Welcome back and on a new day too! Well “Sakazuki” was another low key episode wasn’t it? I’d be perfectly fine in saying this was Iron-Blooded Orphans weakest episode but considering the fact we’ve had eight straight amazing episodes it had to come somewhere. Luckily I expect a lot of the work that the episode put in will pay off big time in the future, as the episode was mostly set up. If you want to check out my earlier write ups too you can find Episode Eight, Seven, and Six here our check out the tag. Anyways enough with the introductions lets get to the meat of “Sakazuki”.

In many ways Sakazuki was very similar to the previous episode although it flowed less seamlessly. The theme of family that featured so prominently previously continues on through the episode as Orga has fully embraced the idea. Indeed the entirety of Tekkadon has as well with many crew members running with it as well. Furthermore with the meeting with the Teiwaz boss going well the Tekkadon and Turbines are being joined together.


In a form of a brotherhood oath the Turbines is joining with the Tekkadon. Personally due to the fact I kinda love Naze and his many wives I feel this is a great development, hopefully putting to rest the idea they may one day abandon Tekkadon. Of course the fact that the Turbines seem so good may increase their chances of dying which is always a possibility with Iron-Blooded Orphans. Beyond that I’ve been calling the Teiwaz organization space Yakuza, which is not the case... nope they’re full on Mafia. Honestly fat Brando could play the Teiwaz Chief easily, hell they offered Tekkadon cannolis, to that I say good on you Iron-Blooded Orphans, good on you for whole hardheartedly embracing the stereotype.

Outside of the union of the Turbines and Tekkadon we learn a lot about what will almost certainly be the key conflict of the series. The fact the Kudelia wishes to break Martian resource development from the Earth Sphere great powers. Interesting she does have backing in this endeavor, however it is not universal. It seems the idea of Martian economic (and therefore political) independence is a weak point in the otherwise outwardly tranquil Earth Sphere politics.


Moving on we’re treated to a naked Barbatos and I got to say I was nerding out as much as the Teiwaz engineer. Honestly I can’t remember the last time we saw a Gundam frame when the mobile suit wasn’t also on fire. During this time we get further confirmation that the Barbatos will be getting more powerful.

Sunrise has previously said this will happen and I’m a little worried. One of the great ways to ruin a good Gundam series is to make the suit itself too powerful (Strike Freedom looking at you) as it lowers tension something that Iron-Blooded Orhpans has excelled at building. Regardless I’ll wait and see how the new and improved Barbatos will work out, however I do have faith the series will avoid the issues of previous Gundams regarding power creep.


Despite not a lot happening the episode was surprisingly funny at times as well. I’m of course responding to Orga getting drunk off his a**. Honestly it was great to see the Orphans finally letting lose. On Naze’s suggestion who really fits as an awesome older brother type, Orga takes the main members of the crew to a bar on the Teiwaz ship where they proceed to let lose. In his drunken stupor Orga lets slip his wish to merely build a surrogate family for everyone. It’s these more human moments I find when Iron-Blooded Orphans really shines as lines like these goes a long way in building connections between the fans and the characters. It’s also awesome to see a new character introduced (the Blond who kinda looks like an older Kudelia, anyone caught the name) right when Orga is at his lowest point in the series.

Shifting gears we move to Gjallahorn. Previously we learned one of the keys to Ghallahorn’s power is they retain the sole ability to create Ahab Reactors, the power source of all mobile suits it seems. This is a key piece of information as I’m convinced the Barbatos’ twin Ahab system is a key piece of information to the backstory of the series. Furthermore the viewer is finally treated to the motivations of one of our key antagonists Ein. Who was seemingly very close (I’m assuming a mentor/father type relationsh) to Lt. Crank who was killed my Mikazuki. He argues Crank was right that innocent children should be protected, however due to their actions Tekkadon is no longer innocent.


In the end it appears that Orga was able to put himself back together which is no easy task as anyone who’s had a hangover can attest. Through a ceremony Orga and Naze are joined as brother solidifying Teiwaz’s alliance with Tekkadon. Which brings the latest episode to a close.

In the end really Sakazuki wasn’t really the best episode but it did have its moments such as Orga’s drunken stupor and Mikazuki discovering the amazing world of calligraphy. However as set up it did its job even if its a thankless one as we learned key information regarding the world and finally get a little bit of information on our enemies. All around it was a solid episode although after two quiet episodes I expect we’ll be getting a major battle next week or the one after. Anyways hope you liked reading and leave your views in the comments.


“The sustenance of life, is on the battlefield”

Gundam Music of the Week: Also starting this week I’m going to be adding a great Opening or Ending from one of the many Gundam series. This week is one of my personal favorites in Gundam Wings Just Communication a series that got me into anime years ago. Furthermore I’d like suggestions to see which ones you’d like to see the rules are simple it just has to be a song from Gundam any Gundam even the games and it has to be awesome!