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Gundam Wing Blu-Ray and DVD Confirmed

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Recently Right Stuff teased a “Big” announcement was coming for it’s Gundam fanbase in North America. Considering many of the classics of the Universal Century have already been released there was excited speculation about what the next Gundam title would be. Not surprisingly, but no less exciting it was revealed via twitter Right Stuff will be releasing an HD version of the 1990's gateway anime Gundam Wing.


For pure Gundam fans they may scoff at Wing, for its various flaws and issues. However for many people entering the anime fandom in the mid to late 1990's Gundam Wing is an indispensable piece of media. I know this personally without Wing I would not be a Gundam fan today, hell without Wing I personally doubt Gundam would be a strong as it is today.

Finally since the implosion of the North American anime industry that took Bandai Visual with it Gundam Wing will be widely (and cheaply) available to its North American fans once again. Lets hope they don’t split it into two collections though.

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