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Horimiya Licensed By Yen Press

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Today after much speculation Yen Press officially announced they will be releasing HERO's romantic comedy series Horimiya in English. The announcement follows more than two months of speculation after a listing for the series was found on in late December. The first volume will be releasing this coming October, and you can find a review of the series below (spoiler alert: it's amazing)


Kyoko Hori is a flashy senior high student who in the absence of her workaholic parents takes care of her brother, leaving her little time for a social life. She successfully hides this plain side of herself from her classmates until Izumi Miyamura brings her injured brother home one day and recognizes her. However, she sees a completely different side of as she sees his normally covered piercings and tattoos. As Miyamura begins to come over to her house to spend time with Hori and her brother, the two become closer in this sweet romantic comedy.


You can preorder Horimiya on Amazon as well as on


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