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If You Still Need Convincing to Help Fund Under The Dog....

If my words were not enough to convince you to fund Under The Dog, There have been a few updates that may convince you to do so, and one of them involves Hideo Kojima.

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There was a recent update in which Kojima promoted UTD, and you don't need my word to know that Kojima has a good taste. Just watch the excelent Knights of Sidonia, which Kojima also have some praise. Check the update tab of the kickstarter for the quote, but if you are too lazy to do so, I'll post the quote here.


"Coming with the permeation of the internet [in our daily lives], "creating" and a production's "financing" structure have changed significantly.

Now, new methods of "creating" are being put to the test, where direct communication between the creator and the global user has become the norm and the creator is not bound by the former traditional investor or clientele. In such circumstances right now, a writer with remarkable talent, Jiro Ishii, who brought to the world numerous renowned adventure games during his "salary man" days, has now taken up the torch in order to challenge the traditions and establish this new future of "creating." This is "Under the Dog," the crowdfunding effort for an indie anime based on Jiro Ishii's original story.

One cannot help but pay close attention to this project. One cannot help but cheer on this project. In particular, how can this creator who garners cult-like popularity catalyze a new chemical reaction [in the industry] by putting an emphasis on "creating," which stands apart from the typical commercial oriented projects? One cannot help but look forward to this succeeding.

Jiro Ishii's indie challenge will not only change the path for "creating," but at the same time declare the answer for the question: Can game designers be accepted by the world as storytellers in [other mediums] as well?"


Also, there were some few updates of the kickstarter itself that makes this kickstarter more appealing. Update 12 mentioned that if you fund the $20 tier or higher, you'll get a digital copy of ANY UTD work in the future. Not just this episode, but if they make a movie or something else, you'll get that too. Definitely more for your money.

The latest update dropped the BD/DVD price to 60 bucks to make it affordable for a physical. If you were interested with a physical, give it a shot!

We have 4 days left, 180,00 left to go. If you haven't funded it, I hope you have some incentive to do so now. I really hope it hits the goal, and I really want to see this kickstarter makes it.

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