Hopes and Dreams for the Nintendo E3 Presentation

With Nintendo’s E3 presentation just 3 short days away, it’s time for me to start hyping myself up for the event, even though I should keep my expectations low. In any case, here’s a bunch of things I hope are in the presentation in no particular order.

Bring back the skits with the Nintendo Executives or the Robot Chicken/Mega 64 Skits


What sets Nintendo’s presentations apart from the others is that they are generally entertaining outside of the various announcements made in the presentation. The Smash Bros skit with Reggie Fils-Aime and Satoru Iwata in the 2015 Nintendo E3 conference was so hilarious and entertaining that it’s made me firmly believe that Nintendo “won” E3 right after the skit finished. Plus the various skits from comedy groups like Mega 64 and Robot Chicken always spiced up Nintendo’s presentations. I want to remember Nintendo’s presentation this year and by bringing back the skits, it’ll be easier and funner to remember this year’s presentation.

Announce a New Mario RPG Game in the Vein of Legend of the 7 Stars and Make it Weird

“Follow Geno’s Route Here” by Loopy-Lupe

The Mario RPG games are some of my favorite RPG games today because of their unique and vibrant original characters. Unfortunately, the Mario RPG series have been on a creative slump in the more recent games and I want that to change this year. I want to see Nintendo reference to the old Mario RPG games where we get to meet new and weird original characters, visit strange places or even show us different sides of existing characters. Like how cool would it be to see Peach or Daisy be playable in a new Mario RPG or how interesting would it be to explore Sarasaland in a new Mario RPG. Nintendo, I want to know the answers to my questions in my previous sentence that I would throw money at my laptop screen if you do announce this game in the presentation.

New Nintendo Ips or Revivals of Old Dormant Ips


I want to be completely surprised at this year’s presentation and the best way to do that would be to announce some new IP or reviving a new IP… or adding a strange character to Smash Bros, but I’ll get to that later. I generally find Nintendo’s new IPs to be fairly interesting and I want to see if any new IPs could show me something as unique as Splatoon when it was first revealed. Also, I’d be down for a remake of an old IP because these IP revivals tend to be highly polished like Kid Icarus Uprising or Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia. It’d actually be pretty cool to see Nintendo revive Golden Sun because no one would expect it and it’d give me a reason to actually play the first two games for the first time.

Geno for Smash!


If you didn’t guess from my Mario RPG section above, the Mario RPG series has a special place in my heart and I’d love to see my favorite original character from series to be added into the game. Geno holds a bunch of nostalgic value to me because of how strong he was in Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and unique he felt in the Mario universe. Like what other Mario characters can transform into a cannon and shot rocket punches? Only Geno can and it’s so awesome. Although, it’s a long shot for Geno to get into smash, he may have a shot of getting into the game because he was a Mii costume in Smash 4.

I have so many hopes for Nintendo’s presentation and I can’t wait to see if any of these hopes are meet. I’d be cool to see some kind of announcement for Fire Emblem: Heroes or more a trailer for Metroid Prime 4, but none of those other hopes can compare to the ones I outlined above.


What are some of your hopes for the Nintendo E3 presentation?

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