just make sure you have there the panties shot and that it’s tied really firm around her boobs. Just this scene alone can undermine the whole situation. And if you look on the show as a whole - this is the exact think which brings the whole show down - at least from my perspective.

Now - I might return back to the rest of both episodes. I’m enjoying more and more the Berckmann’s story line. He did a great job, but he stick out too much, that now it seems, that Emperor will be trying to get rid of him. I have purposely skipped the part, where he discussed this with Basler in episode 10 since it didn’t progress the story any further, but we’ll have to wait and see, how he will be struggling.

Reviewing - or writing about the two episodes at once, it gave me some small details here and there, which I would probably miss if I would watch it in the normal time. Let’s take an example in the discussion of Bianca and Sieg. When she leaves the office, he is looking to his drawer, where we see a book - diary of his ancestor which he later gives Izetta in episode 10 together with small sachet which most probably contains the second half of the Magic Stone.


Overall I enjoyed both of the episodes. It’s setup now for the great finale of the last two episodes, where we will see probably full one-on-one witch battle, both having the half of the stone, which at the end will be probably whole again, let’s see what will happen. Last thing before I will give you my regards - the peace conditions? It was such a lazy job. So far except Alps (and Europe) we had everything renamed, but now we have Suez, Malta and Gibraltar. And finally we will probably have Russia in a play. That’s it from me now and I will see you, hopefully, after the next episode.