Here's your preview of changes that the Ani-TAY admins are making in the near future to the Ani-TAY Blog.

  • The Review System, as discussed in the survey, is changing. The Ani-TAY Review will live on as a singular entity that will be claimed every season at a date and time to be specified. You will be allowed to claim two shows at this point, and then at the conclusion of the season you can take whatever is not claimed already.
  • The informal one-review-per-show rule is gone. There will only be one The Ani-TAY Review, but there can be an infinite number of any other kind of review.
  • The discussion on the future of Ani-TAY and its status has not been lost on us and we are exploring that avenue.
  • Bans will be conducted immediately on any spam. No questions asked. Other bans will be conducted with simple majority of the admins.
  • Explicit talk is restricted in the chat, as it has been in the past. We now discourage any sort of chatter at other's expense in the chat as well.
  • The Skype chat is becoming word-of-mouth, and not explicitly advertised on materials around Ani-TAY.

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