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Here it is a Rakugo Gundam!

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Because if you fuse something cool like gundam and Mix it with something beautiful like Rakugo... The result must be awesome!


With the popularity that the Rakugo has obtained since the anime Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, Sunrise has decided to capitalize on it and make a collaboration that involves Gundam!

The Piece is presented by Shiraku Tatekawa, and the piece is called “Last Shooting” which puts the Gundam Heroes with the Edo-Japan Era.


The story is based on “Daiku SHirabe” a Rakugo Pice. And Anime News Network resumes the storya s follows:

“<<Daiku Shirabe>>. Stars the story’s protagonist Yotaro (renamed Yoharo for the Gundamversion), a skilled but slow-witted carpenter who falls behind on his rent. His landlord confiscates his tools until he pays up. Yoharo’s master takes pity on him and tries to get the landlord to return the tools. Both the master and landlord are locked in their respective positions until both grow angry with one another. Yoharo joins in with his master in badmouthing the landlord, further deepening the problem. Finally, they go to the Minamimachi magistrate’s office for a solution.”


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Both are excellents series with excellent impressions articles. I recommend both of them!

Via: Anime News Network

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