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Here are 3 Minutes of the Boruto Film

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The Movie will come on August 7.

TOHO, the producer company, has released a new video for the upcoming Movie inspired on the Naruto Franchise, Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

The Video also has the Main theme, “Diver” by KANA-BOON.

The Movie will come to the States in 80 cities.

The Movie centers on Boruto, the son of The Hokage Naruto. Boruto has resentiment against his father because hi doesn´t have time for him. Sasuke, knowing that will take care of the young Uzumaki. Sarada , Sasuke´s Daughter meanwhile dreams on becoming Hokage. One day on the Chuunin Examn a new menace appears that make Naruto dissapears.


I´m not a fan of Naruto or anything... But i Know that lots of people will be happy with this Movie! (Specially after the manga who centers on Sarada, which Ishamael covered up).

Via: Woorales (Thanks Mexi!)

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