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Hina Logi -From Luck & Logic- Anime revealed!

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Also the online shorts “We are the Luck & Logic Club!” will continue.

Bushiroad has revealed that the new anime based on their Trading Card Game property “Luck & Logic” will come this year.


The name is “Hina Logi -From Luck & Logic-”. A teaser video has been revealed:

Anime News Network describes the story as follows:

“Liones Yelistratova, the naive princess of a small nation, who goes to Hokkaido to enter ALCA, an educational institution dedicated to teaching Logicalists who uphold world peace. Liones enters Class S, and encounters many unique classmates, including Logicalist Nina Alexandrovena.”


Hiroki Akagi (Shouwa Genroku Rakugo´s Episode director) is directing the series at Studio Doga Kobo; Yukie Sugawara (Sword Art Online) is handling the series composition.

Besides that, the online anime shorts of “We are the Luck & Logic CLub!” will continue and the new season will come in August. The staff will be the same.


Here in AniTay the original series got covered and also the newest chapters of “We Are Luck & Logic Club!” get announced and published in here.

Via: Anime News Network

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