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Sunday AniTAY Café: The Feel Good Edition 3

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! As many of you are aware, we here at AniTAY like to spread the love on Valentine’s day by giving shout-outs to other members of the community. It may not be Sunday, but the Café is back for today so feel free to share any nice things you’ve been holding in! I’ll go first:

To Matt: I mentioned this last year but it has to be restated because it’s still so relevant today: thank you so much for your work with Taykobon. Running the site would be literally impossible without your herculanean efforts to keep things running smoothly, from the numerous reviews to the behind-the-scenes work you do. It’s been great working with you these past few years, so here’s to another good (Viz license FuriFura plz) year!


To MaelwysSC113: Thank you for being the counter to my hijinks with the other authors. It might not seem like a big deal, but we’ve been friends for multiple years now and I feel like we’ve gotten very close. We’re very similar and different in very weird ways and it just works, ya know? But anyways, we need to finish NHK this week.

To Gugsy and Nomadic Dec: We own the authors chat during the day time. They can’t take it from us. As a meme connoisseur on AniTAY, it would be a daily struggle if I was not backed up by partners in crime. Our many conversations have been amusing and by some miracle occasionally informative. Let’s keep the train going.


To MementoMorie: We talked relatively briefly on this, but you helped me feel comfortable with the decision to switch majors to Japanese Language and Literature, and that was therefore one of the most important conversations I have ever had. また、日本語の質問を答えてくれてありがとうございます!

To Dilkokoro: Thank you for your enthusiasm in contributing to Taykobon. I’m really thankful to all our contributors (thanks people), but as our newest writer your energy for getting involved in the site has been much appreciated.


To Requiem: I often write articles in the dead of night, and when I need someone to bounce random ideas off you are almost always there. The Re:Zero article from September would have probably been tossed if I hadn’t talked to you about it, so thanks a ton.

To Everyone That Listens to the Music That I Link: Thanks fam. Keep up the good work.


And now it’s your turn! Let’s thank some people in the comments!

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