Illustration for article titled Here it is the new trailer for the movie of Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul

The sequel of the anime is premiering on January 17.

The upcoming movie that continues the adventures of Riko and Reg, Made in Abyss, has revealed a new trailer which you can see bellow:

Unlike the previous 2 films, this one its all about new-content and will feature the “Best Dad” arc... Which considering how Made in Abyss is, you can guess how disturbing it will be.


Anyway, on my opinion... I am sad that this is not a proper Tv-anime since it will be ahrder to get it (and waiting for various months its going to be painful, even if one goes to the 7-seas searching for it); but still I am glad we have more Made in Abyss to enjoy!

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