During the mont of June it was celebrated the 30th anniversary of Saint Seiya with the event “Complete Workd of Saint Seiya”, in there some videos made by Toei where presented, such videos where forbidden to be shown and/ or sought to the people who didn´t attended such event.

Now Taizen Saint Seiya has uploaded a camera version of such videos:

The video is divided in 5 parts, which are as follow:

1.- Scenes from the anime (Sanctuary Arc) those where slightly touched in order to fit the HD Screen.

2.- Remake of the “Pegasus Fantasy” Opening, with new animation from the ground up.

3.- Remake of the “Soldier Dream” Opening, with new animation. Most of the scenes who refeers to the Asgard and Poseidon Saga where deleted an substituted with Sanctuary ones.


4.- Remake of various scenes from the Sanctuary Arc... Man they look glorious!

5.- Remake of the “Megami no Senshi” Opening, like in the Soldier dream one, the scenes about Hades Saga where substituted with the Sanctuary one.


Toei has announced in the past that a new Anime project about Saint Seiya is in the works, although it hasn´t said anything more. Kurumada (Saint Seiya´s author) is working in “Saint Seiya: Next Dimension” manga and has shown a small teaser about the next batch of chapters.

Currently the mangas of “Saint Seiya: Episode G -Assasins-” and “Saint Seiya -Saintia Sho-” are being publiched by Akita Shoten.


Back in June, her ein AniTay, we also had a celebration for it´s 30th anniversary, you can check the Articles made for that here.