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Disclaimer: English is not my native language so there might be some mistakes - if you have already read my other articles, you are probably used to it, otherwise thanks for overlooking that.

Episode 4: Rotowa


First two passengers were released from KADO and with them comes Shindo as well. This time without Yaha-kui. Without any interference from his side he can meet with his colleagues. Shindo is excused from his current duties and is appointed as special envoy to the anisotropic, but he refuses and persuades them to give the title to Hanamori, since he will be with Yaha-kui on the negotiations. On top of that, he asks Ubuka-san to fire him, because to be negotiator for the opposing side and in the same time Japanese government officer wouldn’t be good.

Next stop is meeting with Prime minister, to discuss the current situation. The thing which pressures them the most is situation about wam. At the moment, they have been granted 167 of them and Yaha-kui is producing 10 more a day while being in KADO. In core opinions on the situation go from one extreme to another, but most of the people simple don’t know what to think about it. Shindo is familiarized with the results of UN meeting. They demand to hand over all wam to UN and let them manage it.


On the way to National Institute for Integrated Sciences Saraka shows Shindo the latest survey results about the situation. We shouldn’t be surprised that opinions are all over the place and that somebody had to mention, thet Yaha-kui is hot. In the lab Tetsuo Mifune and his assistant Dr. Kanata Shinawa are researching and analysing wam. So far they have discovered the polarity of wam and that the voltage it emits depends on the circuit. If you replace battery or power plant, it will behave the same, but the output energy would be vastly different. It’s composed of macromoleculs and interesting is, that it has not one but actually six shapes, which makes no sense to even Mifune-sensei.

Another people are released - which makes it 5 by the end of episode. Hanamori goes crazy when he learn about his assignment, but the fact Shindo believes in him makes him accept the position. Yaha-kui is not happy with the results of UN meeting, as wam should go to the people, not to countries or representatives of countries, even though he accepts the concept of countries as being good society model. With the current speed of wam production it’s impossible to give everybody his/her own wam, but there still might be another option, but that will need a lot of resolve from the side of Japanese government.


Finally UN holds another meeting and passes new resolution (all for except of the representative of Japan). All wam have to be given to UN otherwise Article Seven of the UN Charter will be applied if they fail to comply, which would result in financial restrictions, travel prohibitions, ending diplomatic resolution and international military actions. To avoid this situation there is one person Yaha-kui needs - Dr. Shinawa Kanata.

Episode 5: Nanoka

Shindo meets Dr. Shinawa Kanata in JGSDF Mishuku Garrison, in EMI/RFI shielded room in Defense Ministry lab. Yaha-kui brings most (97%) of all produced wam there, for those two to investigate it as it’s the key part in the other option he mentioned in the previous episode. (Fun fact - as Yaha-kui enters the room, Shinawa tries to eat his hand!).


Yaha-kui leaves with Saraka and is on the way to meet Prime minister. People are panicking and standing in queues in front of shops in fear of the UN restrictions and lack of food in case of any conflict. Finally when they arrive, Yaha-kui meets Prime minister in private meeting.


The current situation is dire for Japan. Yaha-kui points what he said previously. Wam are a source of power more than sufficient for humanity’s needs. But there is still struggle going for people and that’s the concept of difference. The decomposition of society into countries with each of them having in mind their own best interest and the difference between nations made from equilibrium a stagnation. It’s Prime minister who suggests, that there might be a way to imagine all of humanity to surpass national interests and prosper as a whole. It should be everybody, the whole humanity, who should think that way. It’s their responsibility, how they use wam which aren’t good neither evil - it’s simply a tool, which provides energy.

This seems to be a right answer in which Yaha-kui wanted to hear so he offers a suggestion - his alternative option.


Emergency press conference is called. All media from whole world is free to participate, recording of the meeting can be freely spread on the Internet and shared without any restriction. This weird introduction which confused everybody is clarified little bit later. Prime minister keeps his message simple - he will surrender all 196 wam currently in Japan’s possesion to UN nation. Then Shindo takes his place and introduces Dr. Shinawa. He make sure everybody in the room is watching her hands as he - in front of them (from paper) creates her own wam. It’s not easy, but it can be done and now whole world knows how to make them.

Representatives of countries in UN who watched the conference and few minutes ago were happy with the Prime minister response go nuts. Happy face turned into anger as now all wam which they will receive from Japanese government are useless, when everybody knows, how to make their own. Is there possibility to make Japanese government to take responsibility for it?

My impression

Another great episodes. Starting in the beginning - it’s great that Yaha-kui was able to keep promise and started to release passengers. United nation decisions reflect on the current world situation. There are people in power and who has the most power can command and make the best of his own interests. What a nice scene, when they went crazy after the press conference at the end of episode 5.


As usually I learned some new words and concepts from the show - yeah, sometimes it can throw you off the show, when you have to pause it and go google what the hell is “spinodal decomposition”, but when you grasp the concept and finally understand, it gives you much more than if you simply skipped the phrase.

Lastly I think I said it in some previous article, but I really love the Dr. Shinawa Kanata’s personality. She is genius but it’s compensated with her childishness and eccentric nature, which makes her perfectly balanced character.

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