One of my favorite online shops, Tokyo Otaku Mode, is now selling cycling wear, including a Kuroneko-themed set. The quick dry jersey and bib shorts will run you $328.98. If you choose the “high performance” jersey, that’ll be $365.98. To spend that you have to be pretty serious about cycling. This isn’t for someone who just decided to get fit for 2016. If it is, then they probably should have made their resolution targeted to fiscal responsibility instead. To buy this set, you also have to be pretty hardcore about Ruri “Kuroneko” Gokou, enough to have her emblazoned on your chest, back, and legs. It’s not even everyday Kuroneko, it’s practically her final form, Kamineko! That also tell us that whoever is buying this most likely sat through all of OreImo.

This person is, in short, the most interesting man in the world.

If you are that person, and you’re reading this, please contact me for interviews. If you are the manager of an entire cycling team and you’re ordering this set as your official team uniform, please contact me for interviews, a documentary film project, and your autographs.