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Based on the Otome game.

The Official website of the upcoming Anime adaptation of Scared Rider Xechs has revealed a new Promotional.

Also the Opening Theme will be called “Ao to Kurenai no Forzato.” and it will be performed by Tatsuhisa Suzuki and Mamoru Miyano. While the ending will be called “old revelation.” and will be performed by KENN.


Based on the Otome Game were the Super Hero Squadron gets with no job; Anime News Network describes the story as follows:

“In the original otome game, a world of godless people was being menaced by Nightfly O’Note, a mysterious alien invader from a crimson world via the crimson barrier Scared. To counter the Nightfly O’Note’s threat, the humans establish the LAG defense agency on the Ryūkyū Islands. The anti-Nightfly O’Note fighting unit Scared Rider valiantly stood against the threat, but was completely wiped out five times.


And so, the sixth and latest unit, Scared Rider Xechs, was assembled from five young men. However, at nearly the same time that SRX was formed, the Nightfly O’Note invasion stopped suddenly.

Without the enemy they were supposed to fight, the SRX members spend their restless days dealing with ordinary life. The SRX members establish the musical band Odd-l’s to deal with their low spirits and restlessness. Meanwhile, a young woman is assigned to LAG as their instructor and commander. A new life begins for the young woman and the SRX. The tagline of the game is “That order, is it for love, or for death?”


Via: Anime News Network

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