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Impromptu Anime and Manga Shopping Spree

I didn't plan on this. I merely went into Barnes & Noble after getting off work this morning to pick up a single manga volume that I was greatly looking forward to buying ever since it was announced as having been licensed last year. The manga in question being this one:


If you've been around the Ani-TAY Skype chat long enough, you'd know I like monster girls(my favorite currently running manga is Monster Musume, aka Everyday Life With Monster Girls, for instance), so when Seven Seas announced they had acquired yet another monster girl-themed manga series(they actually have quite a few of them, so much so in fact that they've pretty much carved a solid niche in the English manga market with the genre), I knew I had to get it, especially after they showed off the (bad pun incoming) eye-catching cover to this first volume. And it just came out this week. So I went in and grabbed it. Only problem is.....I also noticed some other manga volumes that I was planning on buying.......so.....one thing led to another and a trip that was supposed to be for only one manga had me leaving the store with seven volumes of manga.

I'm really enjoying the AssClass anime right now, so I knew I wanted to start reading the manga when it was brought over. The thing is I didn't know it was already brought over, let alone that the first two volumes came out. The thing that sent it over the edge was their price, only $10 each, which is rather low for manga in the States all things considered. As for why Barakamon volume 2, well I already own the first volume, and I liked it a lot(and of course I loved the anime), so I had to grab it, again, I didn't even know this volume came out yet. This was the biggest dent to my wallet in terms of singular volumes, as it was $15(damn you Yen Press!!!! *shakes fist*).


And I finished off my manga purchases with the first three volumes of Arpeggio of Blue Steel, one of my favorite recent anime series. Of course, my spending wasn't finished. On the way home from B&N I noticed I had a F.Y.E. near my house(I honestly never paid attention to them before because the building it currently occupies was for the majority of the time I've lived in this area not a F.Y.E.), and hearing Dex's tales of good savings on anime from this chain, I decided to stop in.

Faith and begorrah, despite being a very small sliver of the entire store, it was the most anime for sale I've seen in a place outside of an anime convention for going on a decade(basically since the anime industry bubble burst in America in the mid-2000s that led to Best Buy(the at one point haven for anime home releases as at their peak they had aisles filled with anime) culling their anime stock). So I went digging through the shelves and found several series I didn't expect to find, but settled on buying just three complete series collections:


That's Birdy the Mighty: Decode(it is actually the S.A.V.E. version of the series, but I flipped the boxart around because, as you can see, it had a pretty badass alternative cover on the inside), Vandread(and this is the complete series, even the two OVA recap specials/films for the show), and Serial Experiments Lain. Birdy and Vandread are just DVDs(not that I mind much, as Vandread is 4:3 and from way before HD anime and Birdy was before the widespread use of HD in anime).

Oh and before I end this, one last thing. I didn't buy this, just it was a funny thing I found while at F.Y.E.


A Sailor Mercury plush with green hair, rather than the blue hair she is supposed to have. It's somewhat hard to tell in the pic, but it was damn near an emerald green in person. And there were two of these there, meaning it wasn't just a one off mistake, but rather I'm assuming a mistake in the entire production line of this plush.


So yeah, I went to go buy one volume of manga and instead ended up buying seven volumes of manga and three complete anime series.

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