Rentry always fun.

Hey look these posts are coming closer to their actual release date, perhaps next week we’ll be back to our regular Tuesday schedule however it being a long reason I decided to be lazy and veg. Isn’t that great, speaking of greatness how about some Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans as seriously this was a lot of fun especially the crazy battle at the end. As always if you missed last weeks gigantic extravaganza you can check it out below if you wish and if you’re all caught up lets move to Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.

In the pre-opening scenes we see a cute little shot of Atra doing her best to help out and “Do revolution” along with her surrogate sisters Kudelia. Kudelia though quickly runs into Mikazuki where he shows his continuing support. Following this Kudelia runs onto the bridge asking for Tekkadan’s support in bringing happiness to everyone to which Orga accepts.

Run Gaeleo run! Deranged Childhood friend scorned!


Following the opening the woman we were introduced to the previous week is conversing with Gaeleo. Where we learn her relationship with McGillis is not the greatest, to be honest she spoke as if she was a woman scorned. Considering McGillis’ prior interactions with women in the series its not beyond reason. Gaeleo for his part seems fed up with the womans attitude and merely tries to keep everything calm. He of course fails triggering what seems like a significant inferiority complex. Deciding to show her troops are not just for show she moves out planning to prove everyone wrong about that.

This again seems to show that even within the subbranches of the military not everyone is on the same level. Showing Gjallahorn to be a very segmented and ridged system very reminiscent of European class systems. Interestingly this seems to mirror the system in place on Mars and what Tekkadan rebelled against. Showing in many ways what McGillis is fighting for isn’t quite as opposed to Tekkadans goals as it seems. However as the Char of the series its clear behind the sensible actions there is darkness.


Blonde Sasuke

Moving on from here we find that Gaeleo and the abrasive woman named Carta have a history. Of course my woman scorned idea was the correct one as in a flashback we learn that Gaeleo and McGillis have been friends for quite a while along with Carta. McGillis even as a youth was your prototypical anime bishonen stealing maidens hearts with not but a glance.


As the Isaribi and Hammerhead reach earth Carta and her forces are waiting and opens fire. However the Isaribi is reading by using the Hammerhead as a shield they plow forward at the blockade attempting to break the line and enter Earth. Eugine now captain and pilot of the Isaribi however wont go down without a fight activating the Alaya-Vijnana system his spacial awareness is increases allowing the Tekkadon to fight evenly with the superior Gjallahorn force.

Breaking the line and the Gjallahorn forces the Isaribi manages to escape leaving the main force of Tekkadon to enter the Earth’s atmosphere. However things dont go well as they’re interrupted by Ein and Gaeleo starting a no holds barred Mobile Suit battle as everyone continues to be ensnared in the Earth’s gravity well. Making it both a race against time and Mobile Suits. As the fighting intensifies the Hammerhead Teiwaz Mobile Suits join the battle setting up a chaotic battle.


Badass Mikazuki moment

While this is going on two simultaneous duels are happening with the newly upgraded Barbatos engaging the Kimaris and Gaeleo. However this confrontation is different from the last as the Barbatos has been equipped with armor designed to counter the Kimaris. This causes Ein to leave his battle with the Ryusei-Go! to help his ally and friend. However while he succeeds in saving Gaeleo it seems to be at the cost of his life. Making him the most major death in the series to date being a named character present since the first episode.


Finally a squadron of Gjallahorn elite suits engage the Barbatos however McGillis engages with his own suit the Grimgerde which interestingly doesn’t seem to be a Gundam quickly dispatching the Gjallahorn forces. Not surprising at all his Mobile Suit is blood red the tell tale sign of a Char clone, explaining the suits various colour schemes in previously released GunPla kits. Furthermore Mikazuki points out how amazing “The Chocolate Man” is for being able to keep up with him, presumably without using a Alaya-Vijnana system. On a personal note this is one of the more interestingly designed suits with its duel wielding style giving it a distinct look and feel.

My swords are bigger then yours


As Mikazuki and Orga fall to Earth we come back to the classic scene of the two of them from their past. Clearly following what could be their first kill we learn it was always Orga’s goal to take Mika to Earth a dream that is finally being completed. However many fear for Mika’s life due to reentry, their fear is misplaced, as Mikazuki was able to us another Mobile Suit to ride on. Finally on Earth Mikazuki looks up at his name sake the crescent moon.

In the end I felt this was a supremely strong episode with a lot to love. While it may have started slowly it really picked up in the second half with a lot of both touching and exciting scenes. There was a few times I wanted to go “Hell Ya!” (Looking at you Red Comet) during this episode which is always a good reaction. All around it was an epic conclusion to one of the better arcs of the series. However its kind of insane to think we’re down to something like four more episodes. It’s clear this isn’t the end but I’m wondering where we’ll stop before the break (likely half a year knowing Sunrises schedule).


“The sustenance of life, is on the battlefield”

Gundam Music of the Week

I’m kind of cheating but I really really like the current Ending theme for the series and I wanted to give it a spot light. The music all around has been very good however something about this one sticks with me, it’s odd but one of my favorite parts of the episode is when the song starts to play and how well it integrates to the series. All around a good addition to the Gundam music library.

PS: I’m writing a list on the “coolest and most awesome” Mobile Suits in the Gundam canon and I’d love some input from you guys as well. So please tell me your favorite.