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Here it is the new promo of To Be Hero Anime

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The Story of a Handsome man who in order to save the world becomes an Ugly one starts on october 5.


It has been uploaded the new promo of the comedy anime “To Be Hero” which is alongside “Cheating Craft” the other Original Anime made by Emon Animation Entertainment.

Shinichi Watanabe (Excel Saga) is supervising the series, more details about the staff are unknown.

Anime News Network describes the historya s follows:

“Handsome, divorced and with a teen daughter living with him, our hero is a “bad father” who works has a toilet seat designer. One day, as he was in the toilet, he founds himself sucked into the toilet seat and he is given the important task to save the planet. The price for being a super hero is quite huge: This Good-looking guy is transformed into an Ugly Dude…with Super Power! To protect the Earth and his daughter Min, his fight is about to begin…”


The Series is a 10 minute shorts which will share the same time slot with “Cheating Craft”

Via: Anime News Network

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