Hi everyone, it’s again the time of the week, when I find some time and sit down to write about another episode of Izetta: The Last Witch. Apparently she is not last anymore, but more about it later. I want to try something different this week, when chronological order is not that necessary for the cuts in the last episode, I will try to write about each story line as whole even though it was scattered over the episode. For that reason we have there three main parts - finally the whole legend of White Witch, Ricelt’s mission and outcome of Izetta’s actions from previous episode. Now without further ado, let’s dive in...

Episode 8: A Cruel Fairy Tale

Legend of White Witch is dated to the time of inquisition and witch hunting. That time young prince of small Alps country went out for hunting. He was injured and young witch with silver hairs found him. He was cautious at first, but later he learned that she is kind person and opened to her. They fall in love. His injury was healed and he had to return back to castle and wanted her to go with him. She sadly accepted the fate, that she cannot go with him and be his bride, so their paths parted. Before prince left, she told him, that if there will be any time he will need her power, she will come. Long time passed since that day and enemy country invaded the small Alps country. Prince was wounded and almost lost the battle, when White Witch appeared and with strange staff drove enemy away. Wounds were too serious and prince passed away. Witch felt huge sorrow, but swore to protect country of her beloved one until the end of her days - even though he was no longer alive.


Although this is the romantic and most known ending of the legend, some sources (gathered by Germanian Empire) suggest that there was different ending. White Witch truly came to save the country, but that time prince was already married. After she saved the country he gave her all his love, which was unacceptable for his wife. For that reason when he passed away his wife discovered White Witch’s secret, sealed her powers and sold her to the enemies. Then White Witch was tortured by inquisition and burned at stake in the end. After prince’s wife died people who feared and revered White Witch sealed her secrets in the basement of Old Eylstadt’s Castle in her memory.

Ricelt’s part of this week story begins by his night jump on the Eylstadt’s territory. It’s his first jump so his inexperience brought him further away from the Old Capital than he expected so next day he has to ask for direction. An older lady helps him and gives him an apple she is selling for free. This is the first time Ricelt’s feeling bad being there as their enemy, but using theirs hospitality. Later that day he is walking on the main road and lost in thoughts about White Witch legend car almost run him over. Luckily he is alright and just falls down into pond. In next car which stops to ask him if he is fine we recognize two known characters - Lotte and Bianca. They both are going to the Old Capital, so they give him a lift. And that not being enough - Lotte’s older sister is innkeeper so he has place to stay - how convenient.


During dinner he manage to make Bianca angry, when he mention the alternative ending of legend, which almost nobody knows about. Later when he wants to apologize he is hesitating and waiting in front of her room. Suddenly he hear some scream from her room and enters without knocking just only to find her sitting in bath naked - hey, welcome fan service long time not to see you. Anyway he learns that Old Castle is closed and when he meets the other spy (Laurence) they come with plan end execute it next day.

Bonham - habitue of the inn Ricelt was staying in - is delivering next day some stuff somewhere close to the Old Castle so Ricelt and Laurence hide in his cart. They pass the control point and now they have open way to the castle. They find entrance to the basement and start looking for the hidden room. Successful in the search Ricelt opens small vial with something what looks like blood (is it Izetta’s blood from when they hold her?) and opens the entrance to the secret chamber. Ley-lines map reacts with the blood and illuminates. Everything is caught on camera, when vial starts to shine with light and walls start to break. A strange red crystal appears in the wall and fall down from within one of the paintings. It looks like the crystal which has been part of the strange staff which White Witch held in her hands when she drove the enemy from country.


This noise alerts royal guard in the castle and they find Ricelt and Laurence in the room. Bianca and Ricelt recognize each other. Then shootout begins. Ricelt and Laurence are running away - but Ricelt is wounded so he gives everything to Laurence and tries to lure enemy on himself. When he is found on the top of the castle by Bianca and refuses to surrender, she shoots him. In the same time Laurence is running from castle, but is sniped by other member of royal guard. Out of nowhere - before the royal guards can retrieve Laurence’s body - Bonham appears and with “Seig Reich” (Germanian Empire greetings) he takes the camera and the red crystal.

During the Ricelt’s mission on the other side of Europe Izetta and Finé are still guests in Redford’s mansion. One of the evenings there is Lord Redford’s birthday party as well as a another meeting of allies to decide what they will do after Izetta sunk the carrier. Before the meeting concludes Finé asks Izetta for dance, but she is embarrassed so they leave the ballroom and enter gardens. They are interrupted by other pair there - Mayor Berckmann with some strange girl. Finé has no idea who he is so they exchange few polite phrases. During the whole time Izetta is not able to turn her eyes away from the mysterious girl. She suddenly comes forward and starts to kissing Izetta. Then she bites her and drink a little bit of Izetta’s blood. In that moment her eyes starts to glowing for moment and then she faints. Mayor takes the girl and slowly moving back while being questioned by Finé, what was that all about. Few moments later lord Redford calls on Finé, that the meeting ended and when she turns to him to ask about who the guest she is speaking with is, Mayor suddenly disappears.


Finé decides to leave this matter for later and with Izetta follows Redford to the room where the meeting was held. Mr. Stanley confirms, that he will urge on president of United States of Atlanta to send troops to Europe. This is great news for Finé and Izetta since this step can change the course of the war.

Little they know what is the content of the letter he will write in Londenion to the president. He describes there the destructive power of Izetta which he saw and that he recommends to send troops to Europe as soon as possible. They can deal with the Germanian Empire which expansion starts to be threat for United States of Atlanta and in the same time they will be able to defeat Duchy of Eylstadt where Izetta is the equal if not even bigger threat to them.

My Impression

Ok - I have to get one thing of my chest straight away. Stanley you b*tch. Well from his perspective I can understand, what he is thinking and why Izetta is threat for them, but in the same time I’m angry, just because I got to know Izetta as character and I know that she will never do anything to harm other people if they are not threat to Finé or her country.


With this being said and myself little bit calmer I can discuss now the rest of the episode. It was great to hear the full story of the legend - especially when we got the known and by people loved version as well as the other one, which might even be truth. Fan service which was part of this episode was decent and just for a moment, which did not bother me at all and it brought a new level in the short “relationship” between Bianca and Ricelt, who I would guess would be able to fall in love if they would be given the time and not being on opposite side of war.

With this being good segue to the Ricelt part of the story. It was nice to see him being conflicted about being behind enemy lines, where everybody was his enemy and still was nice to him and he used theirs hospitality. It gave slightly more depth to his character, which till this time was almost non-existent. The actual part about his mission where everything went super smoothly until the time they arrived to the secret chamber where I thought sh*t will hit the fan, but to lead to his death? I personally did not expect that, but I’m not complaining. What I was slightly disappointed there with was Bonham being another Germanian spy and that he was in the right time in the right place to retrieve from dead Laurence the camera and crystal, it felt little bit forced to me.

I left the Finé and Izetta story for the end, because there is not much to speak about. Sure, there was the mysterious girl, which we know nothing about (is it the one for the “coffin” from the end of last episode, another witch, clone of Izetta, or what?) and then the part about Mr. Stanley which I mentioned as the first thing.


With that I will say you a goodbye for this week. See you next time.