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Here it is the leaked trailer of Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho

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It´s being transmitted on the Tamashii Nation

During the Tamashii nation that is being held in Japan, Toei and Bandai has made a stand for the upcoming anime of Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho where they are showing the upcoming toys for the Siant Seiya Franchise (including some of Saintia Sho) and a trailer for the upcoming anime which you can see bellow (bad quality):

Now. checking the trailer I can see that unlike the Soul of Gold teaser (which was pure bliss, while the series lacked a lot of luster) this trailer looks to be made from actually parts of the chapters, so it´s a good testimony for the quality of the anime in general.


The designs looks good, especially the male characters who look a lot like Araki version of Saint Seiya (and the one that Toei is obssesed to use for this series), sadly while the male characters look good, the Araki form of the ladies doesn´t look quite as good, with weird faces and angles that doesn´t do them any favors, personally I would have prefered that they would have used Kuori´s style at the very least for the girls so they would look good too! But oh well, it is what it is.

A lot of the key animation looks very good, the pictures looks very detailed, but its Toei who we are talking about so one can see that they cheap things out since more than once in the trailer we can see key frames that lack any real movement and the characters look stiff in most of the scenes, still I have hopes that it will be a Kitaro or a Tiger Mask W, especially the later one since hat would mean when the action comes, the thing will be extremely good But we wil see.


Lastly, we can see two things. The trailer is composed for what would be scenes from the first 3 volumes which composes the first story arc, although with some differences, I am talking about the Patriarch´s outfit which is the anime one, with the red helmet and the black mas, thing that doesn´t appear in both the original manga and the Saintia Sho one, which opens the posibility that Toei might as well adapt Saintia Sho´s story in order to fit on the “anime storyline” which in Sanctuary (and the beginning of Poseidon) is quite different compared to the manga. Also we can see a little of the Dryads and they look like the manga surprisingly! I am saying this because the Dryads, unlike the Saintias and the female Saints, are quite... Fan servicey on their appeareance, which doesn´t get any complains from me, but it make us see a more or less the public rating the anime will have, although yeah I can be very, very wrong on this topic.

Having said all of that and even if the product it´s not perfect on mye yes... I will still watch it!

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