A quick note we wanted to make regarding the AniTAY Podcast- due to technical complications, we lost the audio for our most recent episode. Despite this, we wanted to pass along the sentiment that was discussed in the episode. Along with briefly covering the currently airing shows, we reflected and paid respects to Kyoto Animation. Our host, Protonstorm, shared with us this speech from PA Work’s President Horikawa Kenji (see attached).


We spent a considerable amount of time reflecting upon the paragraph towards the middle,

“Regarding the precious lives that are lost, before these souls can fulfill their dreams, the fact that they died young was so regrettable, so upsetting, beyond anyone’s imagination. Nevertheless, they’ve left their proof of existence – look at the messages that fans from the world sent to them – ‘they were the hopes of my life’, ‘I became myself at the moment because of Kyoani’. They gave the fans who watched their works the power to live. The works that they produced wholeheartedly, and the proofs of their existence, shall never be forgotten. Let’s pray that it will resonate in people’s heart around the world, and forever become their drive to live.”


As we continue Kyoto Animation Appreciation Week and, further, reflect upon these words, perhaps you might find inspiration to write about the impact their work may have had on you.

Again, we are terribly sorry for the technical difficulties and we expect to be back on track on for the next AniTAY Podcast. Have a great day.



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