Kotaro Uchikoshi, famed creator of the Zero Escape series and Infinity series, has been rumored to be announcing a new title at either the Electronics Entertainment Expo or Anime Expo for the dating sim genre the past few weeks, even launching a teaser website. Fans of his games have praised him for his unique take on storytelling, although there has been mild criticism that his titles ‘aren’t ecchi enough’.

Fortunately, the wait is over, for Uchikoshi has announced his new title already, and while it’s not what was originally expected, it is sure to please his most rabid fans.

Introducing Infinity Uchikoshi, an interactive tour of Uchikoshi’s mansion that he built using the money he earned from hopeful fan donations.

“The thought first hit me when a rabid fan broke into my house and tried to pre-pay for Zero Escape 3 last year,” Uchikoshi told me. “It was then that I realized that these people would pay for anything.”


And why not give them a premium tour of his very own property? “Of course, it will be a launch title for what is sure to be a very successful platform, the Oculus Rift.” Uchikoshi explained. “Essentially, players can walk around my house in virtual reality and see how expensive everything in my house is.”

During my time with the demo, this most definitely seemed to be the primary feature. Within the first five minutes, I discovered both that Uchikoshi doesn’t keep coffee beans in his kitchen and has pillows that cost approximately $500 each. Some of the developers also noted a forthcoming DLC pack that will include Uchikoshi’s second gaming room, which will feature a Nintendo 3DS that will have Uchikoshi’s famous game, 9 Persons 9 Hours 9 Doors, loaded in and ready to play.

“When I was kidnapped for three days by fans who demanded a proper ending for Remember 11, I realized that what my fans really want is just to get to know me better,” Uchikoshi said. “I don’t want them in my actual house, which is really nice but private property, but all they really need is to feel like they’re playing my games in my house to be content for a few years while I live off the money I made from my other games.”


After being asked how he got the fans to let him go (since we all know Remember 11 still has yet to be concluded), Uchikoshi replied, “I gave them all autographs and wallet-sized photos of myself.”

Uchikoshi’s interview reached a conclusion, but before he left, he told me, “You know, Zero Escape 3 has been finished for months. It’s just such a godly game that the only person worthy of playing it is myself, so I probably won’t ever let any of you people play it. Also, Punchline’s ending is that it was all just a dream.”