Not from this episode I just thought it was kind of cool, McGillis with his epic call out pose.

As we quite rapidly approach what now seems like the end of Iron-Blooded Orphans taking stock of the series is only natural. As I wrote last time I think Iron-Blooded Orphans has established itself as one of the premier if not the premier non-Universal Century Gundam. Starting off a little strange and paced - oddly -Iron-Blooded Orphans has its flaws. However its great strength more then make up for these flaws as the emotional connection, that being the emotional bonds it make between its characters and the viewers.

Even all the villains has some from of connection to the viewer, we felt sorry for Carta, we loath idIok, we respect Rustal. Then there is McGillis the Chocolate Man Farheed, who is one of the single most complex character in a Gundam. To the point where if he is a villain in the classic narrative sense we would need an entirely new season to flesh that out as at this point he’s... well he’s McGillis Farheed. The crazy thing is he’s just so many things: noble, broken, caring, but cold, able to kill without a second thought but able to feel what looks like true love. When looking at him I still can’t put if he’s an anti-hero, anti-villain, or something new entirely. One thing I know for sure though is he is no Char Clone, he is his own man despite the luscious blonde locks.

Beginning with Episode 47 “Scapegoat” it is clear the situation hasn’t fully hit the younger members of Tekkadan, many of whom are merely content to go home to Mars. However Orga understands the situation well and how much its changed since there overwhelming defeat at the hands of Rustal Ellion and his fleet. This is so much the case Orga demands to take his place at the head of the alliance showing he’s finally learning the reality of power dynamics, however it may be too little too late.


Following McGillis’ and Orga’s discussion the news provides a nice bit of outside information. As Tekkadan remains McGillis’ sole remaining ally they have been dubbed an “armed organization” and even robbed of their revolutionary status by the media. Instead reduced to little more then rabid dogs on McGillis’ leash, its now clear to even the denser member of of Tekkadan even on Mars they can’t run far enough. As Rustal Elion plans to make use of them, funny enough enlisting the help of a surprisingly maturer and contrite idIok.

Returning focus to Mars many things have changed the school that Biscuit’s two younger sisters attends have turned on them believing hookline and sinker that Tekkadan is the villains. Despite literally everything Tekkadan has done up until that point, though one can’t blame kids for being kind of dumb. However elsewhere things are getting a little tougher for Tekkadan too, as it becomes clear all their accounts have been frozen. Orga one admittedly never good with money may soon need to bow to this ultimate for of power, by offering members of Tekkadan a chance to get out - potentially with little more then their very lives to which Zack takes him up on his offer. In a scene very reminiscent of Tekkadans founding out of the ashes of CGS in S1.


After so much drama and world building there is a couple admittedly humorous scenes. The first involves Meribett and Tekkadan’s Chief Mechanic who calls his lover a “child” to which she saucily responds “well you seem to like children then”, which he totally walked right in. On a more series changing note it was confirmed that Mika and Atra in the previous episode did the deed resulting in a child.


Of course instead of binding the two together Mika seems to put into place a three wave bond between Mika, Atra, and Kudelia. Whom he asks to help raise his unborn kid, as he feels (likely correctly she is like 13) that Atra would be overwhelmed by the whole thing. Atra considering her sort-of harem plan and Kudelia being her surrogate sister by this point is also totally okay with this saying Kudelia should also have Mika’s babies. Of course this raises the potential of Mika’s death by the end of the series. As every time somebody forms a bond of family they tend to die...

As this episode comes to an end through his connections with Teiwaz Orga and Rustal Elion have a chat. Orga offers to give up McGillis in exchange for Tekkadan’s safety as they disband. Rustal Elion knowing what a commanding position he is in at the moment declines the young mans offer explaining he needs a scapegoat. Somebody beyond just McGillis and considering McGillis’ fleet is now space debris, well... that kind of just leaves Tekkadan who’s terrible luck just doesn’t seem to end. Orga distraught is on the brink of collapse but Eugene showing his new found leadership abilities slaps some sense back into their wayward leaders thick skull.


However when all seems lost the power of accounting gives them a life line. Alternate accounts have been set up by Dr. Dexter (did he ever get a name before?) however before celebrations can be begin in earnest Gjallahorn rolls up, setting up the next weeks emotionally powerful episode, which’s write up will be going live tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it!