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Episode 2: Novo


Last time we left when Shindo and mysterious man called himself Yaha-kui zaShunina appeared at the top of mysterious cube, which as we quickly learn is called Kado and Yaha-kui is its master. Both Yaha-kui and Shindo through Kado are speaking to all mankind (or at least everybody in Japan). They are seeking for a way to communicate with Japanese government. In three hours, they will come out again expecting, that they will be ready for the communication with them. Lastly, all 251 passengers and crew of missing plane are safe, Yaha-kui is providing them all things necessary for survival. Said like that everybody things they are hostages, which as we learn later this episode isn’t exactly true.

In Prime Minister’s residence is quickly established Kado Government Response HQ with the privileges of full cabinet to be able swiftly react on any Yaha-kui requests. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is assigned with the task to find negotiator for this situation. Person who would fit this role perfectly is sadly Shindo, who is the opposing side and as such, they need to find a match for him. Luckily there is somebody and - how convenient - she is arriving back to office today - Tsukai Saraka.


28 hours before Shindo leaves Kado for the first time, he wakes up in plane. Captain quickly explains him, that it seems everybody is safe, but nobody knows where they are. It’s pitch black outside and nothing reflects the light, but there is air with normal pressure and it’s not poisonous. All communication has been cut off. Even though it might be dangerous, Shindo decides to leave plane and explore surroundings. As soon as he touches the ground it starts to glow and they can see the weird structure Kado has and creation of the being which is later known as Yaha-kui zaShunina.

As he lands on the ground it seems like that brought life into him. First person he sees is Shindo and enters his mind. For Shindo it’s painful. We don’t know if he got enough information from Shindo or yelling of Hanamori made him realize he’s hurting Shindo, but he pull back. When he starts to sing, Shindo realizes that he’s maybe trying to communicate somehow and is trying to communicate back.

Several hours later they are able to talk to each other. Yaha-kui wants Shindo to help him. He wants to advance our world and for that he needs to communicate with whole world and Shindo should be there to help him speed the process. Before Shindo agrees to help him, he wants everybody from the plane to be released. It will be done in due time - Kado has to process information necessary to transfer all the people inside to the outside and it will take approximately 29 days, but in the meantime, he will provide all stuff needed for the peoples’ survival. The length of processing information depends on the mass and thus processing only Shindo will take roughly three hours, so he can join Yaha-kui, when he will be speaking to the mankind.


That brings us back to the present. Everybody is lined in front of Kado, expecting them coming out, which can be any minute. Tsukai Saraka is ready as well. Shindo and Yaha-kui show themselves. „Am I friend or foe?” asks Yaha-kui. Thinking about that and continue thinking in general is the only right answer in the world.

Episode 3: Wam

Shindo approaches the Japanese Government delegation. As Yaha-kui explained him before, all information is changed during their transport. It’s the simple principle of telephone game and it’s not good thing for the information itself or those who handle it. There is another method, but it’s the way how he entered Shindo’s mind approximately 20 hours ago. As it’s targeting all the senses simultaneously it’s difficult for human brain to process and as such it’s painful and Shindo would rather to avoid this possibility. This is why Yaha-kui chose Shindo - he will work as negotiator, interpreter and will provide localization.


Shindo meets with Tsukai, who has the full rights to negotiate with them and in case of need all cabinet officials are on standby at the official residence and can be contacted immediately. Request from Yaha-kui is to hold all talks publicly with media access available. Haneda Airport has been chosen as suitable place to hold the negotiation. It’s big enough to provide space for all media and it has already security precautions in place.


Three hours later, when everything is ready, the biggest discussion in mankind history begins. Firstly, they want to resolve the information inequality that exists between them. If he calls this world “The Universe”, that means Yaha-kui came from outside of it. His own territory is adjacent to every point in “The Universe” and is called Novo (translated as anisotropic). To put it simple, it’s a world with higher dimensions than their universe. Kado is a boundary object between anisotropic territory and our universe - a transforming mechanism. Boundaries between Novo and our space are highly exclusionary and Kado has the processing functions required to cross them. When he made Kado manifest in the world, absorbing the plane was an unexpected event. He had no choice, but to have Kado do the processing necessary for maintaining the biological functions of people on board and the reverse procedure is being performed as they speak to allow people leave Kado.

On a question, why Yaha-kui came to Japan, the answer is that the Unocle is stable there. With some degree of misunderstanding allowed it can be translated as heart, sharing or sympathy.


Yaha-kui is not giving them time to process all information they learned and summons Kado. From it he creates two balls, which are technically only one. It’s called Wam – a small device for drawing electrical power from the anisotropic territory. Not to getting into much details, it can draw infinite power. Small demonstration ensures, that people start to believe in words, he’s saying. Then everybody is shocked, when Wam is offered to mankind.

My Impression

After first the episode I was intrigued and wanted to know more. My wish was fulfilled and during the last two episodes we got more information than I expected. Still now is my head spinning little bit just to comprehend what has been said.


The fact that Yaha-kui is not a human being was pretty obvious, but the length they went to explain where he is coming from are insane. Even though I partly understand what is going on, I’m still not convinced, that he is doing it without any ulterior motive. Maybe I’m as well on the right path to the right answer as he made me think.

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