Hello. Hope you had lovely week and now you are ready for the second last episode of Izetta: The Last Witch. We are almost done, just hold on for one more week and we can close this series and jump onto another in the next season. About this week’s episode - if I do not count the small action in the bunker, it was pretty (action) slow episode, but I expected that much, since we are close to the finale. The article about next episode will be probably somewhat around 22. - 23. December, due the fact I will be away for the next few days. But as usual, without further ado, let’s dive in...

Episode 11: Finé

We are returning back in flashback to the Sieg’s office (after the discussion with Bianca about events in Old Capital Castle in ep. 9), where he reads his ancestor journal. It was him who betrayed Sophie - the original White Witch. They used knowledge of ley lines map, which she showed them as an act of trust, and stole the Magic Stone in the place without magic. Instead of killing her they handed her over to the inquisition.


It was then, when the Magic Stone was split in half which one is Sieg now offering to Izetta. We already heard the explanation how the Magic Stone works, but then he further explains about the strain and pain, what comes with using of the stone. In order to overcome the laws of magic it sucks out witch’s life energy. Bianca cannot hold it anymore and is crying, trying to persuade Izetta, that she already fought enough, but she doesn’t listen. She is only interested in helping Finé and thus she accepts the stone.

Next we jump into Landsbruck and old capital where Germanian soldiers are walking in the streets, everything is closed or destroyed. People are afraid and staying probably at home, because the whole city feels so empty. Berckmann with Lieutenant Colonel Hagar are investigating the witch’s secret room in basement and then later visit Ricelt’s grave. There they receive news, that they found Archduchess’ hideout. Berckmann - even though he has been removed from all operations, wants to join them. He saw Finé several times and can help to identify her. Hagar agrees because that will make situation easier for him. They will probably have a good opportunity there how to get rid of Berckmann.


After that we are returning back to the hideout. Germanian SS launch surprising attack. They quickly get control over almost whole bunker. Finé together with Lotte, Obermayer, Ervira and Bianca with Royal Guard are entrapped in one room, behind quickly made barricades from all furniture in the room. Finé is worried about Izetta, but Bianca tells her that she is outside with Sieg. Although this is surprising, there is no time to think about it. Hagar brings survivors of the attack and executes them in Finé’s sight. As she surrenders the only wish she has is safety for her people. Hagar on the other hand has different opinion and based on that she is not in the position suitable for negotiation. At the moment he touches her and starts to threaten her, he is hit by brick.

Hagar is terrified. He knows that she shouldn’t be able to use her magic there, but Berckmann notices the glowing Magic Stone on her chest. The reason they were not able to find her inside was, that she was gathering magic energy somewhere. Hagar doesn’t want to die, so he is trying to run away. Germanian soldiers are going down one by one. That slows down Izetta a little bit and Hagar has a few moments to stop and breathe. Berckmann appears with a gun in his hand. After Hagar confirms, that SS was ordered by Emperor to kill him, there is no hesitation. Berckman shoots him, then he throws away his weapon and surrenders.


They move to some mansion in the forest because their previous hideout was compromised. There in the basement Sieg is interrogating Berckmann. He offers a trade - his live for information. In his collar he is hiding film where are pictures from test of new bomb filled with the crystallized magic energy. It’s more powerful than anything they have seen so far. In the same time, when missile containing this bomb will be launched on Landsbruck, they will be holding secret meeting with representatives of most world powers in Westria. The official reason is to discuss peace conditions, but the main reason is to show them the bomb’s power and threaten the other countries with it to achieve unconditional surrender to Germanian Empire.

After hearing that Archduchess is exhausted. She wants to surrender, save her people. This new bomb is another ripple effect of bringing witches into the war. In that moment Izetta slaps her. She reminds Finé, that a lot of people had to die for her in order to be here and that promise they made right before Finé’s coronation. They started this thing together and they will finish it together as well. Decisions are made. Izetta has to go and stop Sophie from launching the missile. In the meantime Finé must attend the peace talks. She has to stop it and if Izetta wins, that’s the right place for her to be in that time.


So then the next day - Finé, Sieg, Bianca and Berckmann set off for Albringen in Westria. When they arrive there, they pass several checkpoints, but are stopped at the last one. Basler who appears out of nowhere tears Sieg’s papers and is disappointed in Berckmann, that he turned the sides.

Izetta is also ready with her loyal rifle (which looks little bit worn out) and lances. She sets off for her last fight with Sophie. As she is arriving we can see a lot of Germanian tanks, planes and Sophie standing on her staff with sword-lances ready. She was getting bored there...


My Impression

After a while I got another one of those episodes, which I have been enjoying from start to finish. Yes, the mood of the episode was all over the place, from the emptiness of Landsbruck, sadness and feelings of giving up to romantic tension between Izetta and Finé in the moonlight, but still it was episode worth preparing us for the grand finale next week (technically in less than day).


As was pointed in the comments under the episode 8 - Ricelt was one of the characters, which would survive in other series. So it was great, that they went with the scene of Berckmann being able to say farewell to him at his grave.

When I was watching this episode for the first and then for the second time, I had the feeling, that we have seen Lieutenant Colonel Hagar before and for the love of God I was not able to remember if that was true and what episode he was in then. He was so annoying, but he played his role well, but as I was sad of Ricelt’s death, Hagar can go to hell and I don’t care.

Even though I was enjoying the whole episode - there were two moments, which I enjoyed the most. First was when Sieg was reading his journal and the memories of attack on Sophie - I really loved the change of the art style / shading for this moment. About the second one it’s probably quite obvious. Angry and glowing Izetta walking through the bunker, throwing bricks on every enemy. This whole situation was predictable from the beginning, but in my opinion even then they handled it very well. And by the way - did I mention that we have nuke now? :)


Anyway, this will be all from my now and I will see you probably by the end of the next week with the last episode...