After a few terrific episodes of Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans it was only a matter of time before the series ran low on fuel and that happened this week. While not bad per se it just didn’t have that kick that the last few weeks have had. While we learned a lot it’s mostly just infermation I had already infered and talked about previously. That being said for a transitional set up episode I can not wait for the pay off. So lets go into Episode 36 “Stained Wings”.

Following Iok’s completely believable and stupid blunder the Hashmal has awoken and it lives up to its name. Funny as the Pluma’s started to roll out I started thinking “My name is Legion, for we are many.”. As fighting the Hashmal is less like fighting a single opponents as opposed to fighting an army. Realizing the situation Iokand his forces jump into battle, where the cocksure idiot Iok is quickly partially disabled.

Despite making a quick retreat Iok is determined to fight. Calling him out though his men remind him of his familiar obligations causing the boy to finally pull out. However he has wasted so much time Iok’s friends and attendants are forced to sacrifice their lives for their Lord. The sacrifice is not lost on Iok but the reason behind it seems to be, namely Iok’s own stupidity.

Luckily the debacle for Gjallahorn has allowed the main forces of Tekkadan to make a quick retreat. McGillis confirming everything I suspected regarding the Angelic/Demonic connection between the Mobile Armors and Gundam Frames starts along with Orga to devise a plan. Learning that the armor is refueling the two concoct a plan to ambush and stop the monster machine once and for all.


In space Gjallahorn is wondering what happened to Iok. Although quiet with him go Julietta seems kind of worried about the lovable idiot. Vidar seems far less interested but the two decide to move on to Mars to track him down.

Deducing the most logical target for Hashmal is Chryse itself Tekkadan makes their blockade outside the city gates. While trying to evacuate as many citizens as it possibly can Kudelia unsurprisingly opts to stay as to not take the spot of somebody less fortunate then her. Of course where Kudelia goes so does Atra who also decides to stay, despite Hush’s surprise Mika agrees with their decision passively.


As Tekkadan and McGillis’ Gjallahorn faction begin to assemble Shino asks if he should help out. To which Orga replies he has another task, likely setting up Shino finally getting the Flauros his own personal Gundam Frame. Something that would have been laughable in season one but now makes perfect sense considering how competent he’s become over the course of the show.

However its not only Tekkadan who is getting new suits but McGillis offers his loyal number two Isurugi Camice the awesome Helmwige Reincar. While we haven’t really talked to much about Isurugi he seems to be a loyal and competent companion for McGillis. That being said due to his tendency to try to kill those close to him he better watch his back... but hey cool ass suit.


Just as the Mobile Armor and its army of drones almost falls into Tekkadans trap the pretty idiot returns. Iok unloading a nice Worf Barrage on Hashmal thinks he’s done good a delusion Julietta soon dispenses of... sadly all he did was caused the Mobile Armor to change course away from the trap and towards innocent people.

Attempting to save the plant Ride jumps in front of the massive beam blast attempting to block the strike as the rest of Tekkadan’s forces unload a ton of lead against the beast. Thanks to the advanced armor of his Mobile Suit he survives however the agricultural plant is obliterated. Seeing the death he was powerless to stop Ride stands alone and tries to take on the drones single handedly. If it wasn’t for the timely interference of the Barbatos Lupis another character could have seen his last day.


As the episode comes to a close McGillis and Isurugi run into Vidar and his Gundam. Shocked to see a Gjallahorn Gundam the long awaited reunion of the two friends seems to be coming next week. Although due to the terrible timing I have a feeling this is a false flag and the real fight will be later. Likely once McGillis gets a Gundam of his own, remember as head of the Farheed family he has access to one.

As the episode comes to a close I’m more excited about what comes next then what came before. Although the scene with Orga taking his jacket back with the swelling theme song playing was quite awesome there wasn’t any real stand out parts of this episode. It was literally all set up and not very subtle set up at that. At least we got people calling Iok an idiot like three or four time, that was kind of funny. I mean Juliet just put him down, I’d almost wish she gave the moron a slap... with his Mobile Suit. The guy needs it as its been two episodes in a row he’s royally f***ed up. Baka Iok...


“The sustenance of life, is on the battlefield”

Hey we haven’t done War i nthe Pocket yet have we? Considering I consider this one of the best OVA’s in the entire franchise and in an eternal battle with The 8th MS Team for my affections that is a little surprising. However here it is and I like it as it has a decidedly 80's vibe to it. Hope you like it too.