Some of the key questions fans have been asking since the first announcement of the new anime has finally been provided to us. The director of the anime will be Kou Matsuro the director of the amazing Gundam Unicorn and he also previously served as Story Board Director for Gundam OO. This lets me think the property is in good hands despite the fact most of his credits have been original works while this is an adaptation. Which admittedly is a different beast. Interestingly one of the key artists will be Hajime Kotoki an old hand at Sunrise who will be working on the artistic side he previously worked on Mobile Suit Gundam the Movie and Gundam Wing, again this is speculation but it seems they’re going for a 90’s vibe which is partially what I got from the previously released media.

Finally the show will be a four episode ONA (Original Net Animation) and the first episode will be available for purchase or rent (online) on Christmas Day 2015. Sadly there has been no information regarding an English language release yet although I’m sure that will come in short order. Sunrise has been good recently of making their properties available for digital distribution.

Furthermore I’ll be covering Thunderbolt the way I’ve been covering the currently airing Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. In the lead up to the release I’ll try to also release a primer on the Universal Century and how Thunderbolt fits into the whole property (there is a debate on it). Guess I have a month to read the manga. Lucky!