OP/ED of the Day #309: Marshmallow Justice

Nisemonogatari’s OP for the Karen Bee arc: Marshmallow Justice by Eri Kitamura, is perhaps the most joyfully ska OP or ED I’ve heard, complete with bright horns and energetic bass. Monogatari’s most infamous series (e.g. the toothbrush scene) contains some of the franchise’s best music.

With its colorful flames and bee imagery, SHAFT really captures the essence of the titular Karen, one half of the Araragi “fire sisters.” Along with the insanely catchy as Platinum Disco and the pop-perfect Futakotome, Marshmallow Justice completes Nisemonogatari’s trio of OPs, which are among my favorite OP songs of all time.


Sorry I’ve been missing in action the last few months, some health issues and vacations have interrupted my OP/ED schedule. If you liked today’s OP/ED maybe check out some of its sonic siblings from classic 90’s ska band Reel Big Fish: Sell Out, Take On Me, and She Has a Girlfriend Now

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